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Rating: 5

OrganicLocal Camson Townhomes & Villas

I moved into Camson Place the middle of September. The new Management gal is very helpful and she was very patient with all of my request. I have the upper layout and absolutely love it. I have not had any noise issues and I have never lived in an apartment so this is all very new to me. My kitchen is amazing, the fitness center is nice but I haven't used it as much as I would like. I'm very excited for the pool to open next summer!

Rating: 1

smmeyer Swims & Sweeps Inc

Swims and Sweeps would be my last choice for chimney inspection and repairs. My experience with them has caused me to seriously question their workmanship and willingness to stand behind their work.

Rating: 5

jdcricket RD Johnson Excavating Co

The company recently completed a large and complex job at my new home that included demolition, excavation, utilities, and multiple stone walls and terraces. The work was completed in a professional manner. Their staff and operators were easy to work with and knew their trade well.

Rating: 3

drbloom Natural Stone Imports

this office has been closed since at least 2012

Rating: 4

Beeper Alvamar Golf & Country Club

I love this course - The Jayhawk Nine and Quail Creek provide challenge for any non-long-ball hitter and the late greens allow the superintendent to perplex eagle eyed putters. The long tee boxes provide a reasonable launching pad for juniors to pros. I like the practice range and putting clock and the staff treats patrons like family.

Rating: 5

jayhawk842 Midwest Property Management

Great experience!

Rating: 5

Tory Joseph Hollander & Craft

If you get in trouble for DUI there is no other firm in the Lawrence or Topeka area that you should go with. I had them handle a driving under the influence case about a year ago and the case was dismissed. Now I am not saying everyone will have the same results that I did but, the firm is very thorough with all paperwork and found a problem with the way the entire stop was handled. I heard their divorce attorneys are no joke as well. They are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. I highly recommend this law firm!

Thanks, Tony

Rating: 1

Steve Zbacnik Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

I have ate here several times but never did a take out so I tried it tonight and what a joke. First would not take my credit card over the phone so I could have someone else pick up my food order. I have used my credit card at several other BWs all over the country. Second the girl taking the phone order was preoccupied with everything else around her. Ordered wings extra wet two blue cheese and two sauces with cheese curds. When my food was given to me by the person picking it up the order was wrong. They cooked my wings in a rub not sauce. Gave me no blue cheese and no extra sauce and the box was marked extra wet they gave me extra rub. Called back and talked to General Manager Greg he was very condescending and wanted to argue with me. He asked me what I wanted and I told him and he wanted to barter. He asked me again what I wanted and again I told him, again and he wanted to barter. He asked me three times. He could have made this a 5 min conversation but stretched it out about 20 min I do not see how this man is in the position whith the lack of customer service skills he has. After twenty min he gave me what I asked for he could have done it 20 min ago. GREG I want to make sure I spell your name correct since you spelled it to me six times during our conversation. After this ordeal I am not sure I want to eat there anymore in or out. GREG I pulled my credit card statements from the last two months of what I spent at your restaurant by my self and taking clients out to lunch or dinner GREG its $507.69 plus 18% tip to your servers. I hope your 20 min of being the big guy in charge was worth the cost of loosing a $500 plus customer. Something tells me corporate wont like this I am sure they owe a bunch on the new building. GREG hope it was worth it.

Rating: 5

local_support Juice-E-Vapes

This vape store sets the standard for these types of establishments. Staff is awesome. They are all super-friendly and very knowledgeable about all the products they are selling. Great prices, especially on juice. The flavors are awesome, not only for the variety but the juice I get here just tastes better than any other place. I will not buy my juice anywhere else. Plus the hours are great. I stopped in on my way to work a couple of mins before 8 am and Jason already had the store open! I was completely out of juice so this was a godsend. You guys are great! Keep doing exactly what you're doing.

Rating: 1

motoadventure Garrison Roofing

September 30, 2015- Original Review:

I contacted Garrison in November to have them do three roofs on my property. I promptly got a call back from John saying that they were tied up on a remodel job since it was the offseason for roofing, but an employee/family member would be interested in doing it on his own time.

Long story short, over the course of a weekend the roofer, with occasional help from his significant other and John, stripped and shingled two of my roofs and did a great job. The third is very steep and needed spot repairs, and he elected to wait until he had help to spot him with a rope from the ground. He said he'd be back the next day while I was at work to finish it up.

Too trusting, I paid him in full, since the majority of the job was finished. Unfortunately, he never returned and never returned calls or voicemails.

