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Yacht Club Sports Bar & Grill

Rating: 2

jezzie_G Yacht Club Sports Bar & Grill

Food is Great! Service is horrible.
Went out with a group of ladies from my office the other night and our waitress was non existant. She was consistantly at the other side of the resteraunt assisting large groups of men. She even brought out someone elses food to our table. and then trying to get her attention for a refill, condiment or our individual checks was near impossible. We waited so long just to get our check that I considered leaving without paying. I ended up leaving cash with one of my friends and left to get home. After talking with my friend the next day to find out what my total check was she stated that they ended up going to the bar to pay their checks due waiting for theirs for over 15 minuets. The place was not packed by any means and there had to be at least 4-5 waitress's working. Wait staff that works anywhere should know that GREAT service is appreciated by all. Just because you are a woman waitress doesn't mean that women patrions will not give you the tip you deserve. I have to say that when I am presented with superior service the waitress or waiter will get a more than generous tip from me. That is why you are there. To provide great service to EVERYONE! The waitress that was "assigned" to our area did not represent her employer well at all.
Sweetheart, if you are reading this, I hope you take to heart to treat everyone with the same excellent service instead of doting on the males and shaking your cute little butt to get a nice tip from them and the end of their drunkfest.

Rating: 5

kufan1146 Yacht Club Sports Bar & Grill

I always enjoy the food at the Yacht Club. A good variety of sandwiches, wraps, burgers, salads, wings, etc. There is sure to be something there you'll like and it won't break the bank.

Rating: 5

Jason Randall Yacht Club Sports Bar & Grill

The Yacht Club, their food is great! So are their appetizer specials throughout the week, and they have the tower of beer which is always interesting when out with the friends. I recommend the chili cheese tots :) Two thumbs up