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Visit website 10 E 9th St Ste A, Lawrence, KS 66044 Open today until 7 p.m.

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Rating: 1

paulinawu Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

I have been coffee shops all my life and have never encountered like what happened today! First I thought it is just like any other normal coffee shops that some people are using their computers, some people are chatting catching up life. I sat down with my friend after we ordered. About half an hour later my husband called so I picked up my phone. One of your workers came by and said cell phone are not allowed so I went outside to talk. On the way in I didn't see any obvious signs says no cell phone allowed anywhere. With my doubts I came in and sat down. For about 20 min. I noticed your two workers at counter were talking and giggling really loud. So I asked why not cell phone if you can talk loudly, one of them said coz other people are working..... SO what I want to say is if cell phone and chatting are not allowed then as workers in the shop should also keep quiet and talk softer. Also, if you want to treat your coffee shop like a library then have a big sign outsides to inform your customers first then. Also, I ordered chai and it was the worst chai ever, simply just like sugar water with NO flavors. Sorry I wont come to this un-friendly, double standard coffee shop again and neither my friends. There are many better and more friendly coffee shops in this beautiful Lawrence.

Rating: 1

lawrencian12 Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

Normally I don't write on these things, but I just had to say something. This has been my coffee shop for what seems like forever, unfortunately it has gone down hill so much in the past year I will no longer be a patron. I have seen dozens upon dozens of baristas filter through here, most of them competent and friendly, however I must keep running into 'grumpy morning' person as of late. I understand being tired and cranky, but wow, just plain rude and unprofessional. Not to mention slow! I've been scheduling 20 extra minutes in the morning to get coffee, other shops take much less time even with more people in line. Yes the new paint looks great, but I have to say I miss the quirky fun bathroom and I honestly think it feels more like a chain or Starbucks now. Especially with the new policies, I never see any townies in here anymore, it doesn't seem to be kid friendly at all, and sadly I have seen them slowly stray away from their Eco-friendly ways (not recycling things and using harsh chemicals instead of natural cleaners). I also am very disappointed in the beans. I'm not sure what happened here but not nearly as good as they used to be, especially the Indonesians. You'd be much better off going to Bourgeois Pig right next door or Henry's and La Prima Taza just down the street.

Rating: 5

ddtalbott Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

This is best coffee house in downtown Lawrence. Love it!! The staff is very friendly and they know their business. In this day and age it's so nice to be in a place where people aren't talking on their cell phones. Aside from the coffee, this may be the best thing about Z's. I have to think that if someone had a bad experience here they had to have brought it on themselves. Maybe not being as considerate of other customers as they might have been? Anyway, you should check this place out, you won't be disappointed.

Rating: 5

Flecky Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

I've always had top notch service and great coffee at Z's Downtown!

Rating: 5

ENGLPROF78 Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

First off, I would not really listen to a reviewer who is unable to spell "barista" correctly. (I am looking at you, jenniferks!) Anyway, I have always found the baristas at Z's Downtown to be friendly and attentive. Whoever is behind the counter always greets me with my name and knows my drink right away - a big loose cannon. Now these are not the type of baristas simply standing around waiting for a customer; they are either brewing fresh coffee, cleaning up around the cafe, or making customers feel so welcomed. Thanks, Z's baristas and keep wearing those crazy t-shirts!

jenniferks replies...

Your experience was very different from mine. I am happy that you are receiving great service! I did not. Cheers and peace!

ENGLPROF78 replies...

Fair enough, but I have to rebut. My experience is not an abberation, as is evident by the growing number of reviews for Z's.

Rating: 5

minnikin Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

I have been going to both locations for quite some time. I have NEVER had bad service at either store. Both have fun and friendly employees that I enjoy talking to and even though the insides of the stores are different it is the same great atmosphere. Not loud or obnoxious, no annoying phone calls or loud crazy music, in fact most of the customers and staff seem to be like a small family. They almost always remember my drink by my face and if I ever want coffee at home, they graciously help me to understand all the different beans. The downtown is looking so good with all the updates, kudos to the new owner! Every time I have a friend come to town or I am out and want to grab some coffee, Z's has been and will continue to be my number one spot!

Rating: 5

lovelyrita Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

Hands down best coffee in Lawrence. Love Z's!

Rating: 5

heatherm Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

I dont normally write reviews but I felt compelled to write something quick about Z's. I have never had a bad experience there and all this nonsense about bad customer service is just that...nonsense! The baristas are lovely here and always remember my drink and cheerfully chat with me while preparing it. I will most definitely not stop going there, in fact a latte sounds pretty good right now...

Rating: 5

heartLtown Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

I <3 Z's!!!!! They have the best baristas and they are always so friendly. If you enjoy amazing locally roasted coffee and a great place to chill downtown GO HERE! Yaaaay Z's, keep up the good work!!

Rating: 5

ajamber Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

Z's is so great! I love what the new owner has done by cleaning up the place. The staff is so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the coffee they serve.

Rating: 5

lbeth Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

I love Z's. I have always found the atmosphere wonderful as a reader as well as a great meeting place for friends and family. The staff are not only kind, but well informed and I always rely on their recommendations when it comes to new products or certain coffee roasts. The intimate feel of the place truly feels like a good bookstore or lounge. No interruptions, no loud annoying music, no lobbyists yaking away on cell phones. Just really great coffee and friendly faces.

Rating: 5

kdkins Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

I love this place! Great drinks and friendly Baristas!

Rating: 1

jenniferks Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

Never going back. Barrista had a bad attitude. I have a friend who tried to contact the owner with a concern. She was thanked for her "past patronage". Great way to handle customer service. I kept going in spite of the bad service. Now, I am just done. Mark really knew how to run a business. I think that I'll give Prima a try. They've always been friendly there.

Rating: 1

Stephanie Anderson Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

Awful customer service.

Rating: 1

Janet Cinelli Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

Used to love Z's! Too bad they are no longer customer service friendly!

Rating: 1

Lydia Diebolt Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

Terrible customer service! This place is under new ownership. The new owners are not responsive to feedback!

Rating: 1

LindsayB Z's Divine Downtown Espresso

I am really disappointed with customer service. The gal who works there in the morning is grumpy. I've gone in twice and been served by the same grumpy person. A friend of mine was treated badly by the staff and the owner. It's Aimee's from now on for me!