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Shrum Outfitters & Trading Co.

Rating: 1

Jonathan Fox Shrum Outfitters & Trading Co.

I agree motoadveture, its not just you who can't seem to stop by Shrum's during business hours and have someone actually be there. I'd love to see one of these stores here in Lawrence so I don't have to drive to KC. I really don't like having to spend my money in KC when I should be able to spend it here.

Rating: 2

motoadventure Shrum Outfitters & Trading Co.

As often as I can, I try to give local businesses my money. Kind of hard to do with Shrum because they have been closed the three times I've tried to stop by during their hours.

There seems to be a Lawrence small business disease characterized by posting regular hours, having an open sign displayed, but being locked up and empty. It's a common theme in this town.

I don't want to be too hard on them because this town needs a non-sleazy place to buy hunting and shooting supplies, but I'm losing patience.