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Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

Rating: 5

roguesword Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

It is absolutely the best fish in the midwest. Their signature Fish and Chips are an easy favorite. The chef clearly knows his fish and allows the flavor to shine, no need to muck it up under a bunch of heavy spices. The beer batter is the perfect complement. But if you're looking for something not fried or not fish, Lizzy's has you covered. Chef Matt has an indisputable knack for his trade and you are absolutely depriving yourself if you don't come let him cook for you.

Rating: 5

jnasty22 Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

I've been frequenting Lizzy's since they opened, and have probably sampled 80% of the menu. The lunch portion of fish and chips is VERY generous for the price - one of the best lunch deals I've seen downtown. Don't let the signature menu item fool you, there are plenty of non-fried choices available if you're looking for something lighter. Desserts are also very, very good.

Long story short, give it a shot. It's a unique restaurant downtown, and I always feel good about giving my money to the people that run this place.

Rating: 1

TheRealScoop Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

I had to comment on this place because I had heard such great reviews beforehand...

Rarely do I ever find myself upset with a food choice on Mass St. All said, most of the restaurants have a least a good few dishes or friendly atmosphere. I received neither with my first visit to see Queen Lizzy and her fish and chips.

0/5. I didn't even get served. I called ahead and spoke with a young lady who informed me of the specials of the day. I decided a fish sandwich wasn't on my mind and opted for the signature and, as I was informed, popular fish & chips. The girl tells me 10mins so of course 8-10mins later I arrive to pay and wait for the food to finish so I can melt in the beautiful aroma of the restaurant. However, when I walked in I was surprised to find out that they ran out of everything, including most of the appetizers due to a party that had just arrived. I didn't want to ask how long before me they arrived but the fact is the girl looked at me, apologized, then continued helping the other guest. There were 2 tables of maybe 4 people... She speaks briefly with the cook who didn't even look out at me but spoke loud enough for me to hear him say, "I don't know what we are suppose to do. We ran out of it all a couple minutes ago. I don't know what to do.." The girl turned around, looked at me, said she was sorry again then went back to the table of guest... I was offered NO substitute, NO coupon, NO type of reason to ever go back.

You are open until 10PM. Placed an order at 6:45, arrive a bit after 7, and never got to eat. Completely lost a potential regular.

queenlizzys replies...

First off please allow me to apologise for the bad experience you had with us and to thank you for bringing it to our attention. We strive to offer exceptional customer service to all of our guests and in this case we have clearly failed.

The night you came in we had a group of 16 upstairs and two tables of 4 downstairs that all came in at once and regrettably that had backed the kitchen up to the point of running out of chips{our chips are hand cut and never frozen so they take time to prepare) and the decision was made to stop service until the kitchen could catch up.
What I believe happened was that your order was taken just as the call to close the kitchen was made and the team member forgot to get your number so we were unable to call you back to let you know of the issue.
As for no compensation being offered, that was inexcusable and should have been offered right away, this is another area we failed on in serving you.

The concerns you have brought to my attention have already been acted on to make sure this doesn't happen again.

On behalf of the management and staff here I again offer my apologies for the terrible service you received and would very much like to make it up to you with a free meal.

Feel free to contact me by either phone (785-856-5570) or email me at

Rating: 2

dipweed Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

Fish and chips were crisp and cooked well, but very bland with no salt or spices in the batter and a lot of grease. Our group had to wait an hour to be served since there was only one guy running the place as manager, waiter, cook, take-out, and cashier. 23rd Street Brewery fish and chips is much better in my opinion and I'm very picky.

queenlizzys replies...

I am terribly sorry you had a bad experience with us here. We try to provide exceptional customer service and in the case of your visit we failed. Greasy food is unacceptable and the issue has been brought up with the kitchen about making sure the food is allowed time to drain properly. Also, could you let me know when it was that you visited as there really is no excuse as to why it would have taken an hour to get you served, the only time one person should be here is on a Sunday when it is very very slow.

Again we are very very sorry your visit with us was unsatisfactory and I would like to offer you a meal on us to try and make up for it.

Feel free to call on 785-856-5570 or email me at

Rating: 4

Randy Erickson Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

On my first visit, had to try the Fish and Chips. Fish was fantastic. Fresh and tasty. And I don't even like fried fish! Service was super fast. Have to try some of the other menu items soon...and the desserts look fantastic (didn't have one on first visit, though).

Rating: 5

kufan1146 Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

I ate lunch at Queen Lizzy's today and was greeted by the friendly owner, Matt. He was my server and I had my food within 10 minutes. Had the fish and chips - it was delicious. The fries were hot and crispy and my fish was steaming. I suggest ordering it with curry - it's delicious to pour on the fries and as I learned, it's a British tradition!

Highly recommend it!

Rating: 4

alm77 Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

Fish and chips was really great!! Fish was huge and the batter was excellent.

Service was slow, but I'm not sure why. She may have too many things she's supposed to be doing at once. She was very nice.

Rating: 4

greengamer19 Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

It was a little on the expensive side but with the price comes a lot of good food. I had the fish n chips, it was fantastic. Didn't get to try any desserts as they were out of everything. Service was good, atmosphere is fun, food was great.

Final thought: I enjoyed it and will go back.

Rating: 4

Teri Chambers Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

Was there in the first week so they were still working out a few problems with service. I expect that to change once things get settled and that is why I gave 4 stars. My party had the fish and chips which was very delicious. Someone also had the sausage roll. We all left very full and pleased with the food. I will be going back again.

Rating: 1

Jason Harrington Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chips

Doner kebab gets 0 out of 5! 11.98 with tax and 1/3 the size of European Doner Kebabs! The meat tastes like meatloaf and I've had Gyros that taste much closer to a true Doner Kebab! I'm so disappointed! The kebab meat is supposed to be thinly sliced and taste like gyro meat, this is thick and taste just like hamburger meat! :( I might go back and try the fish and chips someday, but my chips were cold and soggy!