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Annual Eudora BBQ Cook-off and Charity Event (Saturday 21-Sep-2013)

CPA Park, site of the BBQ Event The greater Kansas City area, including Northeast Kansas and Eudora, is arguably the BBQ capital of the world. Few regions take their BBQ more passionately or more seriously. Noted BBQ joints in Kansas City, including Gates, Oklahoma Joe’s and Arthur Bryant’s are world famous. However, fantastic BBQ is not only limited to those legendary restaurants in Kansas City. Local BBQ enthusiasts can frequently produce BBQ that rivals even the greatest BBQ joints in Kansas City.

Eudorans will have an opportunity to sample local BBQ this Saturday (September 21st). The Annual Eudora BBQ Cook-off and Charity Event will commence at 10am and last until the early evening. The BBQ and Charity event will be held in the area around 9th and Main Streets in downtown Eudora, including the CPA Park. Gene’s Heartland Store will be smoking meats and selling their BBQ to the public. Local BBQ enthusiasts will also be competing against one another to claim various prizes and awards. A variety of other events, including a car show, numerous games for children and live music will also commence throughout the day.

For a complete list of all the events being held, visit this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FirstAnnualEudorafestBarBQCookOff ...

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