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  • Best of Lawrence 2012
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Rating: 1

Norman Arnold Milton's

One of the worst breakfast experiences in Lawrence. My wife was served a very overcooked and brown omelet that was completely dried out and served a good 10 minutes after my eggs and toast were served. Big waste of $9.00. I had a cup of coffee free from the waitress who simple scraped my wife's plate in the trash without mentioning anything to the cook that was standing right there. We have eaten at Milton's many times in the past but will not be back.

Rating: 1

Maddie_Smith Milton's

This place has really gone downhill. The food is mediocre, nowhere near as good as it used to be. What the heck happened to your gravy? I've never had anything so bland. Everytime I go in it seems like sides get smaller and smaller. Less and less potatoes on my plate. Also, who's great idea was it to put chrome tables outside on the patio?! Sitting at those things when the sun is out is blinding torture. Want good breakfast in Lawrence? Go to The Roost or The Mirth. Milton's isn't worth the money anymore.

Rating: 3

John Yocum Milton's

Similar experience on our first time there. Had friends in from out of town. The place was busy and there was a line to get in. We weren't even done with our meal when they brought the checks out to us. Then the wait staff kept coming over every few minutes and taking away any dish they thought we were done with. Kind of rude. Loved the food, but felt they were trying to rush us through. I know how they can handle this! Get a bigger building and more staff.

Rating: 1

southernmiss Milton's

Not where you want to go to relax and enjoy with friends. After you pay your bill, if you don't leave quickly enough, the owner will come to your table and TELL (not ask) you to leave. I will not go back, and neither will my other friends who have had this happen to them, too! Very rude!!

Rating: 5

kelsz Milton's

This is one of my favorite places to start the day. The food is great. You can have all the coffee you want while you wait. Good people watching. Plus, the people who work there are really friendly, and the atmosphere is chill like lawrence!

Rating: 4

hthom Milton's

Good breakfasts, and classic lawrence atmosphere.

Rating: 5

Kimberly Grosse Milton's

The best place to go for breakfast in Lawrence! Don't come too hungry though- there is always a wait but it's worth it!