Rating: 1

August 21, 2012

I don't even want to give this awful store any stars. HORRIBLE PLACE TO SHOP FOR AND BUY JEWELRY! Bad customer service, bad repairs and bad products. My husband purchased my engagement ring there about over year ago and within a month all the diamonds had fallen out of the band. After three separate and poor repairs (bad soldering, replacing lost diamonds with diamonds of different size, cut and clarity), that resulted in me not having my engagement ring for months, we asked for our money back. After meeting with the owner of the store multiple times he refused - he would only give us a brand new version of the same ring from the same manufacturer. Why would I want the same ring that broke before? How do I know it won't break again? I certainly didn't trust their ability to repair the ring if it did in fact break. The owner kept blaming it on the manufacturer and refused to stand behind the products he stocks his store with. Well, if the manufacturer is so bad then why do you carry their products at all? It all came down to BAD customer service but ultimately BAD products. I was so disappointed. Luckily, they eventually gave us a little bit of our money back (but certainly not all) and we saved up more and bought a new ring somewhere else that we're much happier with. This place is trash. This place is awful. This place should close. I'm going to report them to the BBB and I hope no one ever goes there again. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. Don't go to Hurst Fine Diamonds.