Salty Iguana Mexican Restaurant

4931 W 6th Street, Lawrence, KS 66049


Salty Iguana

Opens today at 11 a.m.

Once upon a time, while vacationing somewhere off the coast of Mexico, a band of would-be "restaurateurs" were caught in a storm and shipwrecked on a small tropical island. Left with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a few barrels of margaritas they managed to salvage, they soon discovered that they were not alone. Could it be a dream? Here was an island populated by Iguanas just as human as ourselves, with the exception of the green scaly complexions and long tails. The Iguana People had created a mystical land of fun and leisure and accepted the castaways with open arms! At the center of their culture were wonderful gathering places that offered food, drink, and merriment. Although these places had no names, the Iguana's fondness for the rescued margaritas, especially with salted rims, soon gave way to the nickname of "Salty Iguanas."

Sadly the day came when it was time to leave this oasis of pleasure. The Iguanas helped build a seaworthy vessel to send their friends safely on their way. Before they left, the castaways managed to acquire the franchise rights to the gathering places in exchange for the remaining barrels of margaritas. In memory of their new found friends the restaurateurs name their franchise "The Salty Iguana." And so ends the tale of "The Salty Iguana" with our promise never to disclose the location of this beautiful, mysterious land, somewhere off the coast of Mexico.