Rating: 2

June 14, 2012

They have a handful of dancers (some are stick thin and others are on the heavy side). When you order a beer, they bring it to you in a can (!); apparently they don't have any beer on tap. This is a smoking establishment (leave it to Kansas to ban smoking statewide and still carve out an exception for places like this) so be prepared to shower when you get home if you're a nonsmoker. The "stage" is very small, with (I believe) one pole. On the night I visited, there was hardly anything going on. I counted 2 or 3 dancers, and one waitress who was more dressed up than me. There was no "show" or anything going on. Just one dancer talking to a customer at the bar, and another dancer standing on the stage but not doing anything. The whole place has a dilapidated, rinky-dink feel to it. Now, I know this is Lawrence. I'm not expecting Vegas-style entertainment or whatever. But what encountered here was pretty bad considering the milieu. I probably won't go back for a while.