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Rating: 5

EddyBrown Downtown Barber Shop

I drive from Shawnee to here just for just hair cut. I don't know his name, all I know he cuts my hair great. YOU SHOULD BE HERE

Rating: 5

Eric519 24/7 Locksmith

I got locked out of my apartment at 8:45 pm and naturally needed to get in. The locksmith came within 15 minutes of me calling and had the door open within minutes. He was very friendly, professional, and good at his job. It was also very cheap. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Rating: 5

Kim Erwin Premier Martial Arts

My son has been a student at Premier Martial Arts for 5 1/2 years. Our experience has been very positive and we highly recommend Premier. We have had a lot of fun, met great friends, and learned priceless skills.

The students, from the littlest kids to the biggest adults are such a great group of people, always ready to work hard and help each other. There is a mix of personalities and backgrounds that comes together on the floor that makes each class a memorable experience.

The owners, instructors and assistants, including Mr. Don Booth and Mrs. Susan Booth, Mr. Mark Taylor, Mr. Steven Howe, Mr. Ray Brady, Mr. Gary Keefer, Mr. Matt Sheets, Miss Starra Anh and Mr. Bryce Dunn are a great team to learn from. They always have a positive attitude on martial arts training and great insight on self-defense techniques. They also support the fitness goals of students and their families.

The instructors are consistent in their excellent instruction. They have a depth of knowledge and expertise that allows them to not only teach technique, but the various scenarios and applications for those skills. They encourage each and every student. They make martial arts, self-defense and fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We are so glad that we chose Premier Martial Arts and that we are part of the Premier Family.

Rating: 1

acote2014 Midwest Property Management

I remember reading these same reviews and overlooked them because I figured I could deal with any problems that were to be expected. I was WRONG! Midwest Property Management took my money and lead me on for almost a month until I was turned down.Midwest SCAMMED me for about three weeks straight. I applied for a unit and for the next three weeks I kept checking in, almost every day, to see if I had been approved. When I called them WEEKS after I turned in the necessary forms their excuse was that they were having trouble contacting my co-signers (parents) employer. Finally once that was taken care of I heard back from them the next morning saying the unit had already been taken, after I had called them daily and paid the necessary fees. They then tried dodging the problem and instead offered to look at alternative places. I am now looking into taking legal action. No matter how desperate for a place you are, do NOT give these people your business. Even if you find your dream place for $150 a month from these people you will still regret it. If a unit is too good to be true, IT IS! If you are still not swayed, be prepared and have a backup plan. Do not put all your faith in one unit because there might be a good chance that it will be taken out from under you.

Rating: 5

truthbetold7 Douglas County Dental Clinic Inc

I have been using DC Dental Clinic for many years and have always had excellent results. I am retired & without dental insurance, so cannot afford to go anywhere else. I was at first apprehensive, thinking discounted prices meant discounted services, but I've always been very pleased with the work they do. You are treated with respect, & they are happy to answer any questions.

Rating: 4

teagolf China House

Food is very consistent. Not a place to eat in but a great take out.

Rating: 5

mkscsr123 The Nail Lounge

I've been going here for a couple years now. It's clean, they're friendly, they don't speak their native language all around you, and they do a great job. They're timely when I make appointments and do their best to fit you in when you don't.

Rating: 5

bw11 Moving Proz

The 3 man crew was awesome!! They arrived at the very beginning of the quoted arrival time and finished early! The guys worked so hard and I really appreciated their speed and care with our things. Ed and his team made moving a breeze...they even added humor and made it fun!

Rating: 5

Biek Firehouse Subs

I love this place! The hook & ladder is my favorite sandwich. I would eat here every day if I could.

Rating: 5

Jennifer Osborn 24/7 Locksmith

This is the second time that I had to call a locksmith, and the second time I specifically called Jon at 24/7. The first time I called three other companies and was treated rudely, along with the prices being ridiculously high. Jon was polite, friendly, quoted me a reasonable rate, and arrived quickly, within 15 minutes. The second time I needed locksmith services I knew exactly who to call and I had the same experience. Friendly, fast, and even took the time to wipe up some dust that the tool left behind. I cannot recommend 24/7 enough. Calling a locksmith is never something anyone wants to do, but this company turns the call into a much more pleasant experience than one would think. .

Rating: 1

HS Wow!

First 6 months they overcharged me and I had to call every time to correct it. Now, 6 months later, that my discount is over they are charging me $79.95 with no promotions since I have to wait 12 more months for a new one.

Rating: 1

lawrencekansasstudent Camson Place

Since it is a new complex the owner and staff will micromanage you constantly. The appliances are very cheap and the dishwasher never cleans your dishes. One room will never cool and the master bedroom has no privacy since there is a 5" gap between the floor and door. There are no firewalls in the apartment but rather a sprinkler system so the walls are so thin that you will hear everything in your neighbors unit.

Nothing luxery about these apartments. Most likely the very unethical management will never return your deposit and the pool it so small it is pitiful. I recommend looking elsewhere as you could do much better than this place.

Camson_admin replies...

We appreciate all feedback.

Within the duties of property management, occasionally it becomes necessary to remind tenants and their guests of the property rules and regulations. This necessity ensures that the comfort and privacy of ALL tenants remain intact. Camson Management will continue vigilance in the enforcement of all rules and regulations as outlined in the lease agreement. We are delighted that our tenants seem to have the highest respect for each other and that is on rare occasion we find the reminders necessary.

Management is also responsible for providing tenants of Camson Properties monthly statements. If you prefer not to receive your statement via email, please let us know. As a tenant, you have the ability to review monthly or outstanding charges using the tenant tab found on our web page.
Regarding dishwasher and cooling issues, please submit a work order via email, phone call or via the tenant link at Once reported, maintenance will make any repairs necessary.

