Rating: 1

December 16, 2010

Very helpful but they need to fire their incompetent employees!! I ordered a GE microwave through them. This specific model MSRP is $249 on the GE website, and Sears sells them for $199. Factory Direct sold it to me for $169 and told me it will be ready for pickup in 6 days. On the seventh day, when I called they said this particular model was back-ordered from GE and that I'll have to call back the next day to get more information!! I went into the store the next day and found out that the item was Not back-ordered and they can order it for me. So, basically someone at Factory Direct messed up and did not place the order at all! I asked them to order it and not mess up again. They promised they will take prompt action and that the microwave will be ready for pick on the following Thursday/Friday. Then on Friday they called me and said that the delivery guys messed up, the microwave was still at their Lenexa warehouse and I have to wait till Monday to get it!! Finally, after waiting for 3 weeks and FDA messing up twice I got my microwave.

Verdict: Good prices, good customer service, INCOMPETENT employees working in the ordering department and the warehouse. If you order something, be prepared to wait for a LONG time to receive your item if it is not in stock.