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Rating: 4 out of 5 9 ratings. 9 user reviews. 9 reviews


Founded in 1991 and located in historic downtown Lawrence, Quinton's is a full service, casual, bar & deli. Open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week, Quinton's offers a full bar service, gourmet grilled sandwiches and bread bowl soups. Quinton's is a popular Lawrence lunch spot and a great late night hang out to enjoy the best sandwich in Lawrence or have cocktails with friends.

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  • Phone: 785-842-6560

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Quinton's Bar & Deli

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A marinated chicken breast & two slices of pineapple covered w/ melted provolone cheese & lettuce. Served with a side ...

BEEF & BRIE $7.29

Thick cuts of imported brie cheese served melted over sliced roast beef, tomatoes, fresh alfalfa sprouts & a spicy Russian ...


To create this mouth watering sandwich, we start w. Grilled roast beef, & covered in melting cheddar cheese and yellow ...


A 6oz. chicken breast coated & grilled w/ Cajun spices. Covered w/ a creamy slaw & melted provolone cheese.

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A Lawrence Institution

Quinton's Bar & Deli

Serving Award Winning Sandwiches & Bread Bowl Soups Since 1991

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Rating: 5

R M Quinton's Bar & Deli

Best sandwich place in town! Try the half sandwich / soup combo. The soup comes in a bread bowl. You also get a side of chips. Get the T.A.C. with bacon & salsa, a bowl of potato bacon soup and spicy chips!

Rating: 2

nami01 Quinton's Bar & Deli

I'm not sure how the food is, but my friends and I went there this evening for the bar. The people were very strict in letting people in and out. Which was fine, but they seemed to let a lot of people in and out without having them wait like the others. When asked about it, they said that the people work at this bar. Then I watched about 10 or so people drinking that went up and down the stairs of the inside entrance that was supposedly completely closed off tonight (as I tried to leave that way and the worker informed me as he let a drunk girl down). They made the other customers walk outside without properly salting their stairs and upper patio. Either a lot of people work here who are allowed to drink while doing so, or they play favorites quite strongly. Ended up not drinking (since I couldn't go back down to put away my coat) and am sad my friends spent money here. Still, I'm giving two stars since it was my first time here and maybe it was just a bad day. The food might be good, but from this first time experience I will suggest going somewhere else if any of my friends or acquaintances ever want to head to Quinton's. At least the workers were polite when choosing who had to wait outside to go upstairs (after waiting outside to get in the bar) and who was allowed upstairs through the indoor stairs without question.

Rating: 5

squawkhawk Quinton's Bar & Deli

The food is good...the waitresses even better!

Rating: 5

matt07 Quinton's Bar & Deli

You can't find a better place to get a sandwich and soup anywhere in Lawrence !!!

Rating: 4

nickregier Quinton's Bar & Deli

Quinton's has been my favorite stop in Lawrence for as long as I can remember. The Jayhawk sandwich is to die for. Lots of college atmosphere. I was in with my three kids a month ago and the food and service was excellent. Thanks Quinton's!

Rating: 5

new266044 Quinton's Bar & Deli

I have been let down by most of the restaurants in Lawrence until I found Quintons. The sandwiches here remind me of the great places out East. The reubens are great and so is he chili. I like scraping the insides of the bread bowl that some of the chili has soaked into. Chili could use some more heat so I get a side of jalapenos. Love the place and the staff. Don't change a thing.

Rating: 2

JayJayPG Quinton's Bar & Deli

Overrated. I want to like this place. I really do. It gets a lot of good pub, the location is awesome, the menu looks delicious on paper. I've given the Q a few tries and can't muster up the strength to go beyond 2 stars. Bread bowls are inevitably stale. Soups are overly potent. Sandwiches are just plain meh. I've expereinced both the TAC and the CAB sandwiches and they leave much to be desired. I have an acroynm of my own for Quinton's...IHB (I've Had Better).

squawkhawk replies...

Try the BLT's. It may change your mind.

Rating: 3

Kimberly Grosse Quinton's Bar & Deli

Rating: 5

LarryNative Quinton's Bar & Deli

Quinton's has been serving the best sandwiches in Lawrence for the last 20 years. The corned beef is the best in town and the home made soups in s bread bowl are amazing. Quinton's has also been supporting local businesses in town over the years like M&M Bakery. Keep up the great food.