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ranger7272 Mi Ranchito Cocina Cantina Mexicana

Went in with my family and the service was horrible. They messed up my wife and I's food, so we sent it back. The server never came back to check on us and the manager never bothered either. When ended up only getting corn dogs, 2 tacos and cheese dip . I had 2 beers, the draft one wasn't even cold. The bottle beer was the only good thing we had. And after not receiving our food and demanded our check so we could the F outta there. The manager said he would comp us our food (corn dogs, 2 tacos, dip) and required we pay $14 for our drinks. This place is a joke. We have been there 50+ times since they opened but they won't get me again. They just don't care about there customers.

Rating: 1

GardenGrace Hurricane Alley Car Wash

Today will be my last usage of this place. In the past when there are extra bugs on bumper and side mirrors,, I've told the young guys working the equipment and they have either run the car through a 2ND time or as of two weeks ago, the young man used a foam brush. My preference would be the latter as it saves time, money and water. Both methods have resulted in a clean car. Today after telling him about having more bugs on the car than usual, the 50ish gentleman said, " we'll do the best we can." He sprayed the bug spray and that was it; no use of a foam brush. I thought maybe he thought it easier on him to run it thru twice if it didn't get clean. So I drove around, checked the trouble spots and, no surprise, it was still a dirty car.. When I told him it wasn't clean and how the young man had previously used a foam brush, he told me that that kind of service was reserved for TIPPING customers. I don't know how one is supposed to know that. I may be out of touch. No one tips me to do my job but maybe i'm wrong. Maybe they should post a sign saying if you want a clean car, you'd bwtter give up an extra $5 or $10. What is the point of a car wash if not to have a clean car?? He then informed me that they are a hands off operation. I don't know how use of a foam brush is hands on but it was obvious he didn't want to give me a clean car. I asked if he was the owner. Of course not. Why they have this man working for them is beyond me. Very rude, not at all like the young man who did work to give me a clean car which probably took all of one more minute. I told him how does he think they'll stay in business if they don't give good service for the price paid. He let me know this KC owned company is growing by 6-7% a year. Not on my $14. This took place Sept. 2017. I did end up with a large scrape on the driver's side mirror, not sure from what. I had no trouble this time getting my car aligned and didn't feel yelled at for any of that. I left wondering why do they employ someone who is so rude, obnoxious, abrasive. Never again

Rating: 5

bookantics Third Planet Imports

A wide range of goods from well made Hindu gods and goddesses to unique earrings and cool clothes. Been there bunches and I am almost always surprised by something new I hadn't seen before. Excellent place to shop for gifts. Worth the trip.... oh, yeah!

Rating: 5

spidy810 Don's Auto Center Inc

They replaced a wheel bearing on my Toyota Camry for a very reasonable price. Couldn't be happier with the service.

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shushawna Boot Barn

Rating: 5

melimel Moxie Hair Studio

Re: Adrianne Jackson- I have been a client of hers for 2 yrs now and absolutely LOVE her work. I have never left her chair unhappy. I have allowed Adrianne to take complete and total control of my hair and the results have been nothing short of amazing. As far as scheduling complications or issues there have been none. I have been known to cancel last minute and she has been nothing but gracious. The wait time for reschedules has not been extensive or unreasonable. She always makes a point to confirm my appointment times and to work around my schedule. Adrianne is a wonderful stylist and goes above and beyond for her clients. Moxie studio is blessed to have Adrianne representing their studio!!!!

Rating: 5

ksmercedes Moxie Hair Studio

Thankfully Adrianne is a stylist that I can trust. Not only can I go to her with confidence and know that I am going to get professional service, but I also trust her with my daughter's hair. It is hard to find stylists with experience and expertise in color. She has always done a great job with our color and has kept up with current styles and trendy cuts. There is a reason you have to book in advance with Adrianne. She makes sure you are comfortable with what you are asking for and gives an honest opinion on what would look good on you.

Rating: 5

rumyz Salon Lotus

I tried this salon out as they were close to my house and I was not disappointed. It is nicely decorated, clean, and very professional. My pedicure was the best I've ever had, Disty took great care of me. The atmosphere and the service combined make this is a great place to come and be pampered!

Rating: 5

hillaryj624 Moxie Hair Studio

I have been going to Adrianne for a few years now and have always been extremely pleased and happy with every cut, color and wax she has done for both myself and my daughter. She always gets us in, even when it is last minute.She stays late and even comes early to accomodate my schedule. I feel she definitely goes above and beyond for each of her clients, which is one of the many reasons we keep coming back. It is a great feeling to always have the same consistent cut and color every time we see her. Thanks Adrianne!