We certainly cannot deny the pool is small. Our intention was to create a space within the complex to use as a place of gathering, sharing good company, and relaxation during the hot and lazy days of the summer. As an alternative, you may find the beautiful and large Aquatic Center (located within walking distance of the complex) a great alternative.

Rating: 1

lawrencekansasstudent Camson Townhomes & Villas

Appliances are cheap and the walls are so thin you will hear your neighbor easily. Hallie is very rude and horrible to interact with. One room is always extremely hot and won't cool. CHEAP fixtures. Terrible managment. Pool is so small its pitiful. THE WORST!

Camson_admin replies...

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. For appliance repair and room cooling concerns, please submit a work order via email, phone call, or via the tenant link at

Rating: 1

Rlauber Hurricane Alley Car Wash

Very frustrating - on May 9, 2015 the car wash was glitching and deeply scratched the paint of my SUV. After several calls and a stop in, the manager finally called me back yesterday. Today I talked with him and his tone was combative. When I explained the attendant had taken pictures and told me that the damage had not been there before the wash, the manager told me the attendant didn't have pictures and had not acknowledged the damage wasn't previous to the wash. I sent the manager pictures of the damage where it was clear in the reflection that the attendant was taking pictures of the damage. The attendant was professional and helpful at the time (and did refund my money), but the manager simply wouldn't acknowledge the possibility of the damage and was combative the entire conversation. This is not a place I will ever do business again, nor will I visit any of their other locations. Given the experience I've had, I would encourage you to find another wash.

Rating: 1

Rae Smith Evans Pizza Hut

Lousy service! Didn't deliver all of my order, promised to fix it and, 4.5 hours and several phone calls later, still not fixed! All they care to give are excuses. They still owe me.

Rating: 5

Municipal Surplus Stonecreek Accounting, LLC

I found Sarah online as she specialized in small business and freelancers. I had many issues going on with my taxes as I had an llp, llc, estate, foreign contracting, stock sales... Basically you name it and I had it. I could no longer use turbotax to do my taxes. After 15 years of doing my own I decided it was time to hire a CPA.

Within 2 days she had all my issues sorted out and found me a few more credits that I was unsure of claiming.

Overall I was very impressed with Sarah and the crew at Stonecreek Accounting

Rating: 5

justindo Construction Specialties LLC

Home ownership can be frustrating. What do you do when you find yourself with a problem that is beyond your skill level or requires a larger time commitment than you are able to make? You've got to try to find someone that you can trust to help you! I was lucky to find Construction Specialties, so I thought I'd take a moment and write a review of my experience.

The background to my story is that my house had some major plumbing issues. Over the past six years I've had leaks in all the plumbing lines below the slab. The problem was probably due to poor workmanship by the builder, but that is neither here-nor-there. One by one, I've had to abandon all lines under my slab and use PEX cables attached to walls to carry water. In December, the main line between the city supply and master shut-off had to be replaced. The plumber did a fine job, but plumbers plumb and will not do minor (or not so minor) renovations. I was left with an eyesore that reduced the value of my property.

To address this issue I contacted Construction Specialties, who were recommended to me by a friend. The owner and operator, Mike Warner, has many years experience is renovation and general contracting. He examined my situation and made several recommendations with different price options for different budgets. One of the options was especially innovative and based on something Mike had done in his own house. He was able to send some pictures so I'd have a good idea what it would look like in the end. The idea was to attach crown molding to the wall to hide the PEX. Then he installed rope lighting to add a cool ambiance to the bedroom. There are some pictures on his facebook page if you want to see it. What I like about it is that the lighting feature turns a negative about my house into a positive. It looks like we intended to do it!

Construction Specialties sent a clear and easy to follow quote the day after he inspected the site. The price seemed very reasonable so I pulled the trigger. Construction Specialties is an up-and-coming company and very busy, but they made me feel like a priority. They made reasonable accommodations, were willing to work with my schedule and were very respectful of my space. They were essentially done in 1.5 days (they came back to touch up the paint the following day.)

I'm not the handiest guy. I'm no Bob Villa, that is for sure. I've had several jobs with different plumbers, painters and contractors over the years. My experience with Construction Specialties is by far the best. Every night before I go to bed I think "wow that looks good!" I would highly recommend Mike Warner and Construction Specialties for any general contracting or remodeling jobs and will use them again in the future.

Rating: 1

jdog2323 Kaw Valley Industrial/Kawasaki

shady group of guys. called and asked if they buy bikes they said yes and so i brought it up there and they said they would buy it i just had to wait to get the title in the mail. so i brought it back up there when i got it in the mail a couple days later and they said they Don't buy bikes. so i called up there the next day to speak with the guy i originally spoke with who said they would buy and it he flat out lied and said he never said he would buy it. lol so even if they have the deal of the century they will never get my business. wouldn't recommend them to anybody. Little to no moral or ethical standards at that place. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED

Rating: 5

Jjuneau1 Suds Laundry Service

I first learned about Suds Laundry Service when I was looking for a place that laundered large quilts. Toyin did not disappoint! My quilts are carefully washed, folded and packaged for storage. They smell fresh & wonderful! Toyin can get difficult stains from garments and her ironing is a thing of beauty! The customer service & warm friendly atmosphere at Suds is 5 STARS!! Give this special place a try!

Judy Juneau

Rating: 1

Angiebree Midwest Driving School

First off, let me say that I understand driving experience is needed with that being said I was not expecting my child to be driving to kansas city on their first day and wasn't told that they would be going. When i called to ask why I wasn't informed I was called stupid, annoying and that they don't need to tell me anything. The owner hung up on me many times and told me to shut up. Now they haven't scheduled any more driving for my child. They offered a refund but of course never got it. Go Somewhere else