Rating: 2

April 27, 2011

After all the good reviews, my husband and I chose this restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was a big event for us, as we have a baby and cherish any time we can get out of the house! However, perhaps our expectations were too high...because we did not enjoy ourselves :-( We ordered a sampling of 3 cheeses for an app. and before we had even finished tasting our 1st selection I saw that our entrees were up under the warmer. The waiter proceeded to hurry us through eating the cheese, at one point even saying "oh, just a few bites left"! He explained they were fast in the kitchen, but perhaps I've just watched too much Top Chef to expect a eatery of this caliber to know how to space courses. I even resorted to explaining to the waiter it was our anniversary and we have a baby so were looking to have a leisurely dinner...he said "dessert can be nice and slow". Anyway, my husband ordered the braised pork ribs (Tue. special) and I got the sausage/squash penne. Although mine was ok, at least edible but not a favorite, his meat was disgusting. This is a man who loves pork, who has been eating ham every day since Easter, and he described it as shoe leather. He even tried to resort to picking it up to eat it, after both the butter knife and steak knife wouldn't do. Still no luck. Braised? How about dehydrated??? The waiter didn't even blink when he took the nearly full plate away, never asking if we'd enjoyed our meal or if there was a problem. Any other time we'd probably have complained but wanted to just try and enjoy the romance of the evening, even if my husband paid $$ to cram in some cheese and a side of fried potatoes! Didn't bother to try dessert, just got some ice cream down the block that we knew wouldn't disappoint.

Not sure we'd be willing to give it another chance, both our time and money is too valuable these days.