Rating: 1

June 14, 2012

For being a new(ly renovated) restaurant, this McDonalds really does not have its act together. On several occasions they double-charged my debit card (swiped it twice) in the drive-thru for the same order. One day I ordered a #2 (quarter-pounder with cheese, medium fries, medium drink) in the drive-thru and they told me to pull ahead (!) to the parking stall marked "#1". I sat there and waited for fifteen minutes while they made the sandwich & fries and someone brought it out to me. When the order finally arrived there was no drink; the gentleman had to go back inside to make one.

The multiple lanes in the drive-thru are an ongoing source of frustration. Employees must watch TV monitors to know who orders what, and if they're not watching, there's a great chance you'll get someone else's order. You can also rest assured that the person who takes your order isn't the same person who confirms your order after you're done reciting it.

Anyway, back to life in parking stall #1. You're sitting there waiting, with no end in sight, while car after car zips past you on the right, narrowy missing your rear bumber/side panel and a head-on collision. Really, all that money invested in this new restaurant, and they couldn't put in a decent "wait-for-your-order" lane. The liability insurance premiums for the parking lot alone must be astronomical.