Rating: 1

February 10, 2012

I have never been treated worse by anyone in my life than I was by the manager of this establishment. The prices listed on their website are completely inaccurate because they APPARENTLY also charge by the half hour and by the length of your hair. If it is past your bra, expect the coloring service price to double. Even if you get an inexperienced, slow stylist, expect to pay double for the service (EVEN FOR THE HAIRCUT) if it takes longer than it is scheduled to. Expect an $80 service to actually end up costing you $200 (THAT IS NO JOKE!).

After being ripped off, expect that they WILL NOT accept anything but a debit card so the charges are nearly impossible to dispute. Then, when trying to reason with the manager, expect her to tell you that you and your mother are rude and that if you don't like the pricing then try supercuts next time. I also heard from a friend that worked there once that the manager made her work on Saturdays and then didn't pay her for her work.