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Redcloud Steve Mason Luthiers & Violin Shop

I bought a beautiful 2006 Gibson L4a from reverb that needed a setup and a few other polishes that I wanted done to it. I got online and shopped around for a local Luthier in town, and seen Steve's over-the-top website that actually has his so called hand built guitar on the front page. I called and set up an appointment with Steve, got to his house and he seemed knowledgeable and like he knew his stuff. I wanted a basic set up done, and there was a scratch on the head stock that I wanted to get rid of as well. Steve agreed to my request, and had it for a couple of weeks and when I got it back it was in worse shape than when I gave it to him. Instead of cleaning up the scratch on the head stock he added a couple of more scratches to it, and polished off some of the varnish on the head stock where the scratch was located at in the process with the original scratch that I ask him to get rid of still there. I sent him an email with pictures of all the negative stuff that he did to it, and he said "yes you are correct, let me have it for a few more weeks and I will do my best to do it right this time". I trusted him and give him a second chance. By the time it was all over Steve had the guitar for a month and a half, and he was still not done with it. I had called him every other week to ask him what the progress was, but he refuse to give me a straight answer, "It will be done when it's done", he said. Remember I give Steve a second chance to make it right, you would think he would try to make the customer feel comfortable keeping an expensive guitar with no explanation of how much longer it's going to be. After all it's not my fault he needed to take it back and fix his errors, that's what really pissed me off the most. When I went back to collect my guitar, he had it in a different guitar case! I examined the head stock to see if he fixed his errors and it looked terrible, I mean really awful. The head stock had scuff marks on it like he had used some kind of abrasion pad, maybe to try and polish out his scratches that he put on there but it made it worse. There was an indention on the top of the head stock, which was not even close to the original scratch that I asked him to remove, the G in Gibson was faded more then the rest of the letters. In the end I asked him to remove a scratch on this expensive beautiful Gibson guitar, and he did a terrible job on it. Steve probably knocked a couple hundred dollars off the value, if not more. I trusted Steve with expensive guitar, $1550 to be exact, and he trashed it. I would recommend somebody else other than Steve Mason to do your guitar work, he is very incompetent and not very customer friendly and has terrible communication.