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November 2013 News

Aluminum cans: .53/lb Iron: 175/ton

Time for a Fall Clean-up!! Winter and the holidays are coming, so before the guests arrive come in and get some cash for cleaning out your garage.

Mention this newsletter this week and get .05/lb more on cans.

12th and Haskell helps local charities We are involved in many of the local charities. Cans for the Community collects cans in can houses throughout town and uses the proceeds for different local charities. For more information about them, you can go to their website at www.cansforthecommunity.org

We were also recently a sponsor Red Dog’s Dog Days which is a free fitness program open to all members of the Lawrence, KS community. For more information about this, you can visit their website at www.reddogsdogdays.org

12th and Haskell featured in Lawrence Business Magazine Check out the article about recycling in the Fall Issue of the Lawrence Business Magazine at www.lawrencebusinessmagazine.com/2013...

Come and sign up for our turkey give-away! We will be having a drawing for five turkeys on November 25. Come in and sign up to get your free turkey. Drawing begins November 13.

Thanksgiving hours Wednesday, November 27: 8:30 to 5:00 Thursday: CLOSED Friday: 8:30 to 5:00 Saturday: 8:30 to 1:00

What Lawrence reused in 2011 through us

How much did you recycle in 2011?

Aluminum Cans: 145 tons (You saved 241,135 gallons of oil used in the production of NEW cans)

Plastic:106 tons (You saved 106 to 206 gallons of fuel)

Paper Products: 725 tons (You saved 12,325 trees; 6,525 barrels of oil or 275,500 gallons of oil and 5,075,000 gallons of water used in the production and transportation of paper; 2,493 cubic yards of landfill space)

Curbside Recyclers Depend on 12th @ Haskell Recycle Center

Excerpt from Dec. 14, 2011 LJWorld.com article by Chad Lawhorn:

"Agitated after Tuesday evening’s meeting, owner Bo Killough said he was immediately closing the facility to all curbside recycling companies and residents who routinely bring their household recycling to the business.

Killough indicated that he would shut out six curbside recycling businesses that routinely use the facility, and he expected that the closing would make recycling in the community more difficult.

The city’s largest curbside recycling operation, run by Deffenbaugh Industries, does not use the facility. Smaller recycling companies, including Curbside Recycle, Sunflower Curbside, Tree Huggers, Ball Recycling, Honey Creek, and Home Recycling Service do use the facility, according to Killough. It wasn’t clear late Tuesday how the operations of those companies would be affected by Killough’s sudden decision."

Read the full article here.

12th & Haskell Recycle owners meet with residents

See photo here.

From LJWorld.com Friday, March 23 "Town Talk" by Chad Lawhorn


"Recycling center owner Bo Killough and his Lawrence attorney Brad Finkeldei have submitted a new proposal to modify the facility. Among the changes they have proposed:

— Move the intake operations to the east side of the building, which will allow the loading and unloading of materials to be done farther from the neighborhood than the current configuration.

— Build a specially designed sound wall — perhaps as tall as 24 feet — around the metal loading area.

— Construct a “few additional structures and enclosed containers” to reduce the amount of outside storage of materials and limit the amount of movement of material within the site.

— Eliminate all access points on 12th Street, meaning that all traffic to the center will have to use Haskell.

— Add landscaping along the facility’s south edge, which is closest to the neighborhood.

Finkeldei also is pointing out to commissioners that the center does have a community of supporters. He has presented a petition of 600 names of individuals who support the center, and he noted several of those signatures come from residents of the nearby neighborhood.

See the full article here.