Rating: 1

September 20, 2012

I have seen some deplorable sales people in my day but this place has set an all time new record for unethical sales practices. I believe they are dishonest right up front when they "run" your credit and than tell you that you will receive a great rate. Than they find something in your credit report to make you inelligible. I got sucked into this deal and they asked me to write them a check for $500 in good faith to assure them that I would buy the car if they could get me the car at the great rate they used to lure me in. In retrospect, I can't believe that I gave these crooks $500 to try to finance a car for me. Of course if something sounds to good to be true it probably is and after they approach you with a totally different offer they aren't to happy to give you your "good faith deposit" back. Is this even legal or just a way for them to "qualify' a buyer. Sleeze bags. Stay away! Also, when I went to test drive the vehicle the sales person insisted she drive. WTH.....OMGosh I could go on and on about this horrible experience.