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Rating: 5

jasondowell #1 Shamrock Locksmith

I have used this company a few times now. They charged me $50 both times. Yes they take time to get to you about 30 min both times. Because they are so busy they told me. The tech is very nice and quick. I think his name was Ron. Would diffentely use again because of the price. Rueschhoff is a rip off. Last time I used them they charged me $120 are you crazy people. Use this company they are well worth the wait.

Rating: 4

Randy Erickson Tres Mexicanos Mexican Grill & Cantina

Great restaurant, quick service, comfortable. I get carnitas pretty much every Mexican place I go to and this place is fantastic.

Rating: 5

lisabailey Auto Accents & Collision Repair

I found what everyone is looking for: honesty and competitive pricing from a local automobile shop. Danny has taken care of my family in every way from collision repair to brake installation, and more recently, towing. You really can't go wrong dealing with Auto Accents and Collision Repair.

Rating: 3

gogre Wayne & Larry's Sports Bar & Grill

I have been to Wayne & Larry's several times in the past. My last visit was probably eight months ago. One time stands out in my mind where the waitress was prompt, polite, and friendly and the food was good.

Last week, however, when my wife, stepson, and I went there for dinner it had changed. A moderate number of guests were eating. The food the others ordered (burgers) took over forty minutes and the waitress did not come over once between our initial drink order and the food. I was told my food (wrap) would be out promptly. Five minutes later I was given the wrong food. I had pointed to it on the menu while saying what I wanted. I am a retired teacher and have a clear, strong voice. I told the waitress it was wrong. She apologized and said my correct food order would be right out to me. Nearly twenty minutes later I still had no food. The rest of my party was finished. The waitress had not come back. I walked over and politely but firmly told her that we wanted a bill for the others' food and I was going to eat somewhere else. "Do you want to see the manager?" she asked. I told her I didn't. Several minutes later the manager came out, said he would personally see to the food. I was finally served by the polite manager about ninety minutes after being seated and our bill was reduced. The food was okay. The evening was NOT a success. On my way out I politely told the waitress I hoped she could improve and I wished her good luck.

I am giving a score of average due to the good trips before this one and the manager seemed to want to accommodate me. It does seem the waitress could use some training. I always tip twenty percent. I didn't want to tip at all but my kind-hearted wife left fifteen percent.

Rating: 1

RoxieLin Apples & Oranges Day / Evening Childcare

Flighty, flaky and a terrible communicator. We were all set to take our child to daycare, and asked if we could sign a contract. She said, "oh, that's not necessary." Two weeks later, when we were getting ready to bring him in, she had given his spot away to some one else. I looked on, and she had posted ads saying that she had two spots available after our first interview; another ad was placed after our second conversation (which included us asking for a contract), and then another ad after our third conversation, during which we set the exact date that our little boy was supposed to start. She clearly just puts ads up all the time hoping to get people willing to pay a little more. We only want him in daycare one day per week, and I can totally understand why she would want a full time child; however, due to her lack of professionalism, lack of communication, and lack of respect (she sent rude text messages to my husband about me), I am forced to write this review.

I didn't want to take our little guy there anyway, but we were between a rock and a hard place. Her house smells like animal urine. The backyard is filled with rocks, gravel and dirty toys. Her back porch (which she says the children aren't allowed on) looks like it may fall off at any moment. I looked at the Kansas Health Department inspections, and over the last three years, she has numerous violations. For fear of slander accusations, I will simply post a link to the public record of such.

Rating: 5

Cal84 Papa Keno's Pizzeria

I went down to Keno's for the first time with my roommates and think it's awesome. The slices are huge and it's delicious. I got the Brutus, which was great - and we sat on the back patio and listened to some great music from Tyler Gregory. Cool vibe, good music, great food. Would recommend to everyone.

Rating: 5

throwdown_wallet First Med Family & Walk-in Care

I have been to First Med as a walk-in patient a couple of times in the past and have had great experiences. This evening I brought my son in for a walk-in appointment and had such a great experience that I am writing my first-ever online review. Jordan and Darcy were wonderful with my miserable-feeling son. They both had great bedside manner and were very thorough in checking him out and asking questions about his symptoms to help make a diagnosis. After we left my son asked if he could go to First Med for his annual checkups, which is a HUGE compliment because he loves his pediatrician. I am so glad that he was able to be seen on short notice by such caring and talented healthcare providers. Even though he was a walk-in patient close to closing time, we did not feel like they wanted to rush him through and get us out the door. Jordan and Darcy both gave him plenty of time and their undivided attention, which helped him feel better and helped me feel like my son was in competent, caring hands.

Rating: 5

minorgc Danielsan Electric

They were great. Installed several outlets for me on some newly framed walls in my basement. Work was top notch. Technician was friendly and had some helpful suggestions for installation options I hadn't considered. He finished in a timely manner and cleaned up when he was done. All around a very good experience.

