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Rating: 1

Nautalisk Midwest Property Management

This has hands down been the worst renting experience I've had in Lawrence. For the specifics:

  1. The Lease was EXTREMELY aggressive, and is designed to be manipulative of first-time renting college students. They WILL slam you with charges and try and sneak in fines without notifying you. .
  2. They NEVER notify you of any fees/fines you incur (this includes late fees), and if they do choose to, it'll cost you $25. I made that mistake. .
  3. Their accounting ledger for our apartment is a NIGHTMARE. They randomly throw charges and credits all over the place so you have no idea what has paid for what, or where the fines were coming from. We found multiple errors in our ledger that saved us a lot of money. .
  4. Their maintinence is terrible. They never checkup on their apartments. You have to do most of it yourself. .
  5. One big example of the secrets they don't tell you about their shoddy properties: In our apartment, we learned the hard way that our pipes freeze ALL THE TIME because of a horrible construction error. They ended up having to cut HUGE holes in our basement wall... which became the home for a few bats. THEN, we had to start using a space heater that they provided, but with which they failed to tell us that it was a 2000 Watt heater that raised our electric bill by $200. We live in a $725/mo apartment. Our electric bill was $300. They claimed that it was our responsibility to keep the space heater on even though it was their construction mistake.

Do not rent from this company. Please, please, PLEASE save yourself.

Rating: 5

joetindall Wilco Guttering & Water Control

Phil is the best at what he does. He installed a new 6" seamless guttering system to replace our 5" seamed gutters and downspouts. He developed a plan that included the removal of the "eye sore" gutters from our front porch. This significantly improved our home's curb appeal and rain water management. Phil is really a "gutter system architect". He is kind, professional and courteous. His pricing is well worth the added value.

Rating: 5

megabear44 Social Service League Thrift Store

The newly cleaned and painted facilities are great - warm and inviting. The quality of merchandise is also up due to the fact they cull out all the clothing, kitchen wares, toys and other items that are damaged or dirty. Now the place is filled with clean, excellent quality merchandise. Super friendly staff too. Much cheaper pricing than the other thrifts.

Rating: 1

PC2014 Midwest Property Management

I could spend hours going over my complaints with this company but it would just rehash what others have said in the comments. Look, Midwest has cheap apartments and the managers are pretty much a slight step above slumlords, but you may find your self in a position where it's all you can afford (like myself) so let me give you some advice if you are thinking about moving here: - Be prepared for additional fees that they are not honest about upfront, including wash/dry fee, insurance fee, ect. Also, don't expect to get your deposit back, you will never get your deposit back no matter how clean and considerate you are. - Be prepared to clean your own apartment when you move in. Try to bring a few friends/family members with you because you will need to scrub the entire apartment. - When you move in and find your apartment with maintenance problems (there will be), make sure the Midwest personnel know and that YOU write it down. From then, Midwest has two weeks to fix the problems and they DON'T have to call you before they come into your apartment to fix it. Chances are they will do it while you are at work and 'forget' to fix certain things. After this has happened, call twice everyday and complain and moan until everything is fixed. It may take you several days of calling to make it happen. - Document everything. For example, when you turn in your lease or renewal, make sure you write down when you did it and who you gave it to (they actually lost my renewal lease and started showing my apartment even though I renewed). - If you have a friend who is a handy man- you'd be better off just paying them to fix minor things in your apartment. It will get done quicker and actually get fixed. - If you ever need something fixed, be prepared to call everyday for a week. I've even taken to going to their office directly everyday until whatever is fixed. You will need to be hands on and may even need to threaten lawsuit to get issues dealt with (even serious ones). - Despite the fact you'll never see your deposit again, make sure you do clean your apartment before you leave. Midwest will jump at the chance to charge you fees after you have moved out. The goal of moving out isn't to get your deposit back, it's to NOT receive fees. - Invest in good insect repellant/traps, you apartment will likely have spider and bug infestations. Don't count on Midwest to fix this.

So if you must live for Midwest, be prepared because dealing with them is a chore.

Rating: 5

bjfisher Adorable Animal Designs

I have use Adorable on and off for years. Never ever a problem. Nice quality work, and their pricing is more than fair! I recommend them!

Rating: 5

Narph Bob's Auto Maintenance, Inc

Great staff, I mean the guy owns the place and works his butt off. Besides that he is probably the smartest mechanic i've ever gone to. I'd definitely trust him with more than an oil change. Have a buddy that had him drop a new engine in his ranger and it runs like a dream. I'm not sure what the heck that other reviewer was talking about, it seems so bad and unlike my experience that I'm assuming it is probably fake.

Rating: 5

RockChalk30 Castle Overhead Garage Doors

Had a door go off track on Friday night, called them around 10am on a Saturday and they were at my house and had it fixed by 12:30. Ended up having to replace a piece of the track and both springs and while I expected to be bent over backwards on pricing they were very reasonable. Definitely recommend!

Rating: 1

Jack_is_a_crook Tyler Appliance

I was very, VERY patient with JACK, and all he did was take our money! Once he got his cash it was like pulling teeth to get him to come back and fix the garbage he left at my house ! We paid pretty good money for a used washer and dryer, and the washer quit working the same day he left it at my house. He "guaranteed" them to work for 45 days. I think our machine lasted 45 minutes. After calling him many, many times only to be berated for bothering him, he refused to honor his "guarantee".

I would seriously go anywhere else but this guy! Beware, he is also all over Craigslist, just look for the name Jack, and the above listed phone number.

