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Life Groups

The mission of the Life Group is to provide for each Life Group member the opportunities to grow spiritually, to interact socially and to in the body of Christ. Although Life Groups may serve other functions for members, the primary focus will be on these three areas of the Christian walk. Spiritual Growth Regular meetings of Life Groups include a time of study of God's word and prayer to Him. This time allows us to keep our concerns in perspective as we elevate the will and influence of our God in our lives. Smaller groups in which to worship enable more to function in leading roles, especially our young men.

Social Growth

Fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ is a privilege and a joy that strengthens us against the influence of the world. This closeness, warmth and support derived from such fellowship, especially in a smaller, more personal environment, is a vital part of the Christian experience we enjoy which will attract those outside the body. As part of the social interaction, a meal is included in the group meeting.


Opportunities to serve and to minister to others are found within the Life Group itself. Illness, death, and other circumstances occur within the group providing opportunities to minister with compassion and love. Another focus is outside the group in an effort to develop an evangelistic outreach. Not only is it vital that we bring the lost to Christ and His church, but it is essential that we incorporate them into a community of believers by working to establish friendships and nurturing relationships with them. Life Groups offer the structure and the opportunity to provide these.

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