A call to John got an outright refusal of any involvement, even though I had met him, shook his hand and watched him and the others working on my barn roof. He wouldn't provide me any other way to contact the fellow, and said that he had zero involvement in the whole thing and owed me no help.

Sadly, based on my interactions with John after his employee/family member failed to follow through on the job, I would not recommend Garrison Roofing to anyone I know.

November 11, 2015: See comment below for a fun update!

Rating: 1

Adriana_M Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I wish I could give it a lower review!! The staff is so rude!!! I went to get my car wash I proceeded to enter the carwash the older man spraying the cars with soap pointed to the sign to put ur car In neutral so I did, then he started yelling GO! Go! So then I put it on drive again, and then he proceeded to hit my driver window so hard a few times that I thought he was going to break it!! I will never take my business here ever again!!!!!! How can u treat customers like that especially hitting their vehicles, so un respectful

Rating: 5

Gaz01 The Oaks Apartments

The complex is in a great location if you are a KU student or just want to be next to shopping and restaurants. The apartment complex is locally owned and professionally managed. They have maintenance staff that is available 24/7. They have a grounds keeper now who keeps all the properties looking good. All utilities are included in the rent. They are always running specials so make sure you ask when you apply. I would recommend Cherry Hill Properties to anyone looking for an spacious apartment home at an affordable price. Go see for yourself.

Rating: 5

Enterprize Moving Proz

Your company was recommended to me by my Realtor. You moved her prior to our move and she had nothing be great things to say about you guys. I could tell I was in good hands after the first call with Marlene. She made me feel like my time was important and didn't try to rush me off the phone after my first round of questions. Derek the owner very helpful in the planning process. Andrew and his crew who moved us couldn't have been more professional. They really didn't cut any corners, wrapping all of our furniture in blankets and doing the disassembly. They made this move the easiest one to date. We will be referring Moving Proz to friends and family. Thank you for being thoughtful, reliable, and professional.

Rating: 1

Kate22 Legends Place

THE WORST APARTMENT IN LAWRENCE. DO NOT LIVE HERE. The manager, Amy Swofford is impossible to get ahold of, and even when you do she is completely useless and rude. I have never heard a good thing about her. She will charge for things and damage that you did not do. They do not listen to anything you have to say and are probably the rudest business I have ever come across. Everything in the apartment is dirty, old and has mold. They do not actually clean these apartments before move-in. The carpets all have stains and tables have marks and are disgusting. Definitely the worst apartment in Lawrence by far. I would advice anyone to live at the Connection, or Grove, or anywhere else for that matter. Legends is a horribly run business by a manager who is never there and does not care.

Rating: 5

Jiyu Auto Exchange Inc

Today, I bought a orange mustang. I really love this one. This is my first personal car, and it is really cool! Furthermore, dealer is a very kind man. We have a very good negotiation. Thanks for their helps I can get this nice car.

Rating: 1

Asakeroyd Paul Davis Restoration

People comment about how fast this company was able to get them scheduled. The reason is that they don't have any business. The before and after pictures are a joke. If you're going to hire a carpet cleaning company? Use a company that has more than 1 truck. That has won best of Lubbock or that has come in second place. The comment about items being stolen is something I've heard before. The truth is. This guy who owns Paul Davis is a one trick pony. Beware!!!!

Rating: 4

Teresa Cunningham Baan Thai Restaurant

Perfect for a quiet lunch or dinner date. That food seems meant to be shared. The rice is always fluffy and sweet, the vegetables crisp and fresh, the curry broth spiced but not overwhelming. Friendly staff are happy to explain any unfamiliar dishes. The "Black Magic" eggplant dish is one of the nicest meals I've had in ages. Drinks re slightly overpriced but that's true of all restaurants.

Rating: 1

wdl1 Massage Envy

The therapist are for the most part are just out of school and are not very well trained or experienced.

the billing is also ridiculous. if you freeze your account they won't let you access massages that you have already paid for through their automatic billing method. They made up this ridiculous rule and they could easily fix this just by changing their rules. Their rules are completely in their favor and against the consumer. Just google "massage envy law suit".

Find someone who works for themselves not a franchise, they will be much better at their job and the billing will be straight forward.

Rating: 5

Kendall Simmons Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

We regularly get take-out food tonite!! So far I've never had any better chile rellenos anywhere (including in Mexico) and my husband loves their beef burrito reals. And their white cheese dip makes me drool just thinking about it!

Rating: 5

SLR 19th Street Tow & Recovery

Great service! Lost the key to the car (long story) and needed a tow to the dealership so they could make a new one. Quick arrival and on a Saturday too. Thanks 19th Street Tow & Recovery - you made my really bad day much better!!