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Rating: 5

gaemckay Professional Moving & Storage

These guys were awesome! We had some huge pieces of furniture and woodworking power tools. They also had to navigate a lot of doorways to move some pieces to a basement workshop. They could not have done a better job. Very polite and professional. Never complained. And not a scratch on my furniture. I would highly recommend Morris and his crew!

Rating: 1

ProudKansas Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates, LLC

Not the best place to buy a hearing aid. Needed to go to someone else for follow up.

Rating: 1

ProudKansas Blackwell Hearing Center

Not open when I visited

Rating: 1

ProudKansas Lawrence Hearing Aid Center

They are only at the office limited hours and their hearing aids didnt work for me

Rating: 2

ProudKansas Kaw Valley Hearing

Not there when I went back for follow up adjustments

Rating: 1

Jon Feist A 1 Self Storage & Truck Rental

These people are either incompetent or they are thieves, either way save your money. If you want security, let me say that I had a lock cut off a locker and had my items stolen and scatted around the UNLOCKED hallway. These people's solution was to put their own lock on and wait until I noticed. That was after they pretended to not receive a payment of mine just so they could charge me late fees. Plus, their posted hours are a joke. There is never anyone in that office. Hate doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about these hillbilly pieces of trash.

Rating: 5

Chris Foulk Floyds Drain Cleaning

Excellent customer service! As prompt as you can get! Neat, professional and cleaned up part of a mess that they had nothing to do with! Listened to exactly what was wrong and proceeded to fix the problem immediately! No matter what, I'll keep going back to Floyd's Drain Cleaning anytime I need help. Highly recommended!

Rating: 5

Rickybobbybaby Blackhawk LLC


Rating: 4

Chuck Wehner Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I just can't believe all of these bad reviews, I have never had a bad experience going there and found the employees to be very considerate and helpful. One time I thought I lost my glasses there and the guy working there went out of his way to check the office to see if someone had turned them in. Also there are signs telling you to put your car in neutral as well as signs telling you not to put your foot on the brake and to also do other things depending on what kind of vehicle your have. The employees are yelling at you because from where they are standing it is very noisy and they want you to be able to hear them, use some common sense people!

Rating: 1

psreed OrthoKansas, LLC

I will never visit this office again. I would rather drive to KC or Topeka. The reception and nursing staff are rude. No physician is worth waiting more than hour to see. My time is just as valuable as theirs. I waited more than hour to be seen the first time I was seen. I waited an hour and half my second visit. This last visit I left after waiting 50 minutes to be taken back to a room and then being told I was not seeing the physician that I had scheduled the appointment with a month earlier. I waited another 15 minutes in the room for someone to see me and then left. I work in a medical office and I will not be recommending them to our patients.

Rating: 1

Littleitaly25 redycab

Called and scheduled a cab at 7:30 in the morning, for 1:30 that afternoon and spoke with a male. Called at 1:00 to change the time to 2 and was told by the female who answered that they didn't have record of a cab bring scheduled but they could still give a ride. Was told they would call when they were on the way. No call by 1:50 so called and was told they just dropped off a passenger and would be to my house in 15 minutes. 20 minutes later they still weren't there. Called again. She said they were running late but still on the way. Asked about how far away she was and all she could say is "half way" from her last stop to my house. Called at 2:30 (the time we need dropped off by) and no answer. Had my son call and he spoke with a male who said they were still on the way. It's 3:26 and they never showed up and still no cab and they won't answer my calls. My husband and nephew missed work. If I could give no stars, I would!!!! Disappointing because they're usually very friendly and prompt. I don't use a cab much, but like to use them when I do. Not anymore.

Rating: 5

Debbie Rogers Baan Thai Restaurant

We have eaten here several times and the food is always excellent!

Rating: 5

erinw Bradley Animal Hospital, P.A.

I, like many people, consider my dogs my kids. I have an 8 year old Yorkie Maltese named Lucy and if it was not for Dr. Magee and Dr. Bradley I would have lost my best friend. Lucy developed stones in her urethra and bladder and was completely obstructed. I noticed it was a serious problem when Lucy had not peed in a couple hours after trying to pee for hours. I rushed her to the emergency vet in Overland Park at 2am. They did X-rays and they did show what I had anticipated, a complete obstructions. They were not able to get a catheter in to drain her bladder due to the stones so they used a needle and drained her bladder through her abdomen. I wanted to wait on surgery and take her to Dr. Magee and Dr. Bradley because they know Lucy. After getting her home at 6:30am, she was clearly very uncomfortable but still mildly sedated. I called the office and spoke with the receptionist and when I got there, there was a room for Lucy and they were already calling to get records from the emergency vet clinic. Dr. Magee consulted Dr. Bradley as well as a soft tissue surgeon in Manhattan to get their input. We formulated a plan and a backup plan (send Lucy to the surgeon in K-State). Dr. Bradley came in on his day OFF to help get the stones out with a scope. And worked at it for hours. They were not able to get the stones out through the urethra but were able to get the stones back up into the bladder. Monday (after we give her more fluids, pain medication, antibiotics and let the swelling go down) she will do a procedure to remove the stones from her bladder (which is much easier than removing them from her urethra). All in all, it was very complex. Without these amazing people my best friend wouldnt be coming home. I have been to a couple different vets in my quest to find the one that fits my needs the best and they have surpassed them more than I can say. These people are very talented, honest, humble and most importantly caring and compassionate about what they do. They will never understand what they did for me by fixing Lucy. I am and will be forever thankful.

