Rating: 1

April 15, 2011

Horrible, Horrible customer service. This place has owed me a storage return check for 10 weeks now. I contacted them, and they just blew me off telling me to call another number. So I ask for them to verify my home address to make sure that they had the right address on file were the check was going to be sent, and this time they didn't even respond to my request. It is their job as a business to try to help their customers to the best of their ability..... Not this place. I was shocked at the way the just had no concern about me as a customer. I contacted the BBB about this, and we will see what comes of my check, if anything. They told me it would arrive at my place of residence "in no more than 3 weeks". Well, it is going on the 11th or so week now, SO WHERE IS MY CHECK AAPS???????