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Products / Appetizers

Coconut Shrimp $8.00

Succulent shrimp breaded & browned with coconut shreds; served with marmalade citrus dep.


Gyozas $7.00

Chicken-filled Japanese dumplings; golden fried and served with Agedashi dip.

Honey Ribs $8.00

Sweetly marinaded pork ribs pan fried crisply outside while tender & moist inside. Topped with sprinkles of sesame seeds.

Lettuce Wrap

Lettuce Wrap $12.00

Marinaded minced beef on bed of crispy fine noodles as FILLING. Fresh lettuce leaves as WRAP. An unbelievably flavored appetizer!

Rangoon de Saumon $6.00

Salmon chunks & cream cheese mixed & wrapped with thin flour skin then crisply browned; served with marmalade citrus dip. ...

Ravioli Asiana $7.00

Marinated pork & fine scallions sealed between thin flour skin; pan-fried & browned to crispy & sprinkled with sesame seeds. ...

Salmon Crunch Rolls $7.00

Marianaded salmon strips & abundant spinach chops wrapped in translucent flour skin & golden fried. One of the bestsellers. Served ...

VEG - Edamame

VEG - Edamame $5.00

Lightly seasoned & broiled Japanese soy beans. Deliciously light vegetarian snack.

If Vegan, see server for exact preparation.

VEG - Vegetable Spring Rolls

VEG - Vegetable Spring Rolls $7.00

Veggie variety wrapped in translucent skin; gently steamed & served with our own peanut cream dip.