Rating: 5

BethB Ultimate Tan

Love this place! I have been tanning here for years! The owner and staff are always so friendly and accommodating! I love the fact they don't try to trap you into a contract! Highly recommend this place

Rating: 5

bentley111 Ultimate Tan

Absolutley love the custom spray tans! Especially the half price day during the week. I get great natural looking color from it. Great establishment!!!!!!!

Rating: 5

safetyfirstTT Ultimate Tan

By FAR the best place I've tanned!!!! The beds give me amazing color, and the prices are fair! It's always clean when I come to tan and the staff is super helpful and knowledgable. People that continue to talk about the owner seem to be very ignorant. No one knows what happened, and the people talking about it have their facts COMPLETLEY wrong! I have met the owner and she is one the nicest and genuine people. Don't choose to refrain from this business just by gossip from other people, it really is the best salon in lawrence! Spend your money in place that is going to give you great tans, and Ultimate Tan is the best place to do that!

Rating: 5

SaraO Ultimate Tan

I highly recommend this tanning salon. I went for my first time yesterday, the staff is so knowledgeable and helpful. They have a great variety of beds and options to choose from. I have been to many of the other salons in town and this one is the nicest by far. I also like that they offer other services besides tanning.

Rating: 1

savethepenny Ultimate Tan

Why would anyone patronize this place when the owner is awaiting trial for buying the salon with drug money and laundering money through the business? Her trial is later this summer. There are other reputable places to tan in Lawrence. Just Google Ultimate Tan Drug Bust.

Rating: 5

hershey4690 Ultimate Tan

I've been tanning here for a couple of years now. Since it has turned into a spa as well, I have not tried any of their other services, but plan to. I have tanned at Celcius, Mango, and Sun Resorts here in Lawrence as well, and none of them can compare to Ultimate. They have so many beds to choose from and great specials. I like to go before 11:30 because it's half price tans and you can't beat that!