Rating: 1

August 6, 2012

I used to love love love this place, great food, awesome prices. All great, the other day me and my boyfriend went to get dinner here because i wanted him to try it so I could turn him on their food. He ordered spring rolls which in all the places he had been in previously did not have shrimp in them and were fried, (which it just depends on the place) well it had shrimp in them, and it did not read on the menu anywhere that I could see that it had shrimp in it, my boyfriend is not only allergic to shrimp, but he is vegetarian, and luckily ended up seeing the shrimp before he ate it, so no big deal incidents happen, BUT the manager or person working yelled at my boyfriend when he asked if he could get something else in place of it which is not to much to ask frankly, and we left. Later on we got our money back only because of my boyfriends father. We will never be going back. horrible dinner experience.