Rating: 1

Cindy Bell Alvin's Wines & Spirits

I have never seen worse customer service and rude and unhelpful staff at any other store in my life. I asked the long haired clerk at the counter if they have any cold 30 pack Miller Lite and he said it's in the cooler. I said I didn't see it and he just rolled his eyes at me, walked over to the cooler and kicked it with his foot to show me the beer was on the bottom and walked away. I am a 59 year old woman with hip issues, but I guess it was up to me to load my own beer in the cart, which I did. After I paid, the guy leered at me out the window of the store as I was leaving and I got no help loading my car either. I came home, told my husband, who was furious and went to take the beer back. When he got there he asked "who was rude to my wife" and the guy said "she was a F#^&ng B&tch". Needless to say, we will not be shopping there anymore and my husband is not allowed back in the store after his reaction to the clerk calling me nasty names. I really don't understand why they treat people so badly there.

Rating: 5

GoodQuestion Location Properties L.C.

Location Properties has a great team and works hard to keep my properties leased. They do a great job finding new tenants when needed, screen the tenants, handle check ins and check outs and maintenance calls in between. They also do a great job of collecting the rent and getting me the rent money each month. They make being a landlord easy for me!

Rating: 5

reese04 A Helping Hand Home Care

Excellent service with very compassionate and patient staff! We really trusted them with our family and would use them again! I highly recommend!

Rating: 1

GinaF Moxie Hair Studio

Re: Adrianne - After 10 years of being her client in Olathe, Overland Park and following her to Lawrence Adrianne ignored my texts multiple times to get a haircut/shampoo/style. I finally got an appt with her 2 1/2 weeks ahead of time. I confirmed the day/time for the appt 24 hours in advance. Arriving in Lawrence 20 minutes ahead of time, I found she had text me AFTER I was already on the road to Lawrence stating she wanted to postpone my appointment 30 minutes. I answered that I was already in Lawrence but that I'd come in at 1:30 instead of 1:00. I walked in at 1:20 and Adrianne is putting color on a client, proceeds to do a haircut on her, etc. Adrianne makes me wait until 2 p.m before she was finished with that client. So - this other client got MY original appt time!!!!! Now it's ONE HOUR past my original appointment time. I had made the appt. on July 1st and this client got MY appointment time. In retrospect, I should have just walked out - I was angry and Adrianne knew it. I showed her a photo of the haircut she'd done back in 2012 for me and I wanted to go back to that style. She said "I cut that?" Uh, DUH, of course she did. I've been with her since 2007 and gone to no one else. I didn't watch her cut my hair as I have always trusted her. I specifically said "LOTS of layers" which is all I've had to say in the past. Well, she didn't cut my hair as requested in lots of layers as she used to. She offered to take $10 off of my bill because I had to wait on her ....and said it had been a crazy week. I already had had the check made out for the normal amount and she said ok, the NEXT time I'll knock off $10.... Well, Adrianne, there will NOT be the next time! I should have had the appointment I originally set up ... oh, but greed and the "younger crowd" reigns, huh?! So I'm an older client and you want to ditch your loyal, older clients - you succeeded! I was so angry that I just paid and left. After I got home, shampooed my hair and I found she had NOT cut the layers in the back at all - or face framing that I'd asked for. A few days later I went to a stylist in Olathe by recommendation of a friend here to get it corrected to what I wanted. After TEN YEARS of trusting, loving Adrianne and following her to three different shops, she's gotten an attitude so never again will I go back to her. She used to do exactly what I wanted. I guess those of us who don't have coloring, etc done. don't count as good clientele when we just get haircuts/shampoo/style. So very disappointed in her. What a shame. I tipped well and praised her work.
$$$ and youth means more than those who have been with Adrianne for years.

After Adrianne's reply and the other "client" who has no clue what she's talking about - this is absolutely NOT about the $10... I could have torn up the check...... this is strictly about the fact that I am warning others of the changing appt. times even though I booked 16 days prior, how difficult to make an appt with her, and then she didn't even cut it like I'd asked.... even though she had for years. This was clearly disrespect for my time... I made the appt. SIXTEEN days prior and she knew that I was driving from Olathe. I have been more than patient with Adrianne and worked around her schedule and this is not the only time she's done this...... but it will be the LAST. Baloney on backtracking about the one in front of me.... it definitely appeared that you were just getting started with her. And YOU, bmarie.... are the immature one to call me immature. I have a legitimate beef and others need to know that the customer service I received was not good whatsoever. So the client before me must have been there before 11:30 and the color not lifting for you to text me at 11:42....which was an hour and 18 minutes before my set appt.... and she got done at 2 p.m. when you took me? Sounds pretty fishy.

brimariecams replies...

It sounds to me, Gina. That you're just upset that you had to wait for your appointment. Yes, Adrianne was running late and let you know. How is a hair stylist suppose to let you know until she is into the hair cut/hair color. It sounds to me like it's your own fault you didn't get your 10 dollars off. I think you should keep your negative comments off of LJW and should just seek elsewhere for your haircut. You could of voiced your opinion after you saw it wasn't exactly perfect like you wanted, instead you wanted to degrade adrianne like a immature adult.

PS. Adrianne does an amazing job with haircut/ color! I refer everyone to her because she always gets me in and I always love her work!

Amjackson replies...

