Rating: 1

September 10, 2012

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE TRUST YOUR CHILD'S EDUCATIONAL WELL BEING TO THIS SCHOOL. My son attended Century for 3 years (2nd through 4th grade) and is now a 7th grader with serious academic deficiencies. His testing results put him at about a 3rd grade level in Math and not much better in reading either. He will never catch up with his peers. Nor will most likely have any success in advanced classes, or for that matter, even meet minimal requirements for Math in high school. He has now had to be removed from the regular math class and (much to his humiliation) put into a remedial course, he also has to have an IEP for Math. This was a smart kid from very early on, not an easy one to teach, but certainly he should not have been allowed to flounder as he did at Century with absolutely no intervention. We were fed a lot of horse **** about how he was progressing, the whole time he was there. Though we were never even once provided the materials they were supposedly testing him with every 6 months while there (though I asked numerous times to see the tests, I was never provided them.) And progress testing was definitely done much less regularly than what they claimed. I know at one point he went over a year without testing, though we were told it would be "happening very soon" whenever we asked. We are heartbroken and devastated by the academic malpractice that was committed by Century. He will never catch up to his peers. He will likely be in a world of struggle for the rest of his educational life (we are not even sure how he will catch up enough to get into college at this point!) And we spent over 18,000.00 in the name of "individualized instruction and academic growth" and have likely stunted his ability to achieve, perhaps for life. If only I had woken up earlier and taken him out of there sooner, he might be better off. But we so wanted to believe in their methodology. Now it is probably the biggest regret of my life that I ever sent him there. IF your child is already considered well above average academically PERHAPS this school will be ok. But I would not even risk it then. They are simply extremely lax on how they measure and maintain progress. Certainly if your child has any kind of learning hinderances or disabilities, or is even only of average ability, DO NOT RISK IT. If only I knew of the misery it was going to inflict upon my child when he re-entered public school, I would never even have considered it. NEVER. They should be very ashamed of how they neglected him and the damage they have done. It is reprehensible.