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Sport + Spine Chiropractic Sports Medicine

Rating: 5

CoachSunny Sport + Spine Chiropractic Sports Medicine

I first heard about Dr. Joe from a friend and was skeptical. I don't really trust Chiropractors and the idea of someone "cracking my bones" really freaks me out. I decided I would give Dr. Joe a try as my friend insisted that he is different. Man was she right! Dr. Joe took the time to listen to my fears and used what he calls Active Release Techniques on me in the first appointment instead of popping me. I feel so much better just after one session and I really appreciated that he took my concerns to heart. Thank you so much Dr. Joe!

Rating: 5

supermom123 Sport + Spine Chiropractic Sports Medicine

After experiencing Sport and Spine, I will NEVER go to another Chiropractor! Dr. Joe really took his time with me, explaining my injuries and prevention. He has a medically supervised fitness center attached to his office so after I finished my treatments with Dr. Joe I was able to hire a trainer to help with my prevention. This gym is amazing! Super clean and has the best equipment I have seen in Lawrence. I am a huge KU basketball fan and you will never believe who I saw training in the gym...... now NBA player JEFF WITHEY. This star struck momma is one happy customer!

Rating: 5

EzraNoel Sport + Spine Chiropractic Sports Medicine

I wanted to express you how grateful I am to you for the therapy you performed on my injured shoulder. I visited your office on a whim and without any expectation that you'd be able to remedy what other doctors and physical therapists had not. For months I'd lived in pain and was nervously anticipating the prospect of surgery. I was surprised... and thrilled... that you were able to get extraordinary results in only 7 visits. After working with you, my shoulder is now fully functioning and pain free! I owe you a big thanks." Active Release Techniques was the most amazing thing I’ve had done to my body. From my understanding it breaks up scar tissue in the muscles, ligaments and tendons which was exactly what I needed obviously. Dr. Hugunin released me into rehabilitation for my shoulder in his amazing fitness center and now I can say I am stronger than I ever was. Incredible experience; I highly recommend anyone going to Sport and Spine/ Fuel Fitness. This is like no other Chiropractic or Physical therapy center I’ve been too.

Rating: 5

Emily_J Sport + Spine Chiropractic Sports Medicine

Dr. Joe really knows his stuff! I started taking my son to him a month or so ago. My son is in high school and is running back. As a result of constant impacts with other players Carson developed hip issues. Dr. Joe has been amazing! My son has seen him over the last month and has been doing Active Release with him. Not only is his pain mostly gone, but he tells me that he can squat better in the gym now too. We will continue to see this doctor and I recommend him to everyone I know!

Rating: 5

ashleyqualls Sport + Spine Chiropractic Sports Medicine

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Joe. I had pretty extreme back pain from a lifetime of competitive sports. I had seen several chiropractors and they all told me that my pain would be permanent and that I would just have to "live with it". Dr. Joe introduced me to ART (Active Release Techniques) and was able to completely fix my back pain in 3 sessions!!! Unlike other chiropractors that just pop you, Dr. Joe actually FIXES the problem. If you want a solution for your pain, Dr. Joe is it!

Rating: 5

LEWG Sport + Spine Chiropractic Sports Medicine

Dr. Joe is awesome. I am a runner and I occasionally have problems with my knees. After running my first half marathon, I thought that would be it for my long distance running career based on how my body felt for weeks after. Dr. Joe fixed me up and not only that provided me with stretches and pre-run warmups to do in order to help prevent future problems. I highly recommend.