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Rating: 5

SLR 19th Street Tow & Recovery

Great service! Lost the key to the car (long story) and needed a tow to the dealership so they could make a new one. Quick arrival and on a Saturday too. Thanks 19th Street Tow & Recovery - you made my really bad day much better!!

Rating: 5

megabear44 Streamline Connections

I'm on the Board at the Social Service League. We hired Streamline to help solve our problems with theft and vandalism. They were professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Within two days of installing their equipment we had a serious case of reoccurring vandalism solved. We highly recommend this firm.

Rating: 1

Zeeman Copy Co

I do not like the lady that works there i feel she is very unprofessional when it comes to dealing with customers and co workers. I have witnessed on more than one occasion her talking down to customers such as myself and co workers. I just dont feel she has the customers best interest at heart. I as a business owner would not employee her

Rating: 1

ricia79 Heetco Inc

This company is a joke. Buy elsewhere!! Our gauge on our tank said we had 100 gallons of propane. For the second time this year, we are out of propane. The last time this happened, I was reprimanded by the office staff because the tank was empty. I was told I didn't bang on my tank hard enough for the gauge to read correctly. After shelling out $95 for a new pressure test, even though our gauge read above zero, they filled our order. When I called in and told them there was the same problem and scheduled another $95 pressure test, the delivery driver informed me, over voicemail, that he refused to delivery their minimum amount because he had a larger tank installed two years ago, at our expense, so he didn't waste his time with little orders. He told me he'd be up sometime to repossess our tank. This is after being without hot water for THREE DAYS waiting on him to deliver!! And what's worse, he's taking our tank and the propane left in the tank. They claim it must be empty, which means they either charged us for propane they didn't deliver the last time, as we have watched the gauge closely and it has declined steadily to the 100 gallon mark where it sits, or our hot water heater has used over 250 gallons of propane in four months. Shop somewhere else. The company is a rip off and more hassle than anyone should have to deal with.

Rating: 1

ADojan Camson Townhomes & Villas

Just move out from them. Halie is rude manager

Rating: 1

mswalm49 Bargain Depot, Inc.

We bought an assembled BHG Gas Grill from these folks, less than 2 weeks ago and upon first use it's side burner would not ignite, the knobs got very hot and then melted. I was unable to turn off the gas. The appliance was obviously not assembled correctly, it's totally useless. I understood that there could be no cash refund, but to sell faulty products doesn't merit continued patronage. I certainly do not recommend shopping at this store. Zero stars!

Rating: 1

leefyrogers Westridge Wash & Lube

Did not have a "professional experience." When I very reasonably addressed an issue the employee just stayed quiet, didn't apologize and refused to give me my money back. Is it really going to kill you to give good service or at least descent service? He just stayed quiet over the phone after i was finished speaking and if you're going to talk to your boss about a customer complaining at least put the phone on mute. I'm never coming back here again simply because they didn't want to refund me $6 for a wash after spending $80 on my first visit for a FS oil change. Only spent $55 for a FS at Walmart on Iowa... great price, oil and service. And by the way, what separates a good running business from a bad one is how the unsatisfied customers are handled not the happy ones.

Rating: 5

krbritt Legends Dental

Best dental team around! Can't recommend highly enough! Always know I'm in the best hands when I'm at Legends Dental.

Rating: 5

EddyBrown Downtown Barber Shop

I drive from Shawnee to here just for just hair cut. I don't know his name, all I know he cuts my hair great. YOU SHOULD BE HERE

Rating: 5

Eric519 24/7 Locksmith

I got locked out of my apartment at 8:45 pm and naturally needed to get in. The locksmith came within 15 minutes of me calling and had the door open within minutes. He was very friendly, professional, and good at his job. It was also very cheap. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Rating: 5

Kim Erwin Premier Martial Arts

My son has been a student at Premier Martial Arts for 5 1/2 years. Our experience has been very positive and we highly recommend Premier. We have had a lot of fun, met great friends, and learned priceless skills.

