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Rating: 2

ldvander Fuzzy's Taco Shop

I loved Fuzzy's when they initially opened October/November. I would eat Fuzzy's twice a week and would get 6 dollars worth in a Burrito and the tacos were great with Feta cheese. But like many restaurants that open strong, Fuzzy's went down hill fast in my opinion. Went to Fuzzy's this February and got a taco bell sized burrito, mostly limp tortilla, still 6 bucks. The tacos were awful and no more Feta cheese. Plus, everything was cold. I am saddened because I really loved Fuzzy's 5 months ago. I will not eat there again.

Rating: 5

Marty Henderson Fuzzy's Taco Shop

I have eaten there 3 times and it has always been great... Restaurants in this town have quite a difficult and discerning crowd to please. Give it a try!

Rating: 3

jd Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Tried them for the first time and ordered the fish tacos. It was mainly shredded lettuce with minimum fish. The fish had good flavor, they just needed to put more in and scale back the bag lettuce. The salsa was excellent, very good flavor. Unfortunately the basket of chips looked like the end of the bag where 'contents may have settled during transit', it was all pieces hardly big enough to dip in the salsa.

These are quality control issues that they need to take care of.

Rating: 4

kufan1146 Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Tried it for the first time a few weeks ago - not sure what LarryNative was thinking, I thought it was great! The chips and queso are a steal at $3 for a big 'ol bag and I love their hot sauce. I was a little bit disappointed by the size of the 'jumbo' burrito - I was expecting Chipotle size or larger, but not the case. The next time I went, I got the tacos, which are a great size and I got two for $4, which filled me up just fine. I got them habanero style. The cilantro on them was delicious.

I think the innuendo aspect is funny. I could care less what their walls look like if the food is good. Ever been to Oklahoma Joes in KC? Biggest dump ever, but they win awards for their amazing food all the time. I'll be coming back to Fuzzy's!

Rating: 5

FuzzyinLawrence Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Hey, Larry, we take your review to heart and are glad you'll be back to give us another try. We believe if we do Fuzzy's right you'll love it. Please give us a heads up the next time you're here. We'd really like to meet you. Ask for Jennifer, Spencer or John. As for the paint job, you are very astute. We took on the chore as a family and probably got more paint on ourselves than the walls.

Rating: 2

LarryNative Fuzzy's Taco Shop

I was hoping the name of the business began with a guy named Fuzzy. I was wrong. My fears were realized when I entered the business and saw " We put the T&A in taco" and "eat me" on the walls. I find the sexual innuendos disgusting and unappetizing and I'm the furthest thing from a prude. The decor is cheap and the paint job is bad. Those things don't bother me though, the guys gotta make a buck and spending big money to open a taco joint is a recipe for disaster. Now for the food. I did not get the fish taco. The tackiness of the business and fish in Kansas..........not gonna do it. Anyway, the secret sauce here I believe is ranch dressing. We had pork, beef and chicken burritos and tacos. We got them mixed up and could not distinguish which was which, they all tasted like ranch dressing and looked the same. The tacos were good, $1.99 but not very big. I would need 4 to make a meal. Salsa is extra which I hate at Mexican restaurants. The sauce on the table is watery vinegar, not good. The burritos were a mess and not good. I hear the fish tacos are good. Since the tacos I had were the only positive experience, Ill go back and try those despite the disgusting name.