Gina F, I'm very sorry to hear you won't be returning. Especially after this was the one mishap we've had in 10 years. I definitely appreciated you as a client, I'm glad that you followed me to 3 salons. Being that I was at 1 salon for 4 years the other for 6 years and just now started at Moxie this year. Just clearing up so that you feel better knowing, I did not give away your spot I was simply running behind. My client before you was getting a color and a cut. her hair wasn't lifting very fast so I tried to give you a heads up, I texted you at 11:42, given that your appointment was for 1:00. Things like this can happen, just like at the doctors office. As you said, I did apologize and I did try to give you $10 off of your $35 haircut. I would've been more than happy to have you rewrite your check. You chose not to. Thank you for your previous time. Ps: I do have clients of all ages and I do appreciate them all. Thanks, Adrianne

Amjackson replies...

Gina at this point you're starting to sound ridiculous. You are making up your own story to help yourself feel validated in trying to bash me. I wouldn't have given away your appointment. Things happen with running behind, I do have a screen shot of me having texted you at 11:42a when your appointment was supposed to be at 1:00p. As I already said thank you for your previous business. I will continue to stay busy and continue to crank out the awesome cuts and color like always, regardless of the hurtful words that you say. Have a great night!
Thanks, Adrianne

Rating: 5

Jeff Cuttell Sandwich Bowl

I'm glad to see Sandwich Bowl was able to make the move to the 6th & Wak area near Dillons. This is great food and I would have missed them. Now I won't have to!

Rating: 1

SMM Buckingham Palace Housecleaning

3 people came to clean my house for an initial cleaning and I found several items for feedback on improvement from the windows behind the sink not getting cleaned at all, mold remaining in the shower, and dust pushed to the back of dressers and shelves remaining, etc. The pricing was far more than realized upon initial conversation with Becky in the office because the hourly charge is apparently per person in your home as I now understand it. It was expensive compared to a service I had once used that was also local with 3 people. When the post office caused a delayed payment because my check was sent back through the mail which I finally received back over 6 months later revealing the problem. My account was immediately sent to collections with no phone call or second notice to pay my bill. Becky from the office scolded me and point blank told me that I was trying to skirt my responsibility for my amount due. I simply didn't want to pay the overtime charge from the collection agency. When the snafu on the post office's end was realized and made known to Buckingham Palace Becky simply couldn't apologize when given the opportunity as I calmly explained how the way she talked to me made me feel. So, this final phone encounter with her is what has pushed me to leave my review. I have honestly never had such an awful experience with someone in retail type services.

bkersten replies...

Dear SMM I am sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with your experience with our company and more pointedly with me. As you can imagine delinquent accounts are troublesome and stories are always a plenty. When you called me yesterday I honestly was having difficulty remembering the situation and then upon further research after your call, I discovered this service was provided almost 1 year ago and our last contact was in January. When we spoke back in January of this year, it was follow up to us sending your account to collections after 4 months of trying to settle the account. I realize you feel we never contacted you after the initial invoice; however my records show 2 additional mailings to your current address and 2 phone calls which were never returned until you received the collection notice. When we were approaching year end and your open 120 day delinquent account was still there, we did not have any choice but to send it on to the collections service for closure.

In response to your dissatisfaction of our cleaning services I wish you would have voiced that concern at the time of my “follow up to the service phone call” instead of stating things were fine and the problem was with the pricing. We want our clients to be happy with our service which is why we guarantee our services and we would have happily came back to address any item or items you were unhappy with.

Rating: 5

NickW816 Jayhawk Nail

Jayhawk Nail is a really cool new nail salon in Lawrence, KS. I had the pleasure of being able to visit here a couple months ago and their salon is extremely clean and professional. Prices are fair, and all of the employees I met were very kind and positive. I am happy to see a local business like this pop up and already be doing business in a professional and experienced way. With their spa pedicures, henna art, and quality manicure services, I forsee them being very successful in the Lawrence area for many years to come.

Rating: 5

rumyz K.S.R. Roofing

We had hail damage and a subsequent roof leak, I spoke with several companies but after speaking with Aaron at KSR it was clear THIS IS THE ONE! Amazing customer service in every way: quick response, easy to understand, helped us navigate our first ever insurance claim, excellent management/oversight of the roofing crew, quality work, and a final bill that exactly reflected the initial bid. Every person I dealt with (office, management, roof crew, gutter crew) was friendly and professional, but beyond that, they all made me feel well taken care of. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!

Rating: 5

Shannon McCoy SDM Transportation

SDM Transportation has been providing private car airport shuttle service to Lawrence and surrounding communities since September 2006. As a one man, on vehicle operation, SDM Transportation focuses on private car, on demand, based on availability service on a first come, first serve basis. Call or contact them today to schedule your ride.

Rating: 5

Milan Jayhawk Nail

Best Nail Salon in Lawrence, KS.

Rating: 4

hthompson1311 WindGate Apartments

I lived at WindGate apartments for a few years while I was going to KU. I loved that the complex was quiet and on the KU bus route! It was a great place for me to live because the one bedrooms were beautiful, clean and affordable! I was also close to all kinds of fun stuff to do on the weekends! I would recommend these apartments to anyone!