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Rating: 5

guhboogie underground lab

Let me preface this by saying I am not one to usually write reviews. In fact, I don't know that I've ever written an online review for anything or anywhere. I do consult reviews, however, before making purchases/commitments. And if you are reading this review, maybe you are considering UGL yourself. Please call them, email them, drop in and see them. Do whatever you need to do, but just take that first leap of faith. You won't regret it. Ever.

It's hard to describe UGL. UGL is not a typical "gym". You don't go to UGL to watch ESPN while casually pedalling on a stationary bike or flip through People magazine on an elliptical. UGL workouts (personal training, small group training, or group training) are intense. It doesn't matter if you are old or young, a beginner or a seasoned athlete. You will be pushed. You will be challenged. And you will do things you never thought possible. Every workout feels like a marathon. There will be times you won't know if you will make it to the end. But you will. And when it's all over, you feel like you're on top of the world.

The trainers at UGL are phenomenal. All of them. Your friends there--and trust me, they will befriend you whether you like it or not--will be there to support you and encourage you along the way. There's nothing like this place. The trainers make UGL great, the people make UGL special.

Rating: 5

CStew underground lab

The Underground Lab..where do I begin? I am one who usually does not write reviews regarding businesses or people, but when I believe it deserves one, then I am jumping on the wagon! I started out with UGL back in November of 2011; very skeptical, I might add. Gyms intimidate me and make me extremely nervous. So, to be honest, I really didn't know how long this would last. It all began as a trial session (which I think it an excellent way to test the 'waters'), and the trainer was Melissa. Not only was/is Melissa kind and energetic, but very down to earth and realistic about the levelsāˆš of her clients. She ALWAYS gives great words of encouragement! Now, being at the gym since November 2011, I have had the opportunity to meet the other trainers and they are amazing, as well! This facility is really like no other I have belonged to (and over the years, I have tried several...and left only months later). I feel like we are all family fact, in June of 2012, my 13 year old son started with Melissa and in May 2013, not only is my son still working with her, but my daughter has started! I can truly give my 100% recommendation to Underground Lab. The owner, Fernando, has done one heck of a job creating an environment for all..regardless of the level of fitness you currently are experiencing. From beginner to the most experienced, they will find your level and train you so you succeed!!! Thanks UGL!!!

Rating: 5

rose08 underground lab

The Underground Lab really is a unique place and I definitely mean that in a good way. Not your typical gym atmosphere but a welcoming/family like environment, with a really diverse group of people, and workouts that will have you doing things you didn't know you were capable of! The modules are always different and so far (have been going for about 2 months) I have never done the same thing twice. It is a place you are motivated to go to for both the friendly faces and great sense of reward the workouts bring. I have tried a lot of gyms, classes, etc. and this is definitely a place I could see myself being a part of for a long time (and I typically tend to get burnt out). You could come in with no exercise experience or already fit and still advance to the next level. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Rating: 5

RDE87 underground lab

I loooove the UGL. I have never met anyone more committed to teaching/helping you achieve your goals. They are so friendly and knowledgeable and will push you to be your best! I have done other bootcamps and none have even come close to being as good.

Rating: 5

lovely_nativewoman underground lab

I began my journey with Underground Lab Fitness (UGL) in October of 2011, and have never experienced the kind of work-outs I've been doing at any other facility. Another member of UGL recommended it, and I could not get her to stop talking about the place, so I figured I would give it a try. Her love for UGL was extremely contagious, and now I understand why. When I joined last year, I honestly thought it might be like other places. I had been a member of another place in Lawrence for about 7 years. For the entire 7 years, I never got any newsletters, updates, or personally offered a session. The only time I got a notification, it was because my membership needed to be renewed. I understand that some people like to be on their own when they head to the gym to work-out. This is what I like about UGL. The trainers ask for your personal preferences. They try to get to know you. If they see that you might be lifting inaccurately, someone will offer to show you the correct way. I know they do this, because they don't want anyone to be injured. The trainers are very attentive, knowledgeable, and inspirational. When I joined, I started training with Melissa. I now feel more stronger than I ever have in my life. She pushes me, even when I feel like giving up. I'm always learning a new technique, and it's never boring. I am the type of person that can easily get off track, which is why Melissa is the perfect trainer for me. I am signed up for two sessions per week, which are flexible. It's been easy for me to set up my own times. You can schedule your session week by week, or month by month, different days, different times. I love the flexibility. If you are looking for a place that makes you feel welcome, is physically challenging in all aspects, fun, inviting, clean, and exciting, then UGL is the place for you! Fernando, the owner, and all of the trainers are genuinely nice and very professional. UGL is one of the healthiest decisions I've ever made. I'm not a robot either. lol ----Tamera.

