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Rating: 1

Sarah Binder Midwest Property Management

The WORST place to rent from we moved into our house in 2014 and it was FILTHY, no cleaning and painting had been done it was so bad we had to leave our furniture in the front yard until we had cleaned, in the 2 years we have been here we have put in over 300 work orders and only 15 have been completed, everything from plumbing issues to no air conditioning, when we called maintenance they laughed and said it was not their problem and for us to figure it out, their office staff are rude and unprofessional this company is down right lazy and all they want is your money, make sure you take pics upon move in and move out!!!

Rating: 5

thunder_x Midwest Doors of Kansas LLC

Initial response was quick & prompt, was able to do complete repairs with in couple hours that day. Completed work and answered all questions with integrity. Cost was reasonable, and very polite service.

Rating: 5

Jennifer Phythyon Pronto-Rooter

Randy is the only one I call when I have a drain issue. He was the guy my landlord called to clean out tree roots when I was renting a house over 15 years ago. Today Randy went above and beyond to help me clean a bad clog in an underground sump pump drain. He helped me dig up the pipe when it could not be cleared and then cut the pipe to find the issue. When he got the clog cleared, he helped me repair the line with a coupler he happened to have on the truck. No need for me to go to the hardware store! Knowledgeable, fast, friendly, hard-working, and fairly priced.

Rating: 1

SarahP35 Affordable Tree Service

They were difficult to commit to an appointment time. Kathy showed up to our door 6 hours later than she said she would. She was unfriendly and was unpleasant to talk to. I am not sure if she was possibly having a bad day but it was a unfortunate and unpleasant interaction. We will never use this service. Ever.

Rating: 1

llg123 A-1 Automotive

It took months for them to complete repairs. The repairs to my transmission failed in a month. It took them 6 weeks to complete the repairs on my vehicle for the second time. Then, the repairs failed after 20 hours. After 3 weeks of waiting for further repairs, I gave up and retrieved my vehicle. At one point, I was unable to reach anyone by phone for days on end. He refused to give me a timeline, and even yelled and cussed at me at one point for asking. My vehicle sat in his lot untouched for over a month. I called another time and no one seemed to know that my vehicle was even there to be repaired. THEY BROKE MY RUNNING BOARD AND DENIED IT. These guys just honestly don’t care. They are unprofessional, rude, and probably the worst mechanics in Lawrence in terms of performance. In all, I think Tim (the owner) gave me 10-15 excuses for why he couldn’t complete any repairs in a reasonable timeline. This place is a joke, go anywhere else.

Rating: 1

thatonegirlfromkansas New Era Roofing

More than just terrible work. These guys are the whole package, poor customer service, poor work and DISHONEST. We had our back roofline replaced with them, and spend thousands of dollars. It wasn't a good experience as they often didn't show up when they said they would, and the person they sent to do our interior work was rude. We had additional problems and they wouldn't return my calls so I finally called another company. When the other company got on our roof they found New Era had folded regular shingles over along the back ridgeline, rather than using proper ridgeline shingles. When confronted they accused the other company of lying. I GOT ON THE ROOF MYSELF and called New Era from the roof after seeing with my own eyes what they had done. Only then did they agree to come out and fix it. Even then they speculated that "maybe your handyman got up there and did that." Unbelievable. Yes, my handyman, who has never been on my roof, got up there, pulled off properly done shingles, and put on incorrect shingles. Would have meant something to me if they had at least admitted their mistake rather than repeatedly lying after the fact. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Rating: 5

Adrian Jacobs Wonder Fair

One of the best shops in LFK. Awesome gifts for awesome people, including yourself. Plus: ART!

Rating: 1

jonespd17 Hunter's Ridge Apartments

DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! We have lived at Hunter's Ridge since the place was built three years ago. We were the first one's in. For the first two years under different management, this was an excellent place to live. Since Melinda Fields has become the manager one year ago, this is no longer a pleasant place to live. The rent continues to increase for no reason. They used to replace light bulbs that burn out once a week. now they dont. The walls crumble at any instance of touching. They demand that you register your pet's DNA through stool samples so that they can track you down if you do not pick up your dogs poop on the property. They have cut and destroyed my bike lock and confiscated my bike from the bike racks as well as 10-20 other bikes that were on the racks stating that things were "cluttered"...even though it was winter. As of now, there are absolutely no bike's on the bike racks anymore so it is just a metal structure without a purpose. They only allow two guests at the pool per apartment which is ridiculous if you want to invite any friends or family over. They called the cops last weekend on all of my guests who were having a birthday party and had everyone get tickets for trespassing. Mind you that the same group of people have been coming to our pool for the past three years. And as of now, even if you live at Hunter's Ridge you have to get a pool pass in order to be at the pool. This place is ridiculous and it is solely due to the Management and Melinda Fields. Do not live in this complex, you will probably want to move the following year. The management and ownership have complete disregard for the Kansas Tenant Laws or the quality of life for it's residents. They enforce and impose rules and increased rent for no apparent reason and that are not in your lease agreement. The Management - Melinda Fields clearly displays her need and desire for control over the tenants and is unfit to hold any position of influence, leadership, or authority because it is more about fulfilling her own ego than what is good for this community.

P.S. Just to prove that the appartments are poorly built and the lights burn out once a week. Take a look at the picture of the kitchen on yelp...the track light on the right that is burnt out. Point proven.

Rating: 5

Mike Willoughby Freestate Doors, Inc.

