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Riling, Burkhead & Nitcher has been engaged in the general practice of law for over 110 years representing the working class in the State of Kansas. We are proud of our heritage and the history of representing the working class. The general practice of law has allowed us to help people with their estate and gift planning and through the probate process. We have represented persons in divorce, criminal and traffic cases. We have helped several generations of people receive compensation for injuries they have suffered.

We are proud to be the Kansas Provider Firm for The LegalShield formerly Pre-Paid Legal Services. The LegalShield has a goal of providing affordable legal services for the middle class. The LegalShield’s goal fits well with Riling, Burkhead & Nitcher’s history of service to the working class. When Riling, Burkhead & Nitcher took over as the provider law firm for Kansas, we had 2,100 members in the State. As of January 2010, the membership base had grown to over 13,500 members.

Our office has developed a highly qualified network of referral attorneys throughout the State of Kansas. If you are interested in being a referral attorney, please visit this area at our web site to learn how to qualify as a referral attorney.

Our law firm survived over 110 years by staying in touch with the changing times. We have a fully networked computer system with an extensive research library that we can access from each attorney’s desk. We also have access to the Internet that has a wealth of information.

On this web site you will find general information to help you answer some questions that you might have about general legal matters. On specific legal matters you should always contact an attorney for advice.