The students, from the littlest kids to the biggest adults are such a great group of people, always ready to work hard and help each other. There is a mix of personalities and backgrounds that comes together on the floor that makes each class a memorable experience.

The owners, instructors and assistants, including Mr. Don Booth and Mrs. Susan Booth, Mr. Mark Taylor, Mr. Steven Howe, Mr. Ray Brady, Mr. Gary Keefer, Mr. Matt Sheets, Miss Starra Anh and Mr. Bryce Dunn are a great team to learn from. They always have a positive attitude on martial arts training and great insight on self-defense techniques. They also support the fitness goals of students and their families.

The instructors are consistent in their excellent instruction. They have a depth of knowledge and expertise that allows them to not only teach technique, but the various scenarios and applications for those skills. They encourage each and every student. They make martial arts, self-defense and fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We are so glad that we chose Premier Martial Arts and that we are part of the Premier Family.

Rating: 1

acote2014 Midwest Property Management

I remember reading these same reviews and overlooked them because I figured I could deal with any problems that were to be expected. I was WRONG! Midwest Property Management took my money and lead me on for almost a month until I was turned down.Midwest SCAMMED me for about three weeks straight. I applied for a unit and for the next three weeks I kept checking in, almost every day, to see if I had been approved. When I called them WEEKS after I turned in the necessary forms their excuse was that they were having trouble contacting my co-signers (parents) employer. Finally once that was taken care of I heard back from them the next morning saying the unit had already been taken, after I had called them daily and paid the necessary fees. They then tried dodging the problem and instead offered to look at alternative places. I am now looking into taking legal action. No matter how desperate for a place you are, do NOT give these people your business. Even if you find your dream place for $150 a month from these people you will still regret it. If a unit is too good to be true, IT IS! If you are still not swayed, be prepared and have a backup plan. Do not put all your faith in one unit because there might be a good chance that it will be taken out from under you.

Rating: 5

truthbetold7 Douglas County Dental Clinic Inc

I have been using DC Dental Clinic for many years and have always had excellent results. I am retired & without dental insurance, so cannot afford to go anywhere else. I was at first apprehensive, thinking discounted prices meant discounted services, but I've always been very pleased with the work they do. You are treated with respect, & they are happy to answer any questions.

Rating: 4

teagolf China House

Food is very consistent. Not a place to eat in but a great take out.

Rating: 5

mkscsr123 The Nail Lounge

I've been going here for a couple years now. It's clean, they're friendly, they don't speak their native language all around you, and they do a great job. They're timely when I make appointments and do their best to fit you in when you don't.

Rating: 5

bw11 Moving Proz

The 3 man crew was awesome!! They arrived at the very beginning of the quoted arrival time and finished early! The guys worked so hard and I really appreciated their speed and care with our things. Ed and his team made moving a breeze...they even added humor and made it fun!

Rating: 5

Biek Firehouse Subs

I love this place! The hook & ladder is my favorite sandwich. I would eat here every day if I could.

Rating: 5

Jennifer Osborn 24/7 Locksmith

This is the second time that I had to call a locksmith, and the second time I specifically called Jon at 24/7. The first time I called three other companies and was treated rudely, along with the prices being ridiculously high. Jon was polite, friendly, quoted me a reasonable rate, and arrived quickly, within 15 minutes. The second time I needed locksmith services I knew exactly who to call and I had the same experience. Friendly, fast, and even took the time to wipe up some dust that the tool left behind. I cannot recommend 24/7 enough. Calling a locksmith is never something anyone wants to do, but this company turns the call into a much more pleasant experience than one would think. .

Rating: 1

HS Wow!

First 6 months they overcharged me and I had to call every time to correct it. Now, 6 months later, that my discount is over they are charging me $79.95 with no promotions since I have to wait 12 more months for a new one.