Fixed a broken spring on our garage door the next day. Service was quick and courteous and as a bonus he even greased the chain on our opener (we didn't even know we needed it,) and our formerly loud and obnoxious opener is now nearly silent!

We would highly recommend!

Rating: 1

way2hotinlawrence A to Z Enterprises Offers Helping Hands

Rented an apartment from JoAnn for a year. Worst experience of my life. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY. Crappy apartments that she's charging way too much for, maintenance is slow and leaves messes all over the place when they do any work, she makes you do half the maintenance, not to mention she's violated multiple city/fire codes in the year we have been living here. Do yourself a favor and rent somewhere else - this place is a nightmare.

Rating: 1

Kim Riffel Applebee's Neighborhood Grill

Hostess was cleaning floor around her stand on our arrival. Fumbled around & got our menus/ tableware without washing hands. Only 2 people, 2 salad orders; slow. A handful of other tables had customers. Thai salad not as shown in menu. Very little edame. No broccoli. Very few wonton strips. Mostly limp lettuce. Undercooked "sauteed" shrimp was cold. Have had this at Applebee's elsewhere & it was very good. Funny smell in restaurant the minute we walked in the door; like wood cleaned with sour rags. Hostess & wait staff cleaned floors & under tables around us throughout the meal as if they were closed, & it was only 7:30 p.m. Couldn't recommend; won't be back. Rating of 1 was because it was pretty much edible & the other salad was ok.

Rating: 1

GaryA Moving Proz

DO NOT USE !!! I had to take this company to small claims court and I won. They never even bothered to show up...that should speak volumes. Since winning the judgement this company has completely ignored the judgement of the court so this is on going. They broke my 5 month old 70 inch big screen television. One guy carried it by himself and cracked the screen. When I called the company, this was the E-mail back. "Thank you fr submitting your damage claim. After review of your claim we regret to inform you that your damage claim has been denied." The company reviewed my claim and THEY decided it was denied. Thank gosh the Judge didn't see it that way.

Case# 15SC00036 AYRES vs SHAW has been updated with a document with the following ROA entry:


The 14 days to appeal were also ignored by Moving Proz and Mr. Shaw is the owner of the company. With a court case number you should be able to verify this for yourself. Is this the kind of service you would like ???

Rating: 5

basow Turf Masters Inc

We've been customers since we moved to Lawrence nearly 30 years ago. Turf Masters installed our original system and has maintained it successfully every year. We've added to it as our landscaping has improved. Each improvement has added to our enjoyment of our home, lawn and gardens. Turf Masters has been -- and continues to be -- a trusted supplier and advisor.

Rating: 5

basow Danielsan Electric

We started as customers with a minor electrical repair and were so pleased with the service that we stayed in touch. When the time came to make a major improvement in our landscape lighting, Dan and his team guided us every step of the way. We are extremely pleased with the results and look forward to future projects.

Rating: 4

robert_s Eck Real Estate Service, Inc.

Basically a good operation that took care of my building and was fair and pretty easy to deal with. Move out instructions are pretty specific so you do need to follow them or you might get dinged for cleaning. I didn't have any problems getting all of my deposit back.

Rating: 1

anwheeler90 Fleetwood Mower & Rental

I have not rented equipment from this facility, but I did visit the facility multiple times to pay rent for an apartment that the owner (Neil) also owned, during my senior year at KU. During each visit, I was constantly made to feel uncomfortable by an older gentleman who never failed to mention that he would be happy to pick up my rent in person from my unit.

Rating: 1

Dugarte Mad Greek Restaurant

Three of my friends and I were seated and waited for 20 minutes without ANY SERVICE. Waiters walked around, hesitated, squinted at us at our table and then circled around again, not doing anything, not serving anyone else. The restaurant was DEAD, but apparently we couldn't even get Drinks, let alone order all the food we were looking forwarding to getting. We planned on getting several appetizers, entrees, cocktails and desserts, but with multiple waiters and waitresses doing nothing but walking in laps around the restaurant, we couldn't get any help. We left to go to Jerusalem Cafe, where we had excellent service and a delicious meal. The Mad Greek is a stank-hole with literally NO SERVICE - not just BAD service - NO SERVICE. I am going to write reviews everywhere, and tell everyone I know in Lawrence and Kansas City about what a ridiculous insult The Mad Greek is.

Rating: 1

flashedred Hastings Books Music & Video

Terrible customer service. Angel, the manager, tried as hard as she possibly could to not honor the discounts clearly marked on the book shelves. Then, she spoke negatively about me to other customers in another area of the store. I returned my books and won't shop there again.

Rating: 5

jrod712 K.S.R. Roofing

Called KSR on Monday and spoke with Beth. Later that day Aaron went by my house and called me to discuss options for replacing my old gutters with all new seamless gutters and screen covers and a roof repair that I needed. Fast forward to Thursday (today) and I received a voicemail while I was at work from Dustin thanking me for my business. I get home from work and inspect an amazing job. I'm not a review writer but I felt I had to give these guys props for what they did. These days you don't expect service like this. I highly recommend KSR. I don't see myself calling anyone else after today.

Rating: 5

lostinlawrence Jayhawk Dental LLC

Dr. J is the most thorough dentist I have ever been to. He knows his stuff for sure. Even when you think his work looks good he won't let you leave until he thinks it's perfect. Always makes sure you are happy. So glad I have found such a wonderful dentist. I recommend him to anyone