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Rating: 5

Municipal Surplus Stonecreek Accounting, LLC

I found Sarah online as she specialized in small business and freelancers. I had many issues going on with my taxes as I had an llp, llc, estate, foreign contracting, stock sales... Basically you name it and I had it. I could no longer use turbotax to do my taxes. After 15 years of doing my own I decided it was time to hire a CPA.

Within 2 days she had all my issues sorted out and found me a few more credits that I was unsure of claiming.

Overall I was very impressed with Sarah and the crew at Stonecreek Accounting

Rating: 5

justindo Construction Specialties LLC

Home ownership can be frustrating. What do you do when you find yourself with a problem that is beyond your skill level or requires a larger time commitment than you are able to make? You've got to try to find someone that you can trust to help you! I was lucky to find Construction Specialties, so I thought I'd take a moment and write a review of my experience.

The background to my story is that my house had some major plumbing issues. Over the past six years I've had leaks in all the plumbing lines below the slab. The problem was probably due to poor workmanship by the builder, but that is neither here-nor-there. One by one, I've had to abandon all lines under my slab and use PEX cables attached to walls to carry water. In December, the main line between the city supply and master shut-off had to be replaced. The plumber did a fine job, but plumbers plumb and will not do minor (or not so minor) renovations. I was left with an eyesore that reduced the value of my property.

To address this issue I contacted Construction Specialties, who were recommended to me by a friend. The owner and operator, Mike Warner, has many years experience is renovation and general contracting. He examined my situation and made several recommendations with different price options for different budgets. One of the options was especially innovative and based on something Mike had done in his own house. He was able to send some pictures so I'd have a good idea what it would look like in the end. The idea was to attach crown molding to the wall to hide the PEX. Then he installed rope lighting to add a cool ambiance to the bedroom. There are some pictures on his facebook page if you want to see it. What I like about it is that the lighting feature turns a negative about my house into a positive. It looks like we intended to do it!

Construction Specialties sent a clear and easy to follow quote the day after he inspected the site. The price seemed very reasonable so I pulled the trigger. Construction Specialties is an up-and-coming company and very busy, but they made me feel like a priority. They made reasonable accommodations, were willing to work with my schedule and were very respectful of my space. They were essentially done in 1.5 days (they came back to touch up the paint the following day.)

I'm not the handiest guy. I'm no Bob Villa, that is for sure. I've had several jobs with different plumbers, painters and contractors over the years. My experience with Construction Specialties is by far the best. Every night before I go to bed I think "wow that looks good!" I would highly recommend Mike Warner and Construction Specialties for any general contracting or remodeling jobs and will use them again in the future.

Rating: 1

jdog2323 Kaw Valley Industrial/Kawasaki

shady group of guys. called and asked if they buy bikes they said yes and so i brought it up there and they said they would buy it i just had to wait to get the title in the mail. so i brought it back up there when i got it in the mail a couple days later and they said they Don't buy bikes. so i called up there the next day to speak with the guy i originally spoke with who said they would buy and it he flat out lied and said he never said he would buy it. lol so even if they have the deal of the century they will never get my business. wouldn't recommend them to anybody. Little to no moral or ethical standards at that place. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED

Rating: 5

Jjuneau1 Suds Laundry Service

I first learned about Suds Laundry Service when I was looking for a place that laundered large quilts. Toyin did not disappoint! My quilts are carefully washed, folded and packaged for storage. They smell fresh & wonderful! Toyin can get difficult stains from garments and her ironing is a thing of beauty! The customer service & warm friendly atmosphere at Suds is 5 STARS!! Give this special place a try!

Judy Juneau

Rating: 1

Angiebree Midwest Driving School

First off, let me say that I understand driving experience is needed with that being said I was not expecting my child to be driving to kansas city on their first day and wasn't told that they would be going. When i called to ask why I wasn't informed I was called stupid, annoying and that they don't need to tell me anything. The owner hung up on me many times and told me to shut up. Now they haven't scheduled any more driving for my child. They offered a refund but of course never got it. Go Somewhere else

Rating: 1

ENOFEL Moving Proz

Moving Proz is a terrible company to work with. The people they sent out to my house were polite and courteous, but inexperienced. They destroyed a very nice desk, damaged a dresser beyond repair, and scratched and dinged up my washing machine. To make matters worse, they refused to return my calls, voice mails, or emails. Once I finally got in touch with somebody, they were rude and condescending, and offered me an insultingly low amount of money as compensation.

Do not use Moving Proz if you value your furniture.

Rating: 5

Lori Nation Wakarusa Veterinary Hospital

We started out seeing Dr. Niedbalski, but are pleased to know the other veterinarians are caring and would be able to take care of our pets at any given time. All of the office staff are easy going, compassionate and keep us informed on treatments. Any time we need anything we can call and speak to one of the employees or vets. When it comes to scheduling they can fit us in any time. I also love that we can purchase our pet food there instead of going to an actual pet store. The office staff is always willing to help with anything that we need. They have never ever talked me into services that I didn't need or have had.

