Zen Zero

811 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS 66044


Zen Zero

Opens today at 11 a.m.

An Asian Noodle Shop & Restaurant with cuisines from Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Vietnam & Japan.

Having won the Best Vegetarian Restaurant by the University Daily Kansan (2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006) and Lawrence Journal World (2004), each of the cuisines that play a role on Zen Zero's menu has its own distinctive taste and ingredients. Thai dishes, for instance, typically rely upon coconut milk, peanuts, curry, lemongrass, galangal (Thai Ginger), chilies and fresh basil. The essence is a balance between different sensations, such as sweet, sour, spicy and mild.

One thing dinners will find plenty of at Zen Zero is spice, put in use in different combinations and calibrated to the individual customer's taste. Check out House Specialties, Vegetarian, and our extensive wine lists.