Rating: 1

Jayhawker8888 Jayhawk Pawn & Jewelry

Horrible pawn shop, everything is over priced and the managers are very lazy. Will not move from the front desk. Unfortunately the manager will talk down to you, regardless of who you are. I would advise going to one of the other pawn shops in town, you will have a much better experience.

Rating: 1

wigwarren Hurricane Alley Car Wash

I wish I read the reviews before I went today! I have never been treated the way I was from the employee standing within the entrance of the car wash. It was my first time visiting Hurricane Alley in Lawrence and I would highly discourage anyone from giving them business. The employee was an older gentleman rolled his eyes saying "look around" throwing his hands in the air right after I entered the threshold. He then started screaming at me to put my car in neutral. After doing so and feeling rushed and bullied, I highly regret going there. After reading other reviews, I'll be looking to see if there are any scratches on my car as well. Worst customer service I have ever experienced and I NEVER write reviews.

Rating: 5

Kravmaga1 Skin Illustrations - Tattoos & Hairdoos

Very professional, Clean, Great staff

Rating: 5

motoadventure Max E Kautsch, Attorney

Last year I found myself on the receiving end of a lawsuit due to my negative reviews of a local business. After some initial help from a lawyer friend, I started shopping for an attorney. The first guy I was recommended to was a train wreck. He'd listen but not hear what I was saying, he obviously held himself in high regard.

Then I was referred to Max and felt an immediate wave of relief. Before I paid him a dime we had a meeting to go over the ins and outs of my case, and he'd done a little footwork before hand. Not only was he a good listener, he seemed like he was firing on all cylinders and even though I was slightly disjointed in my own legal arguments he was right there with me the whole time. He was incredibly helpful in navigating the laws on the books, and was confident that I had a slam-dunk case. After this, I felt perfectly confident in him and put him on retainer and a little while later we filed our countersuit.

Communication was quick and honest, and he did everything when it needed to be done. We were able to get a positive outcome, and I feel as though the money spent on his legal services was well worth it. I would recommend Max Kautsch to anyone, my experience was great.

Rating: 5

Jamie Price A-Team Home Improvement, LLC

I have one question - why in the world can't we have politicians and presidential candidates that would do their job the way A-Team does theirs? We would have a country that addresses and solves each problem with professionalism and expertise! We would balance the budget. We would always finish what we started. We would have integrity, leadership, understanding and cooperation. Our country would have a firm foundation and reliable protection against the elements that want to destroy us.. We would have many reasons to be proud! One day, when we came back from the movies our home was basically annihilated. Apparently, a bi-partisan toilet on the second floor had decided to filibuster by overflowing and flooding the entire house of our family's representatives. Even our ceiling (not a glass one) had collapsed onto the first floor! Disaster! We considered moving to Canada...until the A-team came to the rescue, negotiated with the insurance industry and actually drained the swamp in our living room! They installed beautiful flooring, fixed the ceiling, and repaired the severe wall damage (Mexico didn't pay for it). And they did such a beautiful job we want to stay in the same house at least ten more terms! To celebrate, we proudly threw such a massive party it reached across the party lines. A-Team, you ROCK! Thank you for making our home great again! And you never even bragged about it...not even a tweet.

Rating: 5

sissysmith Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

i don't do fast food. rarely. but with the flu, on the way home from work, i stopped here. amazing. awesome. i stumbled in, with a fever, and someone, in my sick haze, someone, who i think was the manager,..ashley or something like that? .. was so nice and kind to me that when i went home and ate those amazing tenders..feeling quite guilty all the time...i felt comforted by her amazing empathy towards me. i have never felt such compassion over a fast food transaction...she was outstanding, and what a gem you have!!!

Rating: 5

KathyBechtel Professional Moving & Storage

I had reservations after reading some of these reviews but after talking with Bobby about my concerns my husband and I hired them to move us out of state. My experience with the guys from PMS was excellent. Morris and his team were very professional, treated us with great respect and never complained once about the heavy furniture, hundreds of boxes they had to move or the frigid temperatures the day we loaded up.

I had things at my shop that needed to be moved as well, requiring a second stop with the truck, and they did it quickly and efficiently without it costing an arm and leg. I was sad that I may have to leave some furniture behind but Morris worked out some space on the back of the truck and made a second trip to the shop to load it up. I was thrilled with the attitude and desire to please.

Trey, Dominic, Shane, Colton and Shawn were a top notch crew and they worked hard! Morris and the guys arrived a truck and a half later and nine hours away with hardly anything broken or damaged, even though we packed ourselves. The guys took good care of our things, wrapping furniture, carefully packing specialty items and protecting the house on the load out and our new house on the other end.

We will definitely recommend Professional Moving and Storage to anyone looking to make a long-distance move. Thanks, Bobby, Morris and crew for giving us the best customer service! Kathy and Tom B.