Rating: 1

November 6, 2010

If this is the same Max Kautsch who is acting judge for small claims division of Municipal Court, I would never use him as an attorney. He doesn't take the time to listen or allow the case to be presented. He was in such a rush to wrap things up during recent mediation procedures that he interrupted them which in no way assisted the process.

He came across as rude, impatient and uncivil. I will not use him, recommend him, or vote for him.

I thought his judgement of the case was fair, but he made a personal judgement that was not based on the incident because he didn't allow information to be presented.

I get that he's a busy person, so am I and likely other people required to go before him. He's paid to listen to both sides. Hopefully he'll improve with additional experience on both personal and professional levels.