Rating: 1

February 2, 2012

Meineke is a good corporate chain and usually have high quality service for the money you pay. Most importantly they will entertain you if you come back with a problem you encounter with their repairs. BUT THE MEINEKE IN LAWRENCE IS A FRANCHISED LOCATION AND IS THE WORST EVER. THE MANAGER (SERVICE DESK PERSON) HAS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS WHATSOEVER. HIS ONLY AIM IS TO FAKE "HOW CUSTOMERS COME FIRST FOR MEINEKE"- WHICH IS SO NOT TRUE AT THIS LOCATION. THE MANAGER'S ONLY AIM IS TO MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS THEY CAN!!

-Their prices are hiked up no doubt. -They will advertise coupons and then not accept them with a stupid reason like "oh ur car is 4.0 L engine" or "ur car is a european car", this coupon doesn't cover ur car. The manager will try to fool you into paying more than their price list, unless you're smart to catch that. -If you ask for discount, or say you don't want the service done after you hear the price, they'll quickly drop their price down and give you a 10 % discount, which makes you think they want business badly, but would love to make that extra cash by fooling the customer if they're not smart enough. -MOST IMPORTANT!!!-----THEY'LL CHARGE YOU A WHOLE LOT, AND END UP PUTTING THE CHEAPEST BRAND NAME FLUIDS. THEY'LL MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THEY GAVE YOU A 10 $ DISCOUNT ON BRAKES OR OIL CHANGES OR ANY OTHER FLUID CHANGES, AND WILL END UP PUTTING "ADVANCED AUTO PARTS" BRAND FLUIDS- THE CHEAPEST AVAILABLE EVEN IF THOSE FLUIDS ARE NOT TO SPECIFICATIONS OF YOUR CAR. ADVANCED AUTO PARTS IS NEXT DOOR AND THEY JUST MAKE MONEY OUT OF THAT TOO, SINCE THEY PROBABLY GET A WHOLESALE PRICE!