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3300 Bob Billings Pkwy Ste 2, Lawrence, KS 66049 Opens today at 7 a.m.

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Rating: 3

foxli SconeLady's Coffee Shop

The coffee ice cubes for iced coffee are a great idea! I really like to order my coffee iced here in the summer. I stopped in today (way colder weather) to try it hot--not so good. There was an odd almost fishy smell coming from the brew--I even poured it into a different cup in case it was the plastic lid. No, it was the coffee. The taste was okay, but the smell is really off-putting and kind of disappointing. Dirty carafe? Don't know, but probably not going back until the weather heats up again.

Not a scone person, but I tried a blueberry muffin (the only muffin they had). Nothing exceptional, but not nasty or anything. It was almost like Jiffy muffin mix.

Business reply Lukas Warden replies...

Quite the taste buds you have there. We bake all of our stuff from scratch. No mixes. As for the coffee the carafes they are cleaned every day. Must have been an off day for your tongue. I can assure anyone our coffee has never tasted like fish. I taste the coffee daily and would never serve coffee that even resembles a fish flavor.

Rating: 5

JayhawkAlum93 SconeLady's Coffee Shop

I love this place! The older reviewers need to stop by again. Lukas and Carrie are awesome! The shop has had beautiful remodel done recently.This coffeeshop is the only one in town with about 15 sugar-free syrups. I always buy my coffee beans here and nothing beats a Skinny Perky Turtle ;) A++ service all the way. AND the scones are the best... bar none. Signed, A Loyal Fan

Rating: 5

SScout SconeLady's Coffee Shop

I love this place! The workers are always nice and accommodating and make a good cup of joe! I love studying here because there are never noisey teenagers or too many distractions. Usually it's occupied by sweet older women. Its decor is adorable and it has a very comfortable couch! I just love it!

Rating: 1

larrydog SconeLady's Coffee Shop

It's not typical of me to post complaints, but I feel I have to because of the way I was treated at SconeLady's this morning. I have been there about 8 times before and coffee and scones were good and the girl was very nice. Today I get my scone and it tastes kinda stale and hard. I am nice and just mention that it seems a little stale thinking they could nuke it or change it out. I could hear the guy in the back cussing me out saying that I was just like another customer (complaining) and the recipe is the same as it always was. Hey man, you might be having a bad day, but don't take it out on people who don't deserve it. I had paid for all my stuff but just walked out and won't be back.

Business reply Lukas Warden replies...

I removed you charge.

msucvleng replies...

I agree. This used to be one of my favorite places to go for coffee. However, the current barista there is always rude and acts as if he is too busy to make your order. Very sad. The Scone Lady used to be such a positive Lawrence icon.