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Rating: 1

Julie Prideaux Raco Car Wash Systems Inc

Paid with my debit card for a $6.00 car wash. Not sure how they did it, but it appeared as a $10.00 charge to my bank. :(

Rating: 5

davidpro83 ACME hot & fresh t-shirts

Beyond expectations!!

ACME made me feel like they wanted my business. They helped design and print the perfect shirts for my need.

They were fairly priced, but it was their quickness, attentiveness and friendliness that was over the top. I will be in contact with them again soon for more shirts

You can't go wrong here. Could not have been faster or easier

Rating: 5

zigzag66 Advanced Health Center, formerly Anthony Chiropractic

Great person and chiropractor. LOVE the spinal decompression table. Mark can fix a great many problems. those which are not "fixable", he can usually make bearable. Great guy, and the great staff. I'm 67 and been going 2 chiropractors off and on since I was about 12. I've moved around and used about 6 of these guys. Dr.K is special K.

Rating: 5

zigzag66 Advantage Medical Group

I wouldn't b walking around 2day f it were not 4 Dr. Brady. He told me I would have trouble with my back 4 the rest of my life. I have occasionally had a problem when i've overdone it; but i can still do any thing as long as I am not stupid. Tim and company are great.

Rating: 5

zigzag66 Automotive Analysts Inc.

u can make an appt if u want 2, or drop it off and they'll get 2 it as soon as they can. answer all ?'s. take time to try to find parts for old cars. feels like doing business with friends

Rating: 1

joekoop redycab

I called for a cab and was quoted 45 min to an hour wait time. It has now been over two hours. No cab, and no call to tell me what's going on. I've called multpile times and they keep hitting ignore. I'm now late for work and have no idea if or when they will show up. This is not the first time ready cab has done this to me, but it will be the last. Don't call them. If I could do negative stars I would.

Rating: 5

colicole81 Cody's Appliance Repair LLC.

Excellent customer service! I called after my washer went out and Cody came by the very next day. Within minutes he identified the problem and took the time to explain what repairs would be needed. Unfortunately, the repair was going to be quite expensive so Cody recommend replacing it instead. In the end, he didn't even charge for coming out! That's what I call service! It's nice to do business with a honest, local and customer driven business.

Rating: 1

scolfax Body Boutique

I hate this gym.

Their membership process is not clear, but they insist that it is. The weights don't go up high enough. Their customer service sucks.

I really hate this gym. If I could give it fewer stars, I would.

Rating: 2

Namtd07 Pro-Cuts

It's been at least 7 years since I've been to this place. It was pleasant before. However, I didn't have a good experience today (2.21.15). I came in at around 5:15pm. That's 45 minutes until their closing time. I figure it's a good time for a haircut. It was nice meeting the madam that cut my hair. However, she was rude to me when she hit my head with her comb and said you like that? (I'm paraphrasing what she said). Last I check, you never hit anyone in the head with a comb. Then she proceeded to reach for the ringing telephone. The phone part was okay. The hitting part wasn't. I also noticed how she was rushing to get my haircut done. I felt an air of hostility almost throughout my haircut. I may report this to corporate. I gave them two stars instead of one because my visit 7 years ago was pretty good.

Rating: 2

Lauren Reinhold Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I used to like this place, but the vacuum hoses and vacuuming area were disgusting today. The hoses were so caked with dirt that they got parts of the car dirty. How hard is it to hose down that area before the facility opens?

Rating: 5

HappyJoy Lawrence Tree Service

Mike and the team of Lawrence Tree Service cleared and trimmed up my entire RV Campground. Happy Joy Acres. They removed dead trees, and trimmed up every RV camping spot perfectly. The crew worker efficient and bent over backwards to see my wishes were completely satisfied. They even logged and stacked the wood for me at each campsite, mulched up the branches for my flower gardens, and did it all with smiles on their faces. :)

On another job, they rescued my glass green house from a fallen tree. With creative thinking they saved my greenhouse for further disaster. Pictures are on their facebook page. :) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Rating: 5

HappyJoy Simply Bee Massage

Karen is skilled and provides a very relaxing and energizing massage session. You will come out feeling rejuvenated and full of energy. She works all muscles and tissue that may be causing pain - she obviously knows the body and how to eliminate its problem spots. I highly recommend her as a massage therapist. She will even give directions for stretches. She's AWESOME!

Rating: 5

drbloom Family Medicine Associates P.A.

service has been wonderful. i have gotten to know employees and owners. nice when front desk knows you by name! hello to you too, Aleshia! There are ways to call after hours but i normally can do walk-in without much of a wait. nice service provided here and you won't have to worry if you are billed fairly.

Rating: 5

drbloom Overfield Corporation

Nic and Scott run a good monitoring service. we have fire system run thru them yet i know others have video surveillance. residential customers could even benefit. i feel personally served every time i am in touch with them.