Rating: 5

elisabeatles Salon Lucca & The Hair Cut

I have been going to Ryan for 13 years. I always love how my hair looks and can just sit in the chair and trust him to give me a great haircut that I can style at home.

Rating: 5

mingo88 K.S.R. Roofing

We called Aaron on a Thursday after discovering a couple of leaks in our roof. Forecast called for a rainy weekend. Not only did he shuffle his schedule to ensure he could get to us ASAP, he sent a crew over to tarp our roof the very next morning. As soon as the rain broke, they got our new roof installed. It looks great, and they cleaned up before we even got home from work. Aaron came by that evening to walk through everything with us and see if we had any questions. Would recommend KSR to anyone who asks.

Rating: 1

techtlcb Pearson Collision Repair

Did ok body work but very difficult to work with. Disorganized and when problems arise from this they blame the customer. The air conditioner worked when the car was brought in but not when picked up. Also rude and abrasive. I would spend my money elsewhere.

Rating: 1

Dreama Humes Bargain Depot, Inc.

Honestly I wouldn't even give the 1 star. After hours of deciding on tile and still wasn't sure if it was right. I agreed to buy the tile near $250 worth with Store clerk stating that I can return any unused tile for a refund NOT A STORE CREDIT A REFUND. Because there was signs on the door, counter, receipt, & throughout the store I kept questioning the policy he said no no you can bring it back with no worries any unused portion. Okay I decided to buy choose not to use any of it next day took the tile back because we changed our minds. The owner refused a refund although the kid that was working there told me otherwise the kid said I may get into trouble for this but, I will honor it. Why would he say it if he'd get into trouble? Anyways in the mist of refunding the store owner stopped the refund. NO REFUND AS PROMISED INSTEAD A STORE CREDIT! What is this? Why would I ever buy from a place that honor the customer is always right or even better the kid that said it said started the refund and owner stopped it the kid knew he was in the wrong. I told the owner that I will be filling a complaint with the BBB and blasting him online his response was go ahead store policy is store no matter what my sales rep said in front of 3 witnesses.

Rating: 1

KAIN83 Peoples Bank

worst bank ever. They are on the national list of banks that are going under and I noticed how they are trying to fix that. If you go under 500 dollars in your checking they will hit you with a 8 dollar fee. If someones steals money from your checking account, you have to pay this bank 30 dollars to investigate it and stop the funds. A garbage bank, go somewhere else. Bunch of crooks trying to make money off its people

Rating: 5

Biek Bigg's Barbeque

I love Biggs! Anytime I eat here I am never disappointed. The Smoked Turkey is my favorite. I always order with the mac & cheese, corn on the cob and cinnamon apples. The banana pudding is a must have as well. The Bigg Buffalo drummies are also great, basically a giant wing! I'm probably starting to sound like I work for Biggs but the truth is I don't. I just love me some BBQ and Biggs is one of the best places in Lawrence for that. Plus the fact that they deliver! Can't beat that!

Rating: 2

Biek Fat Freddy's Pizza and Wings

Every time I have got food from here it was extremely greasy and messy. The wings are below average tasting and quality. The wing sauce tastes fine the wing quality just isn't what I am used to. Hell Pizza hut and dominos have better wings as does bww. Once I placed an order around 10pm on a friday or saturday, online mind you, and they never sent my order. I had even paid with a credit card. I had to call the next day just to ask them about my order and why it was never made. Showed them proof of my order and they sent it out that afternoon (only 12 hours late!) Not sure how that could even happen. Didn't see the order print out of the machine? That's the only thing I can think of. Needless to say I haven't ordered from them since.

Rating: 1

amberw First Management

Horrible experience. Don't expect to get your deposit back - regardless. Also don't expect any maintenance to be done, anyone to get back with you or anything having to do with respectable business practices. If you aren't sure, check out any site which has nothing but negative reviews and multiple complaints with the BBB.

Rating: 1

lawrencekansasstudent Johnny's Tavern West

ordered nachos and asked to have white cheese instead of yellow. Denied. Bartender told me it was to big of an inconvenience. REALLY? I always sit at the bar when I am there but next time I come in and she is working I will take my money elsewhere.

Rating: 5

ChuckW Action Plumbing

Highly recommended!!! I called. They came right away. The guy was friendly and professional. He did the work quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended!!!

Rating: 5

Darin wade Z's Divine Espresso

If you want real organic coffee this is the place With high quality organic coffee that taste great With the best Brista Environment.

Rating: 5

Darin wade Signs of Life

Best Christian Own Cafe, very friendly helpful and attentive the bristias can work any style of taste coffee (Pour Over, Expresso.I wish they were open till 2am.

Rating: 5

al454 Midwest Property Management

I currently rent from Midwest and it has been a great experience! I've only had one maintenance emergency (at 10PM with family visiting) and they made it over within 30 minutes! On a Friday night! The apartment was clean when I moved in, and I've never had issues with noise or pests. I have absolutely no complaints, and always recommend MPM to friends in the area