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December 14, 2010

The Casa Agave Customer Service Experience

On Fri, 12/10/10, I was enjoying dinner with a group of girlfriends at Casa Agave Mexican restaurant on South Iowa St. It’s an establishment that we frequently spend “girlfriend” time. During dinner, my group of girlfriends and I were completely disrespected when one of the restaurant’s bartenders referred to us as “mf’ers” – more than once. Prior to this disrespectful comment directed towards us, we also had to listen to him refer to his fellow co-worker as the “b-word” – although in Spanish. When this disrespect and unsatisfactory customer service was brought to the attention of the restaurant manager/owner, not once did we receive a sincere apology from the manager, nor the bartender. The manager never reprimanded the bartender in any form or fashion (dismissed from the floor, from the restaurant, from our dining area), nor did he acknowledge what the bartender did was unacceptable. He even went as far to say, “It’s only an expression.”

When we expressed to the manager that his lack of regards for our customer satisfaction and demand for respect would cause him to lose our business, and the business of any of our friends that may frequent the establishment, his response…. “(shoulder shrug, oh well) I have thousands of customers.” So, if you are one of those thousands of customers that are in agreement with Casa Agave’s definition of “customer service” – and you appreciate being referred to as a “mf’er” while spending your hard earned money in their establishment - then continue to enjoy your meals. However, if you are a hard working citizen who would like the respect and appreciation of “giving” your money to an establishment that cherishes the true meaning of customer service, take a stand with my friends and me, and do not give your business to Casa Agave.

A customer who demands respect,

Alex Lewis