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Rating: 5

DiphDaph Oh! Snap! Photography

Working with Ailecia was so much fun! From our first meeting, to our wedding, she definitely brings her spunky personality with her. What I loved about working with her was that she let us customize our wedding photography package so we were getting exactly what we wanted! After our first meeting, Ailecia set up an additional meeting closer to the wedding, to go over, in detail, what photos I wanted taken at the wedding. I didn’t even think about all the different family and individual pictures that we needed to have taken. Thank god for that meeting, because when it came time to shoot all those photos, Ailecia had a list that she was going through and we were able to knock them out in a timely fashion. She keeps very true to her word when she’s going to get photos uploaded or edited; so I knew exactly when I’d see my photos. She was a blast to work with and I would definitely use her again! Thank you so much Ailecia!

Rating: 5

DiphDaph J. Lynn Bridal

J. Lynn was the absolutely best place for me to buy my wedding dress! I had gone to all the boutique and large-chain retailers to find a dress, but it’s such a zoo at those places so I never felt like a bride, just a girl going through the motions. I had no idea what I wanted in a wedding dress (style, material, etc.). I was actually going to cancel my J. Lynn appointment, but something told me to go ahead and go. I went on a Sunday afternoon and was the only one in the store! I got very personalized attention and they asked all sorts of details about my wedding. When I found my dress I was like thank god! From the moment I said yes, J. Lynn has been such an amazing group of gals to work with. Going in for fittings or picking it up one final time the girls were so friendly and would just hang out with us and talk. It felt like you were a part of their little family!

Rating: 1

dotdotdotdot Commerce Bank

You will be treated better at a larger bank. Their fees are ridiculous. $2 for a paper deposit. $3 for not using your account while you keep money at their bank. Such a joke.

Rating: 1

tuamigakimbo Wow!

WOW :( Overpriced for just internet. I do not have a TV, but am still charged a cable fee. Internet can be slow at times. Customer service is terrible! I asked for a phone number and they gave me a number and a code to another division of Wow that does not have Lawrence accounts in their billing system. There isn't even a service phone number on their bill. The automated system is just the worst.

Rating: 1

Amy Pond Plato's Closet

I am going to copy and paste my google review - After I caught a man slipping his phone into my dressing room, the manager, Tirzah Mcfarland, told me ''it's probably just a game kids play on snapchat''. He only left because they allowed him to leave without getting so much as his name. They offered me a $5 coupon and sent me on my way. What he did is at least one felony offense, maybe more. Since then, I have had no formal apology from the store or the manager, and they have blocked all correspondence from my end. This is sickening behavior is most bothersome because we can clearly see that the identity of this man was more important to them than protecting their customers. Teen girls shop at this store, I would go as far as to say that it is their target demographic. How on earth can a store that caters to young women not be held responsible when cries for help and justice are ignored and a guilty man is allowed to freely go about his business, preying on unsuspecting victims? When I told them what happened I thought that they were going to help me, I thought that they would called security or the police but before I knew it they let him go and I contacted authorities myself.

Tirzah kept looking me in the face and making this noise at me like I was a wounded animal, ''aaaaawwwwwwhhhhh'', ''well I hope someday he learns to respect women'' ''I hope you feel safe shopping at Plato's Closet'' ''it's probably just a game kids play on snapchat'' I was in complete shock at what was happening, but I will never forget those words so long as I live.

There's really no way to catch him now, so because of their negligence and indifference to the situation I am personally holding Plato's Closet Lawrence responsible for the incidents that occurred and I will not rest until there is some type of justice. There is no other side to this story. Things were taken from me that I cannot ever get back and those are the facts. So take this with you - when you buy something, you are voting with your dollars. In what kind of world do you want to live?

Rating: 3

11543 Location Properties L.C.

Well I loved the building, the location, and the first landlord we got. The second landlord was hard to get in contact with when almost every appliance in the apartment seemed to break (From obvious years of use) I just wish they had dated or had a better keep up with the appliances. Overall I loved living here.

