Rating: 5

January 12, 2012

I've been taking vehicles to Fred and Jake since 1997, originally on the recommendation of a friend that rebuilt cars as a hobby, and had Jake fix his own car when he didn't have time to tear into it himself. They're very honest (ladies, no need to send your guy friend in pretending to own your car...you'll get the same price as the guys, and if you don't understand exactly what the broken piece is or how it's resulting in the weird noise, Jake is a pro at drawing pictures of what he's going to need to do and not making me feel like an idiot in the process), treat you the same whether your car has 350,000 miles on it, or 30,000 (I've taken both in, and they realize that it's of utmost importance to you regardless of what it looks like), and the prices are fair (my dad thinks they're a good deal, and he's still mad that pop isn't a nickel anymore). Not the shiniest, swankiest shop in town, but if you're looking for fair prices on high quality work from guys that care, give 'em a try.