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Rating: 1

dustinburr Automotive Analysts Inc.

I went here and asked if they could fix my squeaking brakes and a knocking noise under the hood. They said yes. $640.00+ later, I still have both noises.

Rating: 2

jhawxrok1 Jake's Auto Care and Automotive Repair

Jake used to be reliable but not so much anymore. I paid $486 for repair & an oil change, he kept my car 4 days and first time on the highway I had the same problem & dashboard warning light. Went back to Jake, put the computer on it, said no code, bring it back. I commute 60 miles to E KCMO. Getting the error less than 1/2 way to work is problematic & effects performance. Took it back a 2nd time, he wouldn't test because it was raining....guess there's no plastic to cover it the 10' from his door to my car. I'm going to overpay at the dealer but at least they guarantee their work. I feel like I got a $500 oil change & I just can't do it again.

Rating: 5

jcopeau Soots Me

Steve is great. He arrived promptly, cleaned out the furnace flue and installed caps to keep out the wildlife, all for a very reasonable price. Friendly, courteous and thorough, I recommend him highly.

Rating: 5

JSopha Professional Moving & Storage

I cannot speak for the other reviewers but I can tell you these guys were very professional and we had no real damage to speak of. And boy are they hard workers! These guys showed up and kicked butt. They were patient when asked to move items in a particular way and they were fast - even though we had them move two households worth of furniture and boxes. The was not lolly gagging around to waste time (which was nice since we paid by the hour) and the guys were super friendly and polite. Will definitely call them if I ever need them again.

Rating: 1

William Lockwood Cloud Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

Cloud was a good company but new owns have unethical people working for them. Maybe the owner is unaware. The technician who came to my house lied to me about my system. They will probably grind the Cloud name into the ground. Call someone else.

Rating: 1

bradleybengel Peppertree Apartments and Townhomes

If I can give less than one star I would. The people at the office are rude, unprofessional, never answer the phone, lie, never email back, never relay messages to the higher ups, and have no idea what customer service is. The only time you get any response out of them is going into the office physically during the most inconvenient hours they are open. They act like living there is so great until you actually live there and then they treat you like dirt. Make sure you read every little detail in the contract and if you talk with the people at the office, get everything in writing otherwise they will just lie to you. When you first move in, make sure you get in writing every little thing that is wrong physically with the apartment because they will blame you for everything and take your deposit. Only three vents worked in the apartment and instead of fixing it they just told me it was normal at peppertree. The issue with the vents and the way the AC is connected cause really high electric bills, which they also said was normal at peppertree. Moving out was so stressful with them, they try to get every penny they can out of you. Make sure you give a two months notice before your lease is up, they will hold it against you and make you pay for two more months when you give them the notice at the end of your lease. They don't mention the two month notice until you go to leave and it is really deceiving in the contract. I have never been treated so bad anywhere I have lived.

Rating: 5

cheerleader8219 Green Pastures Preschool

Love this preschool!!! The Director and both teachers of the Beginner and Pre-K class are highly qualified and exceptional with the students. It is a very fun and engaging atmosphere. My daughter has attended for the last two years, and has learned so much! They also go above and beyond with the activities they provide for their students. They have cooking class, science, music, dramatic play, and a playground. They also go on field trips, have a fire truck visit, and they do a lot of nice things to include the parents, like Mother's Day Tea (so cute!). They also participate in the St. Jude Trike-a-Thon and teach the kids about bike safety. The teachers always post cute pictures of the kids being engaged weekly on their Facebook Group for the families. I love this because my daughter's grandparents live out of town, so they can keep up with what she's learning!

Rating: 1

mongoose Freestate Doors, Inc.

Had 3 doors installed a couple years ago. Finally got tired of the doors only opening half way and called them back to make an adjustment. The guy they sent out was good, adjusted all 3 tracks so they were level, adjusted all three springs for more tension, and adjusted all three latches. The doors work great now. Then I received an invoice for $100. So for something they should have done correctly the first time, they charge me $100 to come back and correct. I called and advised them of the situation and was told the owner would call me back but never received a call. Based on my experience I don't believe I could recommend this company.

Rating: 5

KUWilliams Affordable Limousine Service

I have used this limo service on a number of occasions and each time I have been very pleased with their service. They have always been on time, provided a very clean limo for my family and are very friendly. I read the other reviewer who had experienced tire problems, etc. and I wanted folks to know that while that stuff may happen from time to time, it isn't the norm for Affordable Limo. Heck, I have hit a piece of metal and been stuck on the side of K-10 before. Stuff happens. The owner operates the business on a day to day basis and truly cares about your experience. While there are other options, I will continue to use Affordable Limo for rides to/from the airport.

Rating: 5

MaryJones64 Affordable Limousine Service

I absolutely love Affordable Limousine Service. The owner Larry has been nothing but gracious, affordable, and professional with me. He always makes sure I'm on time, his cars are very clean, and he himself is a humorous and respectable man. I used his service not long ago to KCI airport and he was on time. He made sure I was comfortable. The best part about Affordable Limousine Service is that the price is right. You can definitely count on receiving an affordable price for his service. Thank you Larry!!!