Rating: 1

bmoore09 Dale Willey Automotive

They have the rudest and condescending service department I've ever experienced in my life. I've owned several cars and dealt with several dealerships and none of them have made me feel like I'm stupid as much as dale Willey has. My car was having power steering issues, actually the power steering would shut off, and there was a recall on the car that was previously performed by dale willey. I called in and was explaining exactly what was going on and what was happening and the man I spoke to on the phone was very rude and all he said was "well it can be a number of things, and just so you know if it's not part of the recall you will owe to have it looked at". I understand that, but there is no reason to be rude! My husband took my car in and the same guy was rude to him as well. Come to find out they couldn't find anything wrong with my car, when clearly there is. So now they are just going to start replacing parts until they find out what fixes it. I will never purchase a vehicle from them (besides they are way over priced anyways) and I will be finding a new GM service department whether I have to drive 45 mins or not!

Rating: 5

Matt Wenske K.S.R. Roofing

I was truly impressed with the professionalism and politeness of KSR. Made me feel more like a friend or family then a customer. They went above and beyond my expectations, the roof looks great, it was done in a timely and thorough fashion. Other then having a new roof i couldn't tell they had been there, the clean up was fantastic and you could tell they respected my home while they were there. I can honestly say i would recommend them to anyone and i do every chance i get. Thank you KSR for a great experience! I will definitely use KSR roofing again!

Rating: 1

Nautalisk Midwest Property Management

This has hands down been the worst renting experience I've had in Lawrence. For the specifics:

  1. The Lease was EXTREMELY aggressive, and is designed to be manipulative of first-time renting college students. They WILL slam you with charges and try and sneak in fines without notifying you. .
  2. They NEVER notify you of any fees/fines you incur (this includes late fees), and if they do choose to, it'll cost you $25. I made that mistake. .
  3. Their accounting ledger for our apartment is a NIGHTMARE. They randomly throw charges and credits all over the place so you have no idea what has paid for what, or where the fines were coming from. We found multiple errors in our ledger that saved us a lot of money. .
  4. Their maintinence is terrible. They never checkup on their apartments. You have to do most of it yourself. .
  5. One big example of the secrets they don't tell you about their shoddy properties: In our apartment, we learned the hard way that our pipes freeze ALL THE TIME because of a horrible construction error. They ended up having to cut HUGE holes in our basement wall... which became the home for a few bats. THEN, we had to start using a space heater that they provided, but with which they failed to tell us that it was a 2000 Watt heater that raised our electric bill by $200. We live in a $725/mo apartment. Our electric bill was $300. They claimed that it was our responsibility to keep the space heater on even though it was their construction mistake.

Do not rent from this company. Please, please, PLEASE save yourself.

Rating: 5

joetindall Wilco Guttering & Water Control

Phil is the best at what he does. He installed a new 6" seamless guttering system to replace our 5" seamed gutters and downspouts. He developed a plan that included the removal of the "eye sore" gutters from our front porch. This significantly improved our home's curb appeal and rain water management. Phil is really a "gutter system architect". He is kind, professional and courteous. His pricing is well worth the added value.

Rating: 5

megabear44 Social Service League Thrift Store

The newly cleaned and painted facilities are great - warm and inviting. The quality of merchandise is also up due to the fact they cull out all the clothing, kitchen wares, toys and other items that are damaged or dirty. Now the place is filled with clean, excellent quality merchandise. Super friendly staff too. Much cheaper pricing than the other thrifts.

Rating: 1

PC2014 Midwest Property Management

I could spend hours going over my complaints with this company but it would just rehash what others have said in the comments. Look, Midwest has cheap apartments and the managers are pretty much a slight step above slumlords, but you may find your self in a position where it's all you can afford (like myself) so let me give you some advice if you are thinking about moving here: - Be prepared for additional fees that they are not honest about upfront, including wash/dry fee, insurance fee, ect. Also, don't expect to get your deposit back, you will never get your deposit back no matter how clean and considerate you are. - Be prepared to clean your own apartment when you move in. Try to bring a few friends/family members with you because you will need to scrub the entire apartment. - When you move in and find your apartment with maintenance problems (there will be), make sure the Midwest personnel know and that YOU write it down. From then, Midwest has two weeks to fix the problems and they DON'T have to call you before they come into your apartment to fix it. Chances are they will do it while you are at work and 'forget' to fix certain things. After this has happened, call twice everyday and complain and moan until everything is fixed. It may take you several days of calling to make it happen. - Document everything. For example, when you turn in your lease or renewal, make sure you write down when you did it and who you gave it to (they actually lost my renewal lease and started showing my apartment even though I renewed). - If you have a friend who is a handy man- you'd be better off just paying them to fix minor things in your apartment. It will get done quicker and actually get fixed. - If you ever need something fixed, be prepared to call everyday for a week. I've even taken to going to their office directly everyday until whatever is fixed. You will need to be hands on and may even need to threaten lawsuit to get issues dealt with (even serious ones). - Despite the fact you'll never see your deposit again, make sure you do clean your apartment before you leave. Midwest will jump at the chance to charge you fees after you have moved out. The goal of moving out isn't to get your deposit back, it's to NOT receive fees. - Invest in good insect repellant/traps, you apartment will likely have spider and bug infestations. Don't count on Midwest to fix this.

So if you must live for Midwest, be prepared because dealing with them is a chore.