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501 Michigan St, Lawrence, KS 66044 Opens today at 8 a.m.

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Rating: 2

davidchronister Westside Automotive Center

We moved to Lawrence about a year ago. Someone had recommended that we use Westside Auto as our mechanic in town. The first time we took one of the cars in, they "fixed" the clutch. One of the mechanics said they "rigged" the clutch so it was tight. Unfortunately, they charged us for a new clutch even though they rigged the clutch.

We took the same car back to replace the alternator a couple months later. They replaced the alternator with a faulty one which ended up frying two car batteries. Although they replaced the alternator for free, they said they couldn't replace the battery because we didn't get it from them (even though it was their faulty alternator that fried the batteries).

Not impressed Westside! Really frustrated that you aren't more honest with your services and stand by your word. We won't be using you guys anymore.

Rating: 5

Kelley Hurst Westside Automotive Center

Serendipitously stopped in with a burned-out tail light. Had a replacement installed in 5 minutes, spur of the moment, even though they were short-handed. Friendly, honest, "I have found my mechanic" shop.

Rating: 5

R M Westside Automotive Center

These guys are the most honest, trustworthy guys in town. I recently had some electrical problems with my car. There was an issue with it a few days after they repaired it. They went out of their way to fix the problem. They paid to tow it back to their shop and took care of the follow-up repair at no extra charge. You won't find a more upstanding mechanic anywhere. These guys are the best!

Rating: 5

joshdavis Westside Automotive Center

The guys who do the repairs really know what they doing. I have taken cars to them, where they were able to resolve issues that other shops couldn't fix.

They always seem to be busy, but they will work with you to get your issues fixed in a timely manner.

Rating: 5

Kimberly Grosse Westside Automotive Center

I'm really glad I happened upon this auto shop. They were very kind and speedy to get my car back on the road.