Rating: 1

jeremysilvey Smart Start of Kansas

Strong Had to have my car in the shop a few times, the shop called yet Michael White Customer Care Specialist of Smart Start informed me basically that his company will screw you out of any money possible and not help because that is what the state of Kansas and Missouri allows them to do. I would highly recommend getting your interlock anywhere else possible even it if means more initial money because this company will find anyway they can screw you in the long run. Im out 150 in extra fees and have to run a whole 6 more months on my interlock because of the treachery with this company.

Rating: 5

Academy Cars Academy Cars

"I can't thank Bowe and Academy Cars for making me so welcome and comfortable in my newest car buying experience. I have to admit I was a little skeptical going in but they weren't pushy at all and wanted to give me the best deal possible. I'd definitely recommend them not to mention they have a nice selection of quality vehicles."

Ann Smith

Rating: 1

Yarg Rainbow Works, LLC

I have never personally rented from Serina Hearn but I did work for her on a couple of different occasions and can tell you from first hand experience that she absolutely steals from her tenants, she is the absolute WORST landlord (or as I like to refer to her “Slumlord”) and there is definitely some sketchy business activity going on. I had worked for her on a few occasions cleaning houses one summer during turn over and was never compensated. I then later, stupidly I’ll admit, worked at the B&B that she currently owns (The Runaway Pony) simply for room and bored. When she need extra help with work on rental properties outside of the B&B I agreed to help, she then continued to put off paying me for the extra work for weeks and weeks until one day she sent me a “bill” for my stay at the B&B simply so that she could avoid paying me. I left and have never returned and would advise ANYONE against doing any kind of business with this con artist. Ask around, there is not an electrician or private contractor in town who will work with her because they’ve all had to take her to court simply to get her to pay her bill.

Rating: 5

colicole81 Panda & Plum Garden

I posted the following review recently. "Horrible experience! We ordered online and were given a 30-50 minute wait time. After waiting two hours and calling three times our food finally arrived cold. In addition, the portions were extremely small and the flavor was mediocre at best. Never again!" I was surprised to receive a call from the owner the very next day apologizing for the experience and offering a free meal. While our overall experience was still poor I admire her attempt to fix it. It is not often that a business goes out of their way to achieve customer satisfaction. This simple step has increased my original one star rating to a five star rating.

Rating: 5

Earl75 New Era Roofing

We were in the market for a roof we called a couple local contractors out. Beau with New Era Roofing came out explain the process he did everything he said he would . Very Prompt and Professional Service. I also own multiple other rentals i'll definitely will be using them again.

Thanks Earl

Rating: 4

osmn Henry's

Nice Place to drink something

Rating: 5

rcrum K.S.R. Roofing

Aaron and his crew did a fantastic job! Aaron was friendly, responsive, and reasonably priced. The crew did the work of replacing my roof and gutters on schedule and without mess. I would gladly recommend KSR to anyone who has roofing needs.

Rating: 5

Kelly_A Mariscos

I go to Mariscos quite regularly, and in my opinion this is the most accommodating restaurant i've ever been to. They want all their customers to leave happy and satisfied, and will do whatever they can to make that happen. The food is excellent (with a great menu AND amazing daily features) thanks to an awesome Chef and kitchen staff. Happy Hour at the Top Shelf Bar is always a fun time with bar manager Lisa and all the friendly bartenders, and you are always greeted with a smile and warm friendly attitude from owner Nancy, manager Trisha and a "host of hosts and hostesses" and servers. Mariscos is a fantastic place to go for a date, special occasions, or just to have delicious up-scale (but not too up-scale) food in a relaxed atmosphere! Mariscos treats everyone as though they are a "regular". I highly recommend you give them a try!

Rating: 5

roundaboutlady Freestate Doors, Inc.

No other garage door place could help us on a late Friday afternoon and Freestate Doors came right out and fixed our door. Thank you for your great service!!!!!

Rating: 1

Aangrycustomer Foster's Plumbing

Adam Foster was supposed to re-plumb my house replace all shut-off valves.

He replaced everything with pex piping and then told us that he was unable to hock it up to the main waterline. Telling us "We have to call a plumber for this!"

Now months later when our first tenant moved in, we came to find out that the waterlines were switched and we had hot water in the toilet, and the piping is under tension and bending.

We have gone through a lot of plumbers but he tops the cake.

Rating: 1

Pn66049 Price's Appliance Repair

We called for a dishwasher repair and owner came out. Spent 5 minutes telling us that we had rodent damage and needed a new dishwasher due to electrical issues. Charged $80; Then my husband re-glued a detached wire and the machine has worked fine for a year. Felt like a scam. Watch out folks!

pricesappliance replies...

First let's clarify- More than likely the technician was there more than 5 minutes. He also drove to your house, which is in the county, not in the city. No one ever told you that a diagnosis was going to be free. In fact we are happy to explain our charges before we come out. You DID have rodent damage and gluing wires is not the professional way to do it. You need a wiring harness which is an expensive repair. We diagnosed it correctly and gave you a price for repair. You never replied and when we called to ask if you were going to have it repaired or pay for the diagnosis, you replied that your husband was going to call to discuss. After sending several statements and waiting for a call to discuss, which never came, we turned you over for collection. THAT is why you are writing a negative review. We are sorry that you weren't happy, but this blame is far from completely on us.

Rating: 5

elissa123 Jayhawk Guttering

We called several different local guttering companies and Jayhawk Guttering was one of the fastest companies to respond, came out and gave us a free estimate the same day, and was able to schedule the job quicker than we anticipated. Definitely pleased working with this company and would recommend it to anyone looking for a genuinely fair priced, fast, and friendly guttering service.