Rating: 1

March 3, 2012

I genuinely feel I didn't matter to them at all. I explained the issues that I felt my car had to Rick and once he checked it out for himself he quoted me about 1K dollars of repairs. I informed him of the things that I wanted them to repair now and the other issues I would worry about later. He informed me that that was not something that they were going to do and told me that I should just come and pick up my car as soon as possible. I felt like as soon as I said I only wanted certain things fixed, his entire attitude changed. They made me feel like they were only after money and weren't sensitive to my situation at all. I work in customer service daily and that truly wasn't a way any business should make a customer feel. Upon initial contact, Rick informed me that I wouldn't be charged anything until they got back to me with the repairs needed and until I agreed to have them fixed. Well turns out that was false. After he told me to pick up my car, and this is my opinion mind you, I felt like he just wanted to get some money from me. He charged me $70 because he said that they spent a lot of time figuring out what was wrong with my car. I was upset because we had a verbal agreement that informing me of the issues my car had was not something they would charge me for. He said that to me on multiple occasions so I was very confused obviously. And if I paid for him to tell me what was wrong with my car, I would have at least expected that he would have done so but he didn't. All in all, if you have an old car and a limited budget I suggest you not go their. As to their quality of services, I can't comment on because they didn't/wouldn't fix anything. So I took my car to Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics and got the repairs I needed. My car has been doing just fine ever since.

What lousy customer service they have!!