Yello Sub 785-843-6000

Visit website 1814 W 23rd St, Lawrence, KS 66046 Open today until 10 p.m.

Rating: 3 out of 5 5 ratings. 5 user reviews. 5 reviews


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  • Phone: 785-843-6000

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Rating: 2

the12stringslinger Yello Sub

I can't believe it was voted the best sandwich in Lawrence. The sandwiches are good, but they are easily just as good as any deli sandwiches. Being a self conscious eater, the meat is definitely not good quality. The chicken is in cubes. Have you ever seen an animal that it's meat can be cut into nice even cubes? yeah, didn't think so. The meat is bad not even in a bad but tastes good kind of way. It's more like "bad and tastes pretty plain with out sauce even when it has some" kind of way. Sun dried tomatoes are the great thing about this place, but it's a one trick pony kind of place. I like the walls. It's as atmospherically pleasing as any deli sandwich shop. They need to somehow organize the lines though. Always busy. 2 stars for an it's alright, but subway, quiznos, pickelmans are just as good or better. The meat thing keeps it from 3 stars.

Rating: 2

chrisf Yello Sub

Rating: 3

Alice Brewer Yello Sub

I think they would sell a lot more sandwiches if they would deliver west of Wakarusa. In fact I know they would, I love the Mega Roast Beef. Gonna have to call someone else.

Rating: 4

legends Yello Sub

Yellow Sub never disappoints! Officially tired of the holiday leftovers so I picked up my favorite toasted sub (chicken, portabello mushrooms, sundried tomatos) on the way back to KC after visiting a friend. The sandwich is worth the 25 minute drive alone!

Rating: 4

Edwin Rothrock Yello Sub

Always a good fast meal that the kids love. A great alternative to fast food, and if you call ahead, just as fast.