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Visit website 4901 Stone Back Drive,Lawrence,Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66047 Open 24 hours.

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Rating: 1

Littleitaly25 redycab

Called and scheduled a cab at 7:30 in the morning, for 1:30 that afternoon and spoke with a male. Called at 1:00 to change the time to 2 and was told by the female who answered that they didn't have record of a cab bring scheduled but they could still give a ride. Was told they would call when they were on the way. No call by 1:50 so called and was told they just dropped off a passenger and would be to my house in 15 minutes. 20 minutes later they still weren't there. Called again. She said they were running late but still on the way. Asked about how far away she was and all she could say is "half way" from her last stop to my house. Called at 2:30 (the time we need dropped off by) and no answer. Had my son call and he spoke with a male who said they were still on the way. It's 3:26 and they never showed up and still no cab and they won't answer my calls. My husband and nephew missed work. If I could give no stars, I would!!!! Disappointing because they're usually very friendly and prompt. I don't use a cab much, but like to use them when I do. Not anymore.

Rating: 5

rando1965 redycab

Great service

Rating: 1

joekoop redycab

I called for a cab and was quoted 45 min to an hour wait time. It has now been over two hours. No cab, and no call to tell me what's going on. I've called multpile times and they keep hitting ignore. I'm now late for work and have no idea if or when they will show up. This is not the first time ready cab has done this to me, but it will be the last. Don't call them. If I could do negative stars I would.