Rating: 1

September 29, 2011

actually disgusted by this company. treated me worse than any company i've ever work with! bashes on customers every chance they get (for example, just look above! bashed on that customer!!! WHAT GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! SIGN ME UP!!!!) After my absolutely awful experience, I thought I was the only one. Some of my friends told me they used them too and they were intentionally slow so they could milk the clock (for example, took every couch cushion, one at a time.. are you kidding me????) and bumped couches, tables, etc. into the walls... yeah really experienced!!! One of my friends said he called after the payment went through to ask a question, and of course after the payment went through they were so rude to him, didn't call him back for months and my friend is furious!! I have some serious problems with this company. We live in LAWRENCE, not New York, you can't treat good Lawrence citizens this way!! There are plenty of other movers in town that I have heard great things about and if this company didn't scar me on ever using a moving company again, I would use some of these others ones I've heard great things about!! And honestly, its moving furniture, not rocket science. But the thing that really got me was the lack of customer service. I won't be surprised at all when some jerk representative replies to this post and completely bashes on me like they do everyone else!! This company is disgusting and please people, if you read this I AM TRYING TO SAVE YOU!!! DON"T USE THIS AWFUL AND JUST PLAIN RUDE COMPANY!!!!!

ps If i could give this rating no stars, I obviously would.