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Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop

Rating: 5

Wildwest61 Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop

When I walked into the office for an estimate and have my truck fixed, 5 minutes, I was out. Justin said he would take care of the estimate, submit to insurance and update when I could expect my truck. I just picked up my truck and it looks as if I didn't have the dent, also was very impressed with the lady at front desk because she remembered my wife's name which she had only talked to briefly. Also, I'm use to small town service and handshake means the job will get done. In my case, this is what happen, the job got done, and very well. I would recommend Steve's Auto Shop to everyone that is in need of auto repair. JOB WELL DONE!!!

Rating: 5

rlauram Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop

These guys are awesome! I hade an excellent experience with Steve's. They worked out all of the details with the insurance company, kept me well informed of what was going on with my car, and even made arrangements for me to stop in before they were open to get the estimate on my car. By the way my car looks just like new. Keep up the great work!

Rating: 5

mlgibs Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop

We would highly recommend Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop! We worked mainly with a man by the name of Justin who went the extra mile to work with our insurance adjustor and made sure the car was repaired properly. We were rear-ended... and there was nearly $10,000 worth of damage to the car! They did have the car for a fair amount of time, but we were told up front that the repair would take several weeks. He was very thorough in going over the estimate and keeping us up to date throughout the entire process. We just got the car back yesterday... and it looks like NEW! (And if any problems do arise, all we have to do is contact them since they guarantee their work). We are very pleased with the work done on the car and the customer service!

Rating: 5

newBee Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop

Being new to Lawrence it was wonderful to find a facilty like Steve's! They are caring, professional and honest! The work and finish product was great and so reasonable. IT is THE place to go in Lawrence for vehicle collision repair!

Rating: 5

lovemycars Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop

For the highest quality and most dependable auto body repair in the region, Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop is far and above the best choice. Steve and his staff go the extra mile to meet the needs of the customer from their initial contact through the completion of the repairs, and beyond. Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop stands behind their work and offers the best warranty of any shop that I have dealt with in Kansas. I especially appreciate the continuous communication between the shop and the customer as repairs progress.

Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop should be the first, and only place, that you take your vehicle for auto body repairs in northeast Kansas.

Rating: 1

NotinOz Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop

Disreputable, dishonest. Scams college students. Asked to pay for parts on estimate a former employee "missed". Then made me pay for a tail light assembly his mechanic broke when removing to fix the real damage from the estimate. Said estimates are just guesses at what needs to be repaired and can't be held liable for additional items that arise during repair - really?? even if it's your employee's fault??? Shame on you for running a business that way. Unprofessional. Stay away.

lovemycars replies...

Are you sure that you have all of the relevant information regarding your situation, or claim? I have done business at Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop for years with a variety of vehicles and have never been disappointed in any way. The work has always been top notch and completed quickly. Rereading your comment, did you notice the word "estimate" was used referring to the work rather than the word "quote"? They do this because there could be unforeseen circumstances that occur during the repair that require a more extensive repair, and cost.

For an example of the same type of situation in our daily lives, please try this:
Please tell me exactly how much you will spend on your grocery bill this week, without looking in your fridge or pantry. If you nail it to the penny, you are a lucky guesser in my book. If you get within $15, you are pretty realistic and consistent. If your total grocery bill was $150, and you were within 10% that would be considered pretty good. Do you expect professional repair specialists to be more precise than that?

Steve's Auto Plaza Body Shop is the only place in the region that I will ever take my vehicles for auto body repair...and I don't even live near Lawrence anymore!