Rating: 1

February 24, 2012

Wow, wish I had read the reviews on here before I went there. Before seeing or testing anything in the car, he told my husband he knew exactly what the problem and just happened to have the perfect used part1/2 off, come to find out the part was conveniently from the managers personal truck. Anyway, there was no talk of a return policy besides whats on back of the paper, 90 days. My husband tried to return it 2 days because it didn't fix the problem and eventually said we could have a refund, when I call a week later, manager absolutely rude and obnoxious, and to my disbelief the owner was worse. Idk how they have managed to keep it open this long. the part works, it just wasn't the "perfect" part .in my opinion he probably just pocketed the cash. When I asked the owner if they sold used parts from their homes, just laying, around and he said "on occasion" ??? they have $141 and I have their part with that is of no use to me. Glad I could help fund their weekend. RIP OFF!