Rating: 5

May 10, 2011

Freenet is the local, independent alternative to national branded internet. This local company is directly involved in the community and a portion of every subscription is used to provide the needy and non-profits in town with fast, reliable internet and they are a pioneer in bridging the digital divide.

I’ve used their service for years both as a business in my office as well as out and about in Lawrence. With recent improvements, their system is wicked fast. My upload speed is the fastest in town hands down! When I’m close to their nodes I get up to 5M up and when I’m wired in my office it can be even faster. Download speeds are usually around 5-10M and faster than ANY wireless hotspot in Lawrence (and yes I’ve tested them all). Seriously this is amazing.

Obviously, as a wireless service, speed and reliability depends on your proximity to one of their base stations so your mileage may vary. Some locations may need one of their boosters. An easy phone call to their local support team will let you know what kind of connection you’ll get at your current location.

If you tried Freenet in the past and had problems you really need to try them again. With all the recent changes in the broadband marketplace, Freenet has emerged as a local leader providing Internet all over Lawrence without bandwidth caps and not just keeping business local, but reinvesting it in the community.