Rating: 1

October 22, 2011

Horrible service! We made a reservation for a birthday dinner and were called 20 minutes prior to the reservation and told that the room we had reserved would not be ready when we had asked for it, so we pushed the reservation ahead 30 minutes. When we arrived at the New Hampshire location for our new reservation, the hostesses seemed to be unaware that we were coming in and we were told that they had sat the table we had reserved and we would have to wait another half an hour if we wanted the table. Per the hostesses we talked to, "the manager said we shouldn't have taken your reservation as we are so busy".
On a previous visit, we were told (two hours before the restaurant closed) that we could not sit at one of the bigger tables (we were a group of 7) as the managers wanted to cut their staff. So, we were squeezed into a corner with tables pushed together practically on top of the people seated at the table next to us. In addition, the server was rude to us throughout the dinner.
The feeling that we experience each time we attempt to go to the New Hampshire location is that they would rather us not be there and we are a nuisance. They don't have to worry as we will not be going back!!