Rating: 1

December 31, 2011

Ditto on megregor rating and comments. We used him for a lot of work this past summer 2011 for two houses. Does good work and is reasonable. Comes across as a real nice guy. But he has got to be the world's worst person for returning phone calls. If there were an Olympic event for that, he would get the gold medal. He told us he ordered a window for us and never got back to us. Called him for 3 months straight and never got a return call--not even one. Luckily we had not given him any money on it. I insist on the work being performed first. THEN I pay. Period. Also referred him to a relative for painting a house. He came and gave a bid, but never even started the work. They called him numerous times and he never returned their phone calls either. My conclusion is he is a total jerk and I would not hire him again to walk my dog.