Rating: 5

December 30, 2010

This is one of the most unique coffee houses I've ever been to, and I've sure been there a lot. This place is hyperlocal! Started in Lawrence over 15 years ago, this is a great destination for just about anyone.

The atmosphere is comfy, eclectic and always subject to change. Currently it includes some plush couches, benches, and tables. The graffiti room in the back is definitely R rated, so either contribute your own thoughts or learn from the wisdom of previous patrons. Reliable wifi is easy accessible here, but during some times you have to ask for a pass as people treat it like a library rather than a place of business. You should buy something if you want to work here, but don't worry, there's plenty of stuff to eat and drink

For eats, they've got everything. A 24 hour cereal bar comes complete with old and new favorites as well as classic cartoons playing on tiny TVs giving you that retro feel of your childhood. Grilled delicious paninis make a great breakfast or lunch. Personally I'm fond of a breakfast panini with breakfast sausage along with some peppers. All baked goods are made on premise, I think partially just to make you hungry. Not just muffins and cookies, but custom cupcakes you can tart up with various frostings and sprinkles.

Finally the drinks is tasty and numerous. The coffee is curated by the owner and is a custom blend available here only. Drinks have classic Lawrence names like Sex Bomb and Lieutenant Dan (who was actually a barista at one time). The vanilla and chocolate syrups as well as the chai is made in house. During the winter months they have hot apple cider which I highly recommend.

Overall this is an experience you won't forget and you'll rub elbows with just about everyone in Lawrence. If you don't stop by here during your visit to Lawrence, you haven't really experienced the town.