Rating: 5

Douglas Thompson Jayhawk Guttering

We used Jayhawk to install guttering on our house when we built the house. Eight years later and some of the guttering had been damaged by a storm. We called them and they were out quickly with a reasonable bid to repair the damage. They still had the information from when we built the house and knew exactly what color we needed. We use them every year for gutter cleaning. They are prompt and professional. We get an email invoice within a week. A very good company that is easy to work with.

Rating: 1

wendy50 A-Team Home Improvement, LLC

I had a couple of small jobs at my house, one being a repair on my patio and the other a water heater install. I called this morning and the person ( who did not give his name) on the phone was rude and made it very clear they did not want to deal with me. What they did not know is that after these two small jobs I wanted to have my kitchen and bathroom remolded. I will look elsewhere and be sure to let people I come in contact with know that I was not treated very well.

It has a star only because it would not not let me post without at least one? Wendy

Rating: 5

MEGANCOTTRELL Affordable Limousine Service

I use Affordable Limousine Service multiple times a year for personal and business use. When flying, the last thing I want to concern myself with is driving to and from the airport... and parking at the airport? Forget about it. Larry and his team at Affordable Limousine Service are extremely reliable. When I get off my plane in Kansas City, it is so comforting to know that my ride is there waiting for me. No matter the temperature outside, I'm headed home in a cozy vehicle within seconds of stepping out of the airport terminal. Service and cost can't be beat in the Lawrence area.

Rating: 1

DarylHuggins Countryside Small Engine Service

Stay away. These thieves will rob you blind. Worst experience with a business in my life.

Rating: 5

chuck83 Hunter's Ridge Apartments


The other review is really interesting because it actually outlines all of the reasons I like it here. Allow me to offer a quick response to the above complaints.

  1. Because the management team does the DNA collection process for pets you never step in dog poop or see it on walkways. It's amazing. I for one appreciate not stepping in poop that people were too lazy to pick up. Sounds awesome. They also have pet cleanup stations all over the place, so you don't even need to use your own bags. And they have a fenced in dog park.

  2. It's really great that management cares enough to remove broken, abandoned bikes from the racks. It keeps the grounds looking clean and allows for easy passage and snow removal. (the walkways are always shoveled and salted in the winter). They've also always notified us through email when work was being done. iPhones have a cool feature that notify you when you get emails. I'm pretty sure they have it for Android as well.

  3. The pool guest policy has allowed my family to enjoy the pool without having to deal with large, drunken parties. Again, pretty awesome. And it ensures there's space for the people that actually live here and rent. Sweet.

  4. Despite incredible advances in technology lightbulbs still burn out. Tragic, sure. Expected? Yes. Also, if the walls are crumbling, I haven't noticed because our stuff is still hanging up. Anytime we've had an issue it has been resolved quickly and professionally.

  5. The management has been kind, reasonable, and great to work with. They, like any other good management team, expect people to follow the rules. Which is great for those of us that do. When we moved in they gave us this document called "the lease" which outlined all of the rules. We read it. As a result Hunters' Ridge is a safe, clean, and positive place to live.

We're sad to be leaving here but glad we had the chance to stay.

Rating: 5

duffymccracken Breathe Oxygen & Medical Supply

I love coming in the store, The staff is always friendly and available to help me with all my needs. The on-site Respiratory Therapist gives great recommendations on CPAP masks and other equipment. I enjoy that she takes time to get to know my preferences to find the best mask fit

Rating: 5

mikebishop777 Lawrence Re-Cyclery

These guys are awesome!! I bought a used MTB for my wife. The lady I bought it from must have taken it home from the store and just left it outside. These guys fixed it up like brand new!! and a super reasonable price!! I always use these guys - super friendly and can get you any part you need.

Rating: 1

rdmagnum Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

On several different ocasions now, we've either been shorted pieces or given too many wings for the number of pieces we'd bought. Last Thursday evening (3/9/17) was the worse such incident. We ordered a 16 pc. family meal and an 11 pc. box of chicken. 27 pcs. total. When we got it home, of those 27 pcs., 15 were wings. We only live 5 minutes away, so we called them and took the chicken back. Jade, who said she was the manager, said she could trade out 2 more each of legs, thighs, and breasts. Huh??? Since she couldn't get any closer than that to the right ratio, we declined and had all the chicken replaced. They took forever. The replacement chicken had the proper ratio, but we didn't get to eat it until nearly an hour after we would've been eating it, had it been right to start with. Next time you see the car ahead of you, in the drive-thru, taking the time to count their chicken pieces, don't get mad. Just use it as a reminder that you ought to be checking yours too...

Rating: 5

juebe Uni Computers

Went in to buy thermal paste for a new computer I was building, and they ended up just giving it to me free of charge. Very awesome experience.

Rating: 5

ASalau Menards

A hidden gem. Clean, organized, aesthetically pleasing, great prices and superb customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just don't know why more people don't know about Menards. Visit Menards and you will be surprised by the prices!!!!! Take that Walmart!!!!! LOL. They have grocery items, stationary, toys, food stuff and clothing besides all that hardware stuff. I really like this store. They definitely need better advertising but it is still a gem.