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Sylas & Maddy's Home Made Ice Cream

Rating: 2

the12stringslinger Sylas & Maddy's Home Made Ice Cream

Can't believe it won best in Lawrence. I am a Lawrence Native and remember a more ma and pa down town Lawrence with less commercial places or sit down restaurants. Sylas & Maddy's comes straight out of that time as well. I must say that the ice cream is alright, by now I've probably tried all of it at some point in time. However, it's not the kind of home made ice cream I enjoy. It literally is just as good as Baskin Robins or hell even the frozen yogurt places Orange Leaf and that one on 23rd. The point being, it doesn't taste like home made ice cream from that barrel you use outside with handle cranking action. So what is so great about this place? Location. After Ben and Jerry's closed and Baskin Robins, this is literally one of the only type of these stores left aside from coldstone, which is a whole nother story. The people who work in Sylas and Maddy's god they act small town Kansas like time stands still. They are so slow. I went there once for a limeaid, this guy tried to cut it in half without a cutting board and dropped it on the floor and told me it was the last lime, so I asked for lemonade and he did the same thing again. Then he couldn't even scoop me ice cream and that is only one example of their service. Plus it's always busy, a mega negative for me cause I don't like waiting 30 minutes to get ice cream that's just as good as anywhere else.

Rating: 5

cbohnstedt Sylas & Maddy's Home Made Ice Cream

AMAZING ice cream. Well worth the price, and you can always try a free sample if you're not sure about a flavor. Even in the dead of winter I want this ice cream!

Rating: 5

Keely Gil Sylas & Maddy's Home Made Ice Cream

Absolutely delicious! The store is a little small and it's hard to find a place to sit. But you can easily go outside. Great ice cream and friendly staff!

Rating: 5

hthom Sylas & Maddy's Home Made Ice Cream

Good, local ice cream! Lots of variety, nice downtown vibe. Beats going to Cold Stone any day.

Rating: 5

Kimberly Grosse Sylas & Maddy's Home Made Ice Cream

It really doesn't get any better than Sylas and Maddy's. I'm not much of a ice cream person and I LOVE this place! Lately I've been enjoying the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie ice cream. Yum!