Rating: 1

February 17, 2012

We have been customer for many years, but tonight may be the last time. The food has always been good, the bar service very slow. Tonight was a whole 'other issue. The wait staff tried its best but management provided no assistance or support. I felt sorry for our server who apologized profusely without management support. First, one of our group was told the soup was one thing, but an entirely different soup was delivered to the table, a type he could not eat. He asked for an alternative choice, not as an exchange but as an alternate choice. The manager sent her back with the comment that it was not an exchange and it would take 15 minutes to prepare - basically saying 'no'. In frustration we said, forget it. Then one of our group suddenly suffered an apparent allergic reaction, possibly to something in the food. We asked the server for a copy of the recipe in case we needed to go to the hospital. The manager grudgingly, without comment and no apparent concern, provided a print out. Fortunately, she was OK. Never once did the manager ask if she was OK. On leaving when we tried to talk to the manager, urging a more customer friendly and concerned approach, his reaction was to become very defensive and threaten to call the police. NO one was unruly, loud, or troublesome. We simply wanted to explain our dissatisfaction and we basically were run off under threat of "calling the police." Tell me why I would ever again go back? Not likely.