Glenn Minor

Rating: 1

jimmyjms Alvin's Wines & Spirits

This place is the absolute worst. Every wine is priced $2-3 more than can be found elsewhere (Cork & Barrel) and the staff couldn't care less. Walk in at any time and this is what you'll find: inattentive staff staring at their phones or eating take out. None of them know anything about their products, and hours? Oh, did you think that maybe, perhaps, they'd be open when their stated hours are? Well, you're an idiot. Because they are always - ALWAYS - closed 15 minutes before their stated closing time. I guess the winners that work there have somewhere else more important to be.

Avoid at all costs. Cork & Barrel, Jensen's, Mass Beverage - give your dollars to these establishments. Alvin's blows.

Rating: 5

SAHM21 Green Pastures Preschool

Mrs. Hird is amazing and really cares about the kids. My daughter no longer goes there, but she asks about my daughter daily to see how she is adjusting to kindergarten.

Rating: 5

95HPrelude Automotive Machine & Performance

Very friendly, Honest, Very knowledgeable, Quick turn-around, Accurate low estimates

The guys over at Automotive Machine and Performance are absolutely awesome! I've lived in Lawrence for one year now and during my projects with my car I've had then drill and tap an intake manifold with precision shelves for the screws for an airtight seal; did an awesome job. No air leaks, seals tight. I also had them put together my flywheel and balance my flywheel/pp assembly. I'm always on a tight schedule with my car projects, and Automotive Machine and Performance has always delivered for my schedule demands at no additional cost. Had them press out some parts out of a lower control arm in a pinch and it was quick and cheap! Very honest guys down at Automotive Machine and Performance. My new go-to machinists in Lawrence.

Rating: 1

Kellbell2477 First Med Family & Walk-in Care

Worse service I have ever seen. The front desk man was a complete jerk, didn't even say anything as I approached the desk just starred at me until I told him why I was visiting. The front also only tried to contact my insurance to verify once and then were gonna charge me $105 to be seen because they wouldn't try calling again. Then the next day right at open the wait time was 2 hours and the front desk man was really pushing me to wait until the next day while I'm in really bad kidney pain. He told us we could go home for like and hour and then the wait shouldn't be more than another hour. Well 2 more hours later I'm still not being seen. What kind of clinic only has one doctor. I should have gone to the ER it probably would have been faster and more accurate than this joke of a clinic. I will never be coming back here for any reason!

Rating: 4

Randy Erickson Pearson Collision Repair

Great people. Made the process of getting my front bumper fixed (after hitting a shredded semi-truck tire on a highway) easy. Did all the communication with insurance, kept me posted on the repairs. Highly recommended!

Rating: 2

blitzer1 #1 Shamrock Locksmith

Took 45 minutes and charged me $100 dollars, I don't recommend.

ashamrocklocksmith replies...

We are sorry you didn't like are service provided. We are the only 24 hour locksmith in lawrence Kansas and are overloaded on the weekend. You where told that there would be a 45 min wait time. As for the $100 charge of service. This is the base charge for weekend emergency service because of high call volumes. Just to show how much we value your service. The next time you call us for service we will not charge you the service call. Thank you for choosing Shamrock Locksmith.

Rating: 5

thatguy123 Neighborhood Painting Inc.

These guys really know their stuff when it comes to great interior painting. We wouldn't trust anyone else to paint our home. The owner (Ryan T.) is a great guy who actually shows up and manages the crews. They do alot of painting prep which makes them stand out. Highly reccomend!

Rating: 5

Seabreeze Lawrence Hearing Aid Center

The staff is friendly, knowledgable, and patient with teaching me about my hearing aids. They explained my test result in a manner that I understood and helped me choose the hearing aids that were best for me and at a price I could afford. Thank you Lawrence Hearing Aid Center for helping me hear better! I love my new aids!

Rating: 4

G. Thomas Holland Aveena Natural Cleaning Service

I've been using their services now for 6 months and have been very happy with the results each time. They have the ability to use natural products and that was a plus for me since we have a small pet. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Rating: 4

Randy Erickson Mexquisito

Great, very unique food. Much different than a standard Mexican restaurant. Kind of place where you look over the menu, everything looks interesting and new...those kinds of places are rare these days. Service is not super fast, but that's likely because they're taking good care to make it, and we're too impatient for everything these days anyway. It's okay to wait for quality. Good stuff!

Rating: 5

adrianelliott Gateway Auto Service

Courteous and professional, the only place in town that would install a part I already had. Fair price and it took just a few hours. Will definitely go to these guys again.

Rating: 5

kuband13 Mobilosity

This place is so trendy! The employees are chill and seem knowledgeable. I like that I can go and just browse without feeling pressured. Isn't browsability the measure of success for a store on Mass?

Mobilosity replies...

Thank you for your review! We always love hearing from our customers. We are glad you had a good experience and hope to see you again!