Rating: 1

foggy Eco-Logic Dry Cleaners

I took a cotton covered, polyester filled comforter in to be cleaned. I had just cleaned it in a hot water wash and a lingering odor of cat bile remained. I thought I'd get it cleaned professionally. Huge mistake. When I got it back the cotton cover seemed ok, if a little less soft (the finish not totally destroyed). The lining of polyester fill that provided the fluff and loft was completely destroyed. It had shrunk down into a hard flat mass, or rather hard, lumpy mass. The cotton cover was swimming in it. I was really upset as this was a gift from someone special and I valued it highly as a gift not as a comforter. The person who works there was very nice and always had been very nice. But she didn't do the work and could offer nothing. She kept saying she would take my name and number and let the manager know. And what's the manager going to do? offer replacement money?--doubtful!!! (judging by some other reviews I've read since). And money won't replace something that had sentimental value.

I have cleaned this comforter 3 times in a big hot water wash with no ill effects. Surely a dry cleaner is supposed to have the skills to determine how to treat a cotton cover with a polyester fill. What else is available in comforters except down--a different cleaning process altogether? If it shouldn't have been dry cleaned, they SHOULD HAVE TOLD THE CUSTOMER THERE WAS A DANGER in using dry cleaning methods. This is why we entrust our clothes and textiles to a dry cleaner, for their EXPERTISE in cleaning methods. Apparently, expertise in the dry cleaning field is long gone.

I will never use this company again and I strongly urge others to think carefully before taking anything in to be cleaned that is not replaceable.

I forgot to mention their exorbitant price: $40 to ruin my comforter.

williams1992 replies...

As a professional laundry service person as we are you should not use dry cleaning for such an item, we only use washers in warm to hot water treated with proper chemicals
dryers with large round comforter balls to reset the fluff of the comforter and the cost $25.00 sorry that this happened to you

Rating: 1

timbercreeks Hertz Car & Truck Rental & Sales

I think it is absolutely ridiculous how the entire staff handled our rental in Lawrence, Kansas. We are VERY displeased and will post and tell everyone we can how horrible Hertz has been. The counter person, Luke, had no clue what he was doing and charged us for incorrect charges then totally passed us off to cooperate because "I don't know how that happened, but billing can fix it for you". We rented a mid size car and we were given an SUV that got horrible gas mileage. Andrew, the regional manager was incapable of proper customer service. Charges did not "fall off" as we were told they would. It insane that charges can be put randomly on our credit card without permission and we're just suppose to wait for Hertz to release the funds that never should have been held to begin with. Never again will we rent from Hertz.

Rating: 5

Scott Risley, DC Thai-Siam Restaurant

Absolutely love this place. The beef pad thai and beef tendon soup are both fantastic!

Rating: 1

smilboy99 Chaney Incorporated

Water heater not working one day. Called this company based on the good reviews on Google. They checked it and said it's the thermocouple not working. I asked them how much the replacement part costs, they said about 3 bucks. I told them go ahead. The next day I got a call from this company asking for $925. They said they could not find a thermocouple for my water heater so instead they replaced the entire water heater. I was totally outraged and asked them why they replaced the entire water heater just because of such a small part. And thermocouple is sold in nearly every home improvement or hardware store. What's worse was when I asked them to send me a bill about what they did for the repair, they insisted on getting my credit card over the phone immediately. Be very careful if you choose to work with this company.

Rating: 5

Konner Durham Camson Townhomes & Villas

I moved into Camson Place the middle of September. The new Management gal is very helpful and she was very patient with all of my request. I have the upper layout and absolutely love it. I have not had any noise issues and I have never lived in an apartment so this is all very new to me. My kitchen is amazing, the fitness center is nice but I haven't used it as much as I would like. I'm very excited for the pool to open next summer!

Rating: 1

smmeyer Swims & Sweeps Inc

Swims and Sweeps would be my last choice for chimney inspection and repairs. My experience with them has caused me to seriously question their workmanship and willingness to stand behind their work.

Rating: 5

jdcricket RD Johnson Excavating Co

The company recently completed a large and complex job at my new home that included demolition, excavation, utilities, and multiple stone walls and terraces. The work was completed in a professional manner. Their staff and operators were easy to work with and knew their trade well.

