Rating: 5

September 19, 2011

I saw Dr. Cupp for a Hamstring injury about a month ago. I just want to say that I had a surprisingly nice experience at this clinic. The front desk staff actually greeted me with a smile and after the usual volumes of personal history were filled out it was only a few minutes before I was called back to see the Doctor. The nurse took an efficient and thorough history and left. The remarkable part comes next. Dr. Cupp actually arrived within 10 or so minutes and (get this) actually spent about 25 or so minutes with me in the exam room. (This is generally unheard of. In my experience I have never been given more than 7-10 minutes of time from a very rushed physician.)

Dr. Cupp listened, discussed, then ordered an XRAY. (Which was conducted down the hall.) And, after the XRAY was finished he met me again for another 15 or so minutes to go over a treatment plan.

The day of my visit the waiting room was packed, and it was mid-morning so I can't contribute my experience to arriving at a slow time of day (like first thing in the morning or after lunch.)

The only not so great part of this experience was that to make an appointment I had to wait on hold for a while and then the woman actually said she would have to call me back when she was not so busy. I am glad that I overlooked this hurdle though.

I would highly recommend Dr. Cupp if you need to see an Orthopaedic physician.