Rating: 1

November 1, 2011

It is sad that I have to put 1 star for this Salon. I wish I could have put 0. I have had nothing but negative experiences with this Salon and their staff with the exception of 1 visit several months ago, so I guess that can be their one star. I am livid after receiving a rather rude email from whomever runs their email list. It can be read as follows: "You have to unsubscribe they are automatic. You don't have to be rude that may have been your problem.

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Not only did this rude email get sent to me after my asking them to take me off their email list due to the fact that I wont be visiting their establishment again, their website is unreliable and lists services for which they do not follow through with offering, even after making a KIND complaint/inquiry about why I did not receive a service listed under their "facial" section of their website, and paying 85$ for it!? The lady I spoke to on the phone then, Kirby, was rude and said that their website was incorrect and basically told me "tough luck." Then a few weeks later I receive a postcard in the mail stating that I could come in for a "free 60 minute facial" with some sort of extra "scrub" tacked on to it, FOR FREE. However when I made the appointment I was told this was a 'mistake' and that it was not for a free facial, just the extra 'scrub.' SERIOUSLY!?!? I am nothing short of looking into reporting this business for unfair practices as well as rude, incompetent service. It is infuriating that these women would treat a paying customer in such a way.

Please do yourself a favor and go to Z's hair academy, or Beauty Brands where you will receive honest, good quality service for a cheaper price.