Rating: 5

smreynol underground lab

I began membership with UGL in November of 2011. I recommend them with 100% conviction. I am a person that lacks internal motivation to better my health thru regular excercise. In previous attempts to become a healthier person, I would pay anywhere from $40-$100/mo, show up, get NO guidance on what excercises I should do, and get NO results. UGL has removed this barrier for me. Their programs of personal training and boot camps keeps workouts interesting and fun. All of the trainers are very attentive to the members. When people arrive to use equipment on their own, I have heard all of the trainers ask on at least one occassion "do you have a plan for your workout?" If they see that someone is not pushing as much as they can, they'll speak up and show you how to improve what you're doing. I'm sorry, but if you walk in to most other gyms in Lawrence, you're lucky if you see any of the staff around the workout equipment (they are all usually behind the fancy front counter talking about the latest gossip). I have to give a special thanks to Melissa, she is the personal trainer I work with. Without her, I would not be 15 lbs lighter and have 6% less body fat than I did in November when I started. If you want a team of professionals, that have a genuine interest in helping you reach your fitness goals, then UGL fitness is the place to go!

Rating: 5

starstrucksoul11 underground lab

The Underground Lab is a wonderful place for people of all ages and skill levels. They have quite the selection of boot camp options at different times throughout the day and week. I appreciate that they allow me to workout when I want outside of boot camp sessions. They send out helpful newsletters and updates on Facebook that include helpful tips to encouraging words to motivational videos and photos. They are challenging and push you to your limits yet encouraging and motivational. One thing I appreciate is seeing the trainers and owner using their own facility. Seeing the trainers and owner using the facility is motivating to me. Seeing their level of health and fitness pushes me to strive for my own health and fitness goals. The Lab is tidy, spacious and has a variety of workout equipment and options. The diversity of workout options and equipment helps keep my sessions interesting and makes me want to push harder towards my goals. I enjoy their friendly attitude and polite demeanor. Overall I find the Underground Lab more inviting than other gyms I have been to or was a member of and look forward to my continued visits to the Underground Lab :)

somedude20 replies...

These underground lab reviews have been brought to you by the underground lab. underground lab, we are so good that we sell ourselves, literally!

cmw replies...

I wonder if "somedude20" thinks "starstrucksoul11" and I work for UGL. Maybe we can apply to be publicists! Ha ha.

somedude20 replies...

Yes, when Mr. somedude20 saw two posts on the same day with no prior postings from those people and their reviews read more like an ad rather than review, yes "the GD plane has crashed into the mountain!"

cmw replies...

I see your points. I once read a review for a kitchen appliance that I was convinced was the company's doing because it said something about "the yellow pops in my kitchen" and I thought no regular internet shopper talks like that. In the present situation, a UGL trainer sent an email to all the patrons about posting a review here, a day or so before starstrucksoul11 and I did. But UGL did not tell us what to say and the people who work for UGL did not post these. I wrote it like that out of love for my gym.

somedude20 replies...

UGL is rather lucky to have you guys write such glowing reviews. Hope they treat you just as well!

starstrucksoul11 replies...

I am definitely far from a trainer at UGL. I am just a client who is trying to get my chunky butt on the path towards a healthy lifestyle. One should not be faulted for taking the initiative to improve ones life.

They do treat us very well there. If I go in there on my own time outside of training or a boot camp and if they see me struggling they will take the time to tell me what the proper form should be and to encourage me to keep up the good work. I write a "glowing review" out of respect because they deserve good words written about them.

Rating: 5

cmw underground lab

The underground lab (UGL) is a unique locally owned gym where you can get personalized or group training (and go workout as often as you like at other times when you've signed up for a training program). The owner (Fernando, also a trainer) is extremely energetic: constantly making improvements, immediately responsive to any concerns, posting on the facebook page and emailing out tips (if you wish to be included). UGL may be seen by some as "hard core" because they emphasize their ability to challenge anyone no matter how fit you are. That's vital. On the other hand, don't be scared away if you have, for example, never been in a gym before. UGL serves anyone who is ready to try hard, and the challenges will be tailored to your level. (They train children/adolescents too.) I started training with Chris 5 months ago and wow! This is not average personal training like I experienced elsewhere. Chris is dedicated, skilled, and able to combine kindness with real pushing; a quality coach. The workouts are difficult, varied, creative, and fun. I have been interested in fitness for a long time, but never had so much fun or been this motivated to see how strong I can get. This is the kind of thing UGL does to people. Be careful, it's contagious!