Rating: 3

drbloom Natural Stone Imports

this office has been closed since at least 2012

Rating: 4

Beeper Alvamar Golf & Country Club

I love this course - The Jayhawk Nine and Quail Creek provide challenge for any non-long-ball hitter and the late greens allow the superintendent to perplex eagle eyed putters. The long tee boxes provide a reasonable launching pad for juniors to pros. I like the practice range and putting clock and the staff treats patrons like family.

Rating: 5

jayhawk842 Midwest Property Management

Great experience!

Rating: 5

Tory Joseph Hollander & Craft

If you get in trouble for DUI there is no other firm in the Lawrence or Topeka area that you should go with. I had them handle a driving under the influence case about a year ago and the case was dismissed. Now I am not saying everyone will have the same results that I did but, the firm is very thorough with all paperwork and found a problem with the way the entire stop was handled. I heard their divorce attorneys are no joke as well. They are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. I highly recommend this law firm!

Thanks, Tony

Rating: 1

Steve Zbacnik Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

I have ate here several times but never did a take out so I tried it tonight and what a joke. First would not take my credit card over the phone so I could have someone else pick up my food order. I have used my credit card at several other BWs all over the country. Second the girl taking the phone order was preoccupied with everything else around her. Ordered wings extra wet two blue cheese and two sauces with cheese curds. When my food was given to me by the person picking it up the order was wrong. They cooked my wings in a rub not sauce. Gave me no blue cheese and no extra sauce and the box was marked extra wet they gave me extra rub. Called back and talked to General Manager Greg he was very condescending and wanted to argue with me. He asked me what I wanted and I told him and he wanted to barter. He asked me again what I wanted and again I told him, again and he wanted to barter. He asked me three times. He could have made this a 5 min conversation but stretched it out about 20 min I do not see how this man is in the position whith the lack of customer service skills he has. After twenty min he gave me what I asked for he could have done it 20 min ago. GREG I want to make sure I spell your name correct since you spelled it to me six times during our conversation. After this ordeal I am not sure I want to eat there anymore in or out. GREG I pulled my credit card statements from the last two months of what I spent at your restaurant by my self and taking clients out to lunch or dinner GREG its $507.69 plus 18% tip to your servers. I hope your 20 min of being the big guy in charge was worth the cost of loosing a $500 plus customer. Something tells me corporate wont like this I am sure they owe a bunch on the new building. GREG hope it was worth it.

Rating: 5

local_support Juice-E-Vapes

This vape store sets the standard for these types of establishments. Staff is awesome. They are all super-friendly and very knowledgeable about all the products they are selling. Great prices, especially on juice. The flavors are awesome, not only for the variety but the juice I get here just tastes better than any other place. I will not buy my juice anywhere else. Plus the hours are great. I stopped in on my way to work a couple of mins before 8 am and Jason already had the store open! I was completely out of juice so this was a godsend. You guys are great! Keep doing exactly what you're doing.

Rating: 1

motoadventure Garrison Roofing

September 30, 2015- Original Review:

I contacted Garrison in November to have them do three roofs on my property. I promptly got a call back from John saying that they were tied up on a remodel job since it was the offseason for roofing, but an employee/family member would be interested in doing it on his own time.

Long story short, over the course of a weekend the roofer, with occasional help from his significant other and John, stripped and shingled two of my roofs and did a great job. The third is very steep and needed spot repairs, and he elected to wait until he had help to spot him with a rope from the ground. He said he'd be back the next day while I was at work to finish it up.

Too trusting, I paid him in full, since the majority of the job was finished. Unfortunately, he never returned and never returned calls or voicemails.

A call to John got an outright refusal of any involvement, even though I had met him, shook his hand and watched him and the others working on my barn roof. He wouldn't provide me any other way to contact the fellow, and said that he had zero involvement in the whole thing and owed me no help.

Sadly, based on my interactions with John after his employee/family member failed to follow through on the job, I would not recommend Garrison Roofing to anyone I know.

November 11, 2015: See comment below for a fun update!