Rating: 1

April 26, 2012

Horrible! I have always been scared of the dentist and my teeth suffer because of that. I went there because I have having serious pain in a back tooth. Of course, it was going to need a root canal. I went back and had the work done. During the procedure, the novocaine had started to wear off, but I couldn't get them to stop. I was trying to scream but just had to deal with it. One day later, I come down with a horrible throat infection, which my doctor told me that I got from improper cleaning of the root canal. Went in a couple weeks later, had some more work done. A filling came loose in the same area they were working on a week later and they told me that it wasn't their fault that happened and charged me $500 to fix it. After that, I was done. They gave me my treatment plan and it was over $13k. I went to another dentist, very nice, very caring, and understood that novocaine wears off on redheads fast. That tooth that had the botched root canal had to be pulled. Everything else was fixed in my mouth and I have had to pay for less than $1k out of pocket. River City Dental is all about money, horrible customer service, and I was